The Paleo Approach Buzz Roundup #3 and MY BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER

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TPA Final CoverThe Paleo Approach has been available for almost a week and the feedback has been incredible! The reviews have been glowing.  The buzz has been, er, buzzing.

I am humbled and thrilled to have this labor of love connect with and excite so many people.  As I watch my Amazon ranking climb (Top 100!  Woot!), it makes me want to do something special to thank my devoted readers and fans!  And, what better way to show my appreciation than AN EPIC GIVEAWAY?!

The theme of this giveaway is Paleo Approach implementation.  One lucky winner will receive a huge amount of resources to help them succeed at healing their body and reversing their disease.  High quality food and ingredients; resource books that complement The Paleo Approach; cookbooks that provide either all Paleo Approach-friendly recipes or a good proportion of recipes to get you started in the kitchen;  even an gift certificate that could be used to buy anything from grocery items to a yoga mat and book on meditation. 

This giveaway has an AMAZING prize package. In fact, this is the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY I’ve ever done!  Valued at over $800!!!!


The Giveaway

ONE lucky winner will receive the following prize package, valued at over $800!

This package is going to be an awesome resource for anyone tackling the Paleo Approach to set themselves up for success.  US Wellness Meats has several pre-packaged products that will save time in the kitchen and help keep you on track (like pouched wild sockeye salmon, pemmican, and a jerky that is made with just grass-fed beef and salt!).  Massa Natural Meats produces awesome quality grass-fed meats.  Tropical Traditions produces organic, sustainable and ethical palm oil and coconut oil; stocks some of the best olive oil ever; and sells grass-fed meat and wild-caught seafood. Amazon has just about everything under the sun! You could buy sardines, coconut aminos, digestive support supplements, a yoga mat, a CD of meditation music, or just about anything else you can think of that would help you take control of your health!  The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook contains 150 recipes dedicated to the autoimmune protocol.  Well Fed 2 has an entire section with modifications for recipes to make them Paleo Approach-friendly.  The Ancestral Table will have an online guide for adapting recipes as well.  Beyond Bacon contains a huge percentage of recipes that are Paleo Approach-friendly.  Practical Paleo is an amazing resource, which tons of great information on digestion and supplements, plus over 120 recipes, many of which are Paleo Approach-friendly.  And you know how I’m a big fan of fermented foods?  Fermented makes it so easy to make your own!

Unfortunately, due to customs regulations and shipping limitations, this contest is open to residents of the US only.

Note: you can earn bonus entries for buying the book and for tweeting about the giveaway every day (maybe after reading The Paleo Approach, you decide to buy a copy for your friend or family member!).  And, while I highly encourage reviews (it helps spread the word!) and these will also earn you bonus entries, reviews are more meaningful if you’ve read the book.  This is the reason why I’m leaving this giveaway open for four whole weeks: to give you plenty of time to get a copy if you don’t already have one, read it, and then post your review.

The winner has been selected at random and has been contacted by a member of The Paleo Mom Team, thank you all for entering!

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Don’t have a copy of The Paleo Approach yet? Have you been waiting to see reviews before deciding if you want it?  If you missed it, reviews and buzz were summarized in this post and this post.  Also, if you want more information on exactly what’s included in The Paleo Approach, check out this post that contains previews and a video tour of the book.

And, here’s more of what people are saying!

