E-book Review: Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol by Eileen Laird

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This review was written by my assistant Christina. Eileen Laird is the blogger behind Phoenix Helix, and as a rheumatoid arthritis patient, she has personally experienced the difference the autoimmune protocol can make. But like many, Eileen was eager to start reintroducing foods. Her e-book Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol walks you through […]

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Which comes first: the leaky gut or the dysfunctional immune system?

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Leaky Gut

I was asked by healthline.com to comment on a new study from researchers at Lund University in Sweden that was published earlier this month in the journal PLoS ONE.  The study is entitled “Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction Develops at the Onset of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis, and Can Be Induced by Adoptive Transfer of Auto-Reactive T Cells“.  Yep, that’s […]

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Guest Post by Anne Angelone – My Journey to Wellness

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Anne Angelone is a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner with a history of ankylosing spondylitis.  She is registered both in the Paleo Physician’s Network and Primal Docs and is also a wonderful part of The Paleo Mom Consulting.  Anne is the author of a series of Paleo e-books which are available as a bundle here. We are living […]

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Guest Post by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen – Nutella Pizza

September 25, 2014 in Categories: , , by


Lexi is a healthy food blogger sharing gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo recipes that are simple to prepare, delicious, and nutrient-dense! Her popular food blog, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, is a website that aims to help others achieve a balanced lifestyle, full of whole foods and free of limitations!  For more creative recipes, seasonal food ideas, and […]

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Announcing the FREE Paleo Approach Cookbook Quick & Easy Meal Guide! Plus a HUGE GIVEAWAY

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I’ve been working on something special and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you! It’s a FREE downloadable companion guide to The Paleo Approach Cookbook to help those of you limited in your time and energy to shop for groceries and cook meals navigate my new cookbook! And not only […]

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Book Review: Paleo Grilling by Tony Federico and James Phelan

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This review was written by my assistant Christina. In Paleo Grilling, Tony Federico and James Phelan take things totally primal by cooking food over an open flame! It features over 100 recipes for grilling and smoking meats—including beef, pork, poultry, wild game, offal, and seafood—as well as condiments, spice rubs, drinks, appetizers, sides, soups, salads, […]

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The Paleo Approach Cookbook Preview: Plantain and Apple Fritters

September 15, 2014 in Categories: , , , , , by


The Paleo Approach Cookbook has been on bookshelves for not quite three weeks and it’s already a National Bestseller!!!!!  Woot! Today is the last day to enter my HUGE GIVEAWAY worth over $1600!!!!   Don’t miss your chance!!!!  Enter here. And remember that any preview recipe from The Paleo Approach Cookbook can be used to enter the Hashtag […]

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Product Review and Giveaway: Little Green Pouch

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Starter Pack Photo From Website

When Little Green Pouch contacted me a few months ago, I was very intrigued. A reusable food pouch for babies and kids is an awesome idea! I think the thing that excites me most about Little Green Pouch is the idea of being able to turn your high-quality homemade food into something portable, squeezable, and easy-to-eat.   Plus, the Little Green Pouch is BPA-free, phthalate-free, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. Created by two moms, […]

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