Guest Post by Alaena Haber – Cherry Pie Bars (Autoimmune Protocol Friendly)

August 9, 2014 in Categories: , , , , , by


Alaena Haber is the creator of the Paleo and AIP recipe website Grazed and Enthused. After eating standard Paleo for two years, Alaena transitioned to the autoimmune protocol/AIP six months ago to combat lingering symