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TPABookCover Resized January 2014What an amazing two and a half weeks since The Paleo Approach was released!  The book is doing better than I had dared hope, the reviews have been tremendous (well over ONE HUNDRED 5-star reviews on already! Woot!), and so many people have told me how much they are learning from the book…. it’s just amazing.

It has been quite nerve-racking to wait for the world to judge something I just dedicated 15 months of my life to.   So the feeling of accomplishment to see that the world loves The Paleo Approach is very high.  I love that it’s being called “The Paleo Textbook“, “The Paleo Encyclopedia“, and “A Must Read“.  I love how many of you have told me that you’re giving copies to your doctor, to your friends and family!  I am greatly enjoying reading reviews by bloggers and members of the media; but even more so, I am loving reading the reviews that individuals are sharing either through social media or by posting on Goodreads,, BarnesandNoble and other online retailers.    If you’ve been meaning to post a review, please know that I greatly appreciate them (and make sure you check out this giveaway post for which writing a review is one of the ways you can enter) and they’re very helpful for spreading the word about my book.

HUGE GIVEAWAY:  In case you missed it, I am running my biggest giveaway ever worth over $800 to celebrate the book launch. All the details are in THIS POST.

BOOK TOUR INFO:  I will be doing a handful of book signings over the next few months.  It’s difficult for me to travel since I have two young kids, no family close by, and a husband who has his own career.  So, if you live close to any of the cities that I’ll be traveling to, I encourage you to take the opportunity to come meet me and get your book signed in person!  The first event will be in the Atlanta area on February 23rd.  Please RSVP here You can see all the locations I’m planning on visiting here (this page will be updated frequently).

If you’ve been waiting to see what other bloggers, authors, and the media have to say about The Paleo Approach before getting a copy, here are the most recent reviews.  You can also get links to reviews here, here and here.

Recent Reviews of The Paleo Approach

“Sarah has really outdone herself with this book! I specialize in treating patients with chronic, complicated illness and put most all of them on the autoimmune protocol in the beginning of treatment (and some, indefinitely.) Thank you, Sarah, for all of the sacrifices you made to pull this together. I see all of the heart, soul, and brain-power that went into this book. It is truly a treasure and you have & will single-handedly help heal thousands of people, I am sure.” – Andrea Rosario
“The Paleo Approach is the most comprehensive resource written to date on autoimmune disease and how to use diet and lifestyle to not only manage it but potentially send it packing into remission!” – Read Essential Wellness’ full review here.
“[The book] is a wealth of information for readers to use as a foundation to better understand what autoimmune disease is, what causes it, and how diet and lifestyle can bring relief. Being armed with this kind of information helps readers become proactive in their own health while also opening a more useful dialogue with their physicians.” – Read Books and Chocolate’s full review here.
 “The Paleo Approach deserves a standing ovation! Bravissima!! The Paleo Approach is filled with tons of health empowering, myth busting, smart as heck science along with engaging illustrations that deliver the most current research for both patients and practitioners to reverse autoimmune disease and heal!” – Read Anne Angelone’s full review here.
 “[This book is] a game changer, and is something that EVERY doctor and EVERY patient with an autoimmune disease needs to own. You have the power to fix your health, to resolve chronic pain. Confused about leaky gut, about food intolerances, and about how paleo can help? This book IS FOR YOU.” – Read Brittany Angell’s full review here.
 “Of all the books I’ve read in the last two years (and I’ve read over 100), The Paleo Approach is definitely one of the most thorough and well-researched. Unless you’ve eaten a clean, real-food, low-inflammatory diet your entire life, trying the protocols in this book for a month may have a tremendously positive effect on your health.” – Read Wellness Mama’s full review here.
 “Author Ballantyne has positioned The Paleo Approach as a book you may end up lending your doctor. Can you imagine that relationship and how effective it could be?” – Read John Koenig’s full review here.
 “I love The Paleo Approach because I know it works. It completely, dramatically changed my life and the lives of so many others. The more diminished my life became due to autoimmunity, the harder it was to find answers, the more isolated I felt.  I thought I was the only one, but now I have a huge support system. There is a whole community out here and Sarah has provided a truly impressive point where we can join together and start conquering AI.” – Read Angie Alt’s full review here.
“Sarah emphasizes that the key to her approach to the Paleo diet “is nutrient density.” You’ll learn how to regulate your immune and hormone systems, while ‘fostering digestive health, all through a nutrient-dense diet and constructive lifestyle changes.'” – Read The’s full review (and also an interview with me) here
“…More and more people are going to get this book and start, they’re going to have all these light bulbs turn on and all these ah-ha moments…I’m just really excited for you and I’m excited for everyone who’s going to get their hands on this book.”  – Diane Sanfillipo on a recent episode of the Balanced Bites Podcast
“[Sarah] has basically written an encyclopedia on auto immune [disease]. But it’s so easy to understand and to incorporate into anybody’s life who might be having these struggles.” – Kendall Kendrick on a recent episode of the Born Primal Podcast
Last but not least, we celebrated the release of The Paleo Approach on last week’s episode of The Paleo View. Stacy and I were joined by joined by Whitney Ross from Nutrisclerosis, Eileen Laird from Phoenix Helix, Angie Alt from Alt-ternative Autoimmune, and Christina Feindel from A Clean Plate. It was a very emotional episode, and tears were shed!


