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The Paleo Approach is now available in stores! and are shipping pre-ordered copies.  The feedback and reviews have been spectacular!  And the best part?  I am now officially an author!

There’s something about having my book in actual stores, that feels so, well, official.  Prior to today when people would ask me what I do for a living, my answer was “blogger and author”… but I felt like I had to qualify “well, my first book will be released in January.”  Now, I can just say “I’m an author”. Period.  The crazy amazingness of that is still setting in!

So, how did I celebrate my Release Day?

Um, by having my burn scrubbed by a burn specialist and bound into a special bandage that has to stay on for a whole week (and can’t get wet so I have to do the whole plastic wrap and plastic bag thing to shower, ugh).  In case you missed it on Facebook and Instagram, I suffered a deep 2nd degree burn (with  a few spots of 3rd degree) that covers a 2″x6″ strip of my left forearm from a kitchen accident last Thursday (bacon grease that slopped  over the edge of the pan onto my sleeve which was too tight to get the heat away from my skin quickly).   The burn became infected over the weekend and I have started a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic to treat it.  The infection is responding well to the antibiotics, and the burn specialist was optimistic that the burn would heal well.  I’ve had many questions about what to do if you have to go on antibiotics, and this is my opportunity to put my recommendations into practice on myself.  Briefly, I’m focusing on nutrients that support epithelial barrier health (to help both my gut and my skin, mostly vitamins A, D, K2, DHA and EPA, and collagen).  I’m also focusing on folate since the antibiotic reduces absorption of folate.   I am taking probiotics and eating probiotic-rich foods and will continue this along with a focus on prebiotic fibers after I’m done with the antibiotics.  You can expect a detailed post from me in a couple of weeks on this topic.

While driving home from my appointment at the burn clinic, the snow started.  This is the first snow accumulation we’ve had in Atlanta in 3 years.  I’m glad I got home before the snow started to stick on the roads because once it did, traffic became a disaster.  The governor actually declared a state of emergency!  That might sound trite to those of you who live in more wintery climates, but one of the problems with snow here is that it’s warm enough to be incredibly slick on the roads, plus no one has snow tires, very few people have experience driving in the snow (and even if you’re from farther north, I can tell you from experience, driving in this snow is quite different), and the city is under-equipped to salt, sand and plough the roads quickly.  On the bright side, it will be warm again on Thursday, so we get to play in the winter wonderful for two days and then it will all melt away.  This afternoon, the kids got to use laundry baskets as toboggans in our backyard which was very fun!

So, maybe not how most blogger-turned-authors celebrate the release of their first books!!  In fact, my day seemed decidedly not about the book.  My original plan had been to drive to  a local Barnes and Noble, take photos of my book on display, and then sign a few copies to surprise whoever ended up purchasing those copies.  Instead, we had a fire in the fireplace most of the afternoon, the kids were as excited as if it were Christmas, and we had pancakes, scrambled green eggs and bacon (yes, I’m either very brave or very reckless) for supper.

What’s the latest buzz?

If you’ve been curious about The Paleo Approach and were waiting to see what other people have to say about it before deciding whether or not to get it for yourself, here’s some more reviews and quotes.  Also check out The Paleo Approach Buzz Roundup #1 if you missed it.

TPABookCover Resized January 2014“I no longer have symptoms of autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue, micro-nutrient deficiencies, skin breakouts or depression. I plan to continue my healing journey and hope to be a role model for [others]. Keeping in mind that 2 years ago I was depressed with barely enough energy to slog through the day (thyroid and adrenal issues), I’m happy to report that The Paleo Approach quite literally gave me my life back.” – Read Paleo Parents’ full review here.
TPABookCover Resized January 2014“This book is going to be one of those for the ages. One that can maybe even start an autoimmune revolution(I’m serious.) I cannot wait to see how this book affects those in our own community and those out in the wider world. This book has the power to change the faces of autoimmunity around the nation, and to save people from so much of autoimmunity’s desperation and fear.” – Read Paleo for Women’s full review here.
TPABookCover Resized January 2014“My first impression of the book was that it literally, almost brought me to tears! The hard work put into creating this masterpiece of information, certainly was evident and palpable and in no way did it disappoint. Whether you have an autoimmune disorder or not, whether you are paleo or not, and whether you think you know it all – or nothing at all… this book is a MUST read for EVERYONE.” – Read Bedrock Living’s full review here.
nomnompaleo“This baby is HUGE and packed full of practical knowledge and SCIENCE. Without a doubt, I’m going to be recommending this book to everyone who wants to better understand how Paleo works, and how it helps folks feel better—particularly those suffering from an autoimmune disease.” – Nom Nom Paleo
“[Sarah]’s got extensive information on fiber in her new book…. I felt like I needed a nap and a hug after I read that. I was like, ok. Hold on. Let me read this again. She’s got tons of information on everything autoimmune you could ever want to know.” – Diane Sanfilippo
gfg“So excited to get this in the mail! It is so full of info for people with autoimmune problems. I am so glad this info is getting out.” – Grass Fed Girl
angelone“Every time I read, I feel a sense of awe and relief because she explains EVERYTHING that people with AID or a suspected autoimmune imbalance have been searching for, need to know and can utilize right away to make huge improvements in their quality of life. Honestly-Practitioners of all modalities need to know about this approach ASAP. Real health care reform can start with you gifting this book to yourself and your health care team!” – Anne Angelone
phoenixhelix“Working on my book review. In case you were wondering, The Paleo Mom rocks!” – Phoenix Helix
temple“So excited to be reviewing The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne/the Paleo Mom! This book looks amazing! I have only had my hands on it for a little under an hour and I am already totally engulfed and absorbed in all of the information and knowledge at my fingertips! Can’t wait to share more about it with all of you!” – Nourish Your Temple
katybird“I’m not going to lie, science is not my best subject, and this is FULL of science and diagrams, but I’m hoping that if I read a little at a time I can still learn more about how food reacts in our bodies. It might take me a while to write a review because I read stuff like this slower, but I’m looking forward to pushing myself and my brain with this one!” – Honestly Delicious
TPA Final Cover“The book offers those of us with autoimmune disease the ability to greater understand exactly how foods can help or hurt us. In addition to food, the book has a wonderful holistic approach addressing the great importance of stress reduction and exercise. This book is A MUST for anyone with autoimmune disease. THANK YOU SARAH!” – Genevieve Brauning Hawgood
jimmockus“It has been over 10 years ago that I was diagnosed with severe RA. At the time could barely walk up one flight of stairs. Through really heavy meds was able to get back to a normal life. But since going paleo I have been able to go off all the RA meds. Really looking forward to reading the book.” – Jim Mockus
daretoyou“WOO happy day! The Paleo Approach is here!!! Can’t wait to dig into the science and recommendations to see how the puzzle pieces fit together! This book is far more beautiful than I’d have thought possible of a science/health book. WOW.” – Dare You To
aglaee“Wow! I just received this ~amazing~ book from The Paleo Mom! What are great resource this is going to be! Can’t wait to dig in.” – Aglaée the Paleo Dietician
TPA Final Cover“I just downloaded The Paleo Approach on iTunes. This is by far the most comprehensive and well researched book I have found on the Paleo lifestyle and it’s effect on Autoimmune Diseases. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience.” – Sharon Davis

