4 Tips to Combat Eczema

August 25, 2016 in Categories: , , by


Eczema is a tricky condition that affects an estimated 10-20% of infants in the U.S. And, though it’s less common in adults (only about 3% of American adults have eczema), chances are we’ve all met someone with this condition. Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is a chronic condition characterized by inflammation of the epidermis (the outermost […]

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Paleo Conversations: Sophie Van Tiggelen

August 22, 2016 in Categories: by

Sophie VanTiggelen

This time on Paleo Conversations, I talk with Sophie Van Tiggelen about her personal health journey and her new book Simple French Paleo!!   Get 20% off Simple French Paleo ebook version with code PaleoMom20 or order your in-print copy on amazon!     Sophie Van Tiggelen is an autoimmune warrior, passionate foodie, author, and avid photographer. Her […]

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AIP Apple Cauliflower Porridge — Guest Post by Louise Hendon

August 18, 2016 in Categories: by

AIP Apple Cauliflower Porridge

Louise Hendon is the co-founder of Paleo Flourish Magazine – a site that focuses on providing effective and practical advice on health and weight-loss as well Paleo and AIP-friendly recipes to the world.  Louise has suffered from an autoimmune condition (angioedema), but through eating better, sleeping more, and de-stressing, she is now completely off all […]

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3 Keys for Beautiful Skin

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We all crave beautiful skin! Whether it’s a flawless complexion and radiant shine or just freeing ourselves from troublesome breakouts, skin health is a marker of overall health. While some of us might attribute skin problems like acne to stress, that’s an oversimplification. Skin issues can often indicate underlying vitamin deficiencies, gut health issues or […]

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Japanese Turnips with Orange Rosemary Pan Sauce

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Japanese Turnips with Orange Rosemary Pan Sauce

Turnips are a root vegetable that make a great addition to soups and stews, particularly if you’re avoiding nightshades and can’t do potatoes (see my AIP Notato Salad and Scalloped No-Tatoes for inspiration). They can be a little off-putting when eaten raw, but when cooked they have a lovely, sweet, earthy flavor. Japanese turnips are a […]

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Navigating Your Child’s Dietary Needs in the Real World: Guest Post by Sarah Kolman

July 30, 2016 in Categories: by

navigating your childs dietary needs

Sarah Kolman is the mom of three young boys, a Registered Nurse, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and has a master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy. Her private practice as a health coach blends her experience as a nurse with her passion for nutrition and holistic wellness to help adults and children heal their bodies and […]

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