I just finished reading you book today–all the snow days gave me extra reading time. After reading, I have enough courage to try the Paleo Approach to get 100% better. However, the spine cracked and the pages are starting to fall out. I know it is a big book, but it should be able to hold together–did I get a bad copy? Should I return it to Barnes and Noble?

I haven’t finished it yet, but I am impressed with the level of detail in terms of the physiology and biophysics. My only wish is that you put the references in the chapter, instead of listing them at the end. As a fellow biophysicist, I would love to read some of the basic research and match it up with certain parts of the book. (small issue that isn’t really relevant for most people).
I love that it had text book quality pictures and you cut through a lot of the extraneous information to provide a solid argument for your point of view.
Of course I have struggled with my weight and autoimmune diseases, like so many others. I have sort of come to Paleo in a round about way. My seemingly healthy husband had idiopathic hypertension, and so I designed a diet for him based on research about PCOS diets (long story, but wanted to find stuff on low inflammation diets). Anyway, it is very similar to your version of Paleo, with the exception of the nuts and seeds, so I found that very interesting. His BP went from 160/90 to 110/75 in a few months. But like all “good” mothers/wives I’m not good a prioritizing myself. Lately, I’ve been working on that and was kind of shocked/relieved that you had done all the science work for me! So thanks, and after a couple of weeks I’m already feeling better. The weight isn’t moving yet, but there are some other hormonal issues I need to work out as well.
As a fellow PhD, I say “Well Done!” Academia is a losing battle and often a waste of time (I’m sure you know what I mean). I bet you have a bigger impact on the well-being of society than any researcher in the lab with a better quality of life. I left the lab only to return, because I don’t have a book deal and the thought of being a stay at home mom with 5 degrees was overwhelming. If you ever extend your blog to life after academia, please let me know! You are an inspiration as a mother, wife, and scientist. Thank you.

Hello Paleo Mom
I have bought your book and just started reading it. I am very skinny and don’t want to lose weight at all not even one gram. I don’t have any problem with dairy products. Can I take grass-fed butter and yoghurt? Can I take sweet potato when I start paleo diet or should I wait and reintroduce into my diet after a while? I have mixed connective tissue disease.

I have started reading your book and find it very informative and have already given my copy away and ordered another one. I have also recommended it to several people and have referred them to your Facebook page and blog 🙂 Have you considered giving a discount if purchased in bulk? I am a nurse and have several family and friends that turn to me for guidance. They have seen how changing my lifestyle and diet has changed my life! Thank you for your dedication and hard work it’s so nice to have a reference so I don’t have to do all the research. Also, will your companion cookbook be focused on AIP recipes? I have already preordered mine. Again thank you for what you do.

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That’s a great book and as I have personally read it and found it quite amazing. It offers a great variety in nutrition and health subjects. I am just loving it to apply all your suggestions in my life.

I had pre-ordered the book, but when I saw a comment somewhere here saying that the next edition would be out soon and have a few more corrections in it, I decided to wait for it. I’m a proofreader, and typos or other mistakes tend to lessen my enjoyment of a book. =) So now I’m wondering if you can tell me when that next edition will be released. Thanks in advance!

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