So, where can you get The Paleo Approach?

If you pre-ordered through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you should have your copy this week.  Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperating and is causing some delays, especially to (but the good news is that current estimates is that Canadians will have their pre-ordered copies by late next week).

Four e-book versions are now available so you can buy the book on iTunes, Kindle, Nook and Kobo. Amazon has dropped their price (their prices fluctuate and tend to go lower when there is high demand). Barnes and Noble stores across the country and many other book stores will have copies.

If you do have a copy, I’d love to hear from you!  Please consider posting a review on,, and iTunes.  And feel free to tag me (@thepaleomom) and use the hashtag #thepaleoapproach when you share photos and your thoughts on social media!  And of course, you can comment below!


Congratulations! I definitely need to put on some glasses, because I first read it as you were having your bum scrubbed by a bum specialist. No, that can’t be right! Hope your burn heals quickly!

My copy just came in the mail and I am excited to read it and share it with family. It is heavy. You were not kidding. It looks like a contemporary textbook and I am sure it will be a wonderful learning tool.
Very sorry to hear about your burn. When I was young my mother spilled a lot of hot coffee on her arm and stomach and her burns looked similar. She was miserable and in bed because of the stomach area I guess, but healed without scarring. I remember gloppy yellow cream.
I just started to grow Kefir to make my own coconut products from your suggestions. You see you are having a wonderful impact on people with your website.
Enjoy the snow. We’ll send some more down your way if you’d like it to stick around longer. hee,hee.

Congratulations, author! 🙂 I appreciate you explaining why Amazon pre-orders are delayed. I was puzzled that yesterday my Amazon order status was “not shipped’ and today is “preparing for shipment”. *sigh* patience is not my virtue. So excited to learn from your book!

I am looking ward to receiving my copy. I have to wait because I am in the Republic Of Panama in Central America! Nevertheless I am already benefiting from all the great advice in your website. I hope you feel better from your burn. You are a true blessing.

I’ve had autoimmune problems such as nerve inflammation and food allergies since I got mono from the Epstein Barr virus, which I think caused this. Sticking to a paleo diet helps tremendously but I’m still not 100%. Does this book talk about why that is and what to do about getting to 100%?

I am just going to formally request that you do a book signing and Q&A or a day seminar in the Vancouver, BC area. 🙂 You mentioned on the podcast coming to canada, I’m just hoping the West Coast in included.

I’m so excited for you, Sarah! It blows my mind that you were able to create this huge, high-quality book in such a short time period. (Though I know you really paid for incredible hard work you put into it!) I’m looking forward to receiving it.

Some of us in my community plan to get together after we read it, to discuss what we learned and how we plan to use the information. I wish I had enough money to buy another copy to give to my rheumatologist. She’s really impressed with what progress I’ve made so far with my AI disease, and I think she would really benefit by learning about the science behind the AIP. Even my GP is Paleo! 🙂 Hope your burns heals quickly and well!

Just received a copy of your book from The Book Depository in the UK. Your dedication page made me cry – I hope for the same. Well done you and thanks, am spreading the word. Hope you heal fast/keep warm…

Thank you for that info sheulee – I pre-ordered with Amazon in Dec and they kept putting back the delivery date until March! I’ve just ordered with the Book Depository and am ecstatic so see 48hr delivery. I cannot tell you how much I have been looking forward to reading this book!

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