TPABookCover Resized January 2014“it’s the most comprehensive book ever written on the topic of reversing autoimmune disease. Seriously, I’d call it the autoimmune bible. Sarah [is] uniquely qualified both personally and professionally to write a guide to healing.” – Read Phoenix Helix’s full review here.
TPABookCover Resized January 2014“This is the most comprehensive, helpful, and dare I say, enjoyable guide to healing your body in the face of autoimmune disease.  I am still overwhelmed with the vast information in The Paleo Approach book. This is an essential guide for everyone wanting to look at how they are eating and to connect it to how they feel!” – Read Heather Spergel’s full review here.
TPABookCover Resized January 2014“Yesterday, one of THE MOST IMPORTANT books on Paleo nutrition was released: “The Paleo Approach.” You guys will be FLOORED at how much information is in this book – it’s truly a textbook for understanding autoimmunity and using real food (along with many other lifestyle factors) to heal from the inside out. I’m beyond excited to support and endorse this book 1000%.” – Balanced Bites
 domesticman“Sarah Ballantyne released her book yesterday. It’s chock-full of great science and information. It’s going to take me a while to digest all of it, so a proper review may take a while, but I wanted to encourage you to check it out nonetheless. Great job, Sarah!” – The Domestic Man
 coastalkitchen“We pre-ordered this book back in February 2013 after hearing Sarah Ballantyne speak on a podcast. The book arrived yesterday – it is an incredibly intelligent, thorough breakdown and explanation of our food and environment and how they can work with or against our bodies.” – Coastal Kitchen
 fitmoms“Very excited to get this in the mail today!!! It was ordered as a gift for my mother in law but seeing as though it’s my bday today I don’t think she’d mind if I read it first!!” – Fit Moms and Full Plates
 TPA Final Cover“I can just tell that I will be immersed in this book for years to come! It is more than just a book, it is going to change the world! It is a masterpiece! Well done and thank you! I hope to spread the knowledge I gain from your book to my members and help them change their lives! You rock!” – Primal Sustenance
gutsybynature“Love the puzzle motif, especially in this image. Really resonates with me because I have long felt like I was missing pieces of the puzzle of my illness but everything is now falling into place. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful book!” – Gutsy by Nature
paleofondue“So excited to dive in this book!! Been waiting foreveeeeer and it’s finally here. And with a big section on my favorite topic: leaky gut!” – Paleo Fondue
 paleonurse“This book looks amazing. My first impression is that it should be required reading for nursing and other health profession students. I can’t wait to dig in!” – The Paleo Nurse
 paleopearl“One flip through this BIG, beautiful book and I can tell I’ll be geeking out through the entire read! It’s been such a wonderful experience to find ways to heal through food and lifestyle change. I’m incredibly pleased to have this book to continue my education around a subject that greatly impacts my life, and still mystifies me. The more I know, the more empowered I feel.” – Paleo Pearl


The paleo approach is another great tool that provides easily accessible and well researched information without having to search the internet which leaves you only guessing as to whether you can trust what you find on a website!

I can’t wait to get a copy of this book! The best thing about the paleo approach? It is real food – real, good-for-you food!

I am so happy and excited for this book. I’m looking forward to learning more about how diet can heal me and my family. Learning about the science and they why behind how diet can do this helps me have the motivation to stick to it to help keep us all healthy.

I absolutely love the Paleo Approach! It literally has been my companion for the last week. I love the fact that everything is backed up by solid scientific research. But, Sarah doesn’t leave us with just the science, she moves into easy-to-understand implementation. I can’t recommend this book enough to friends, family members, and clients.

I’ve started Paleo to help with my fibromyalgia since prescription medications just made me horribly sick. I wanted to go completely opposite than chemical medications and that’s when I stumbled upon Paleo. I’m trying out recipes and seeing what I like that I never thought I would like. It’s been an empowering experience to know I can make all this and it is possible to give up my past favorites for new Paleo favorites!

Just ordered the Kindle version! I have been loving all of your FB posts. I can’t wait to start feeling better naturally!

This is an awesome give a way. I am always looking for extra help, extra info to share with my friends and family, trying to encourage them to eat a little healthier. thanks so much!

I can’t wait to read the book! Went mostly paleo almost two months ago and just found out that we are pregnant!!! Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out also!!

My husband ordered me this book a couple of days ago And I can’t wait to read it!! I have four autoimmune conditions and have dabbled with the AIP in the past. I can’t wait to dive in to this book!!

Love the book! Left a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Target. I’m reading it slowly to absorb it all. Will probably re-read over and over many times in my life.

What a fantastic giveaway! I first bought the Kindle version of the book, and then after listening to all of the recent podcasts (Balanced Bites, Jonathan Bailor, etc) realized I needed the print version to see all of these beautiful tables and illustrations in print! It’ll be here on Wednesday and I can’t wait!

I recently found out about Paleo and love all the wonderful recipes I’m getting. It so great that those of us who are gluten free have so many choices.

I entered a contest at Chowstalker and won first place. I had my choice of three bundles of books, and I chose the first bundle because it contained a copy of The Paleo Approach. I had read reviews about the book on social media and at your blog, and wanted it so much, but honestly couldn’t afford to buy it right away. I’ve suffered and struggled with a variety of autoimmune issues for years, and I knew this book would help me find answers to my health problems before I ever opened it. I was spot on! It’s one of the most comprehensive books I’ve read about reducing symptoms of autoimmune disease through diet. I’m fundamentally new to the Paleo food plan, although I’ve been eating a similar diet for a year just because it was the only thing working for me. Your book, is helping me better understand how and why Paleo works so well against disease. Once again I’m optimistic that I can regain my health. Thanks Sarah for all the incredible research and work you have put into your book. And, as a graphic’s designer, I have to say it is has beautiful photos and illustrations. I love the puzzle theme, as your book is helping me to put the pieces of the puzzle back together in my own search for better health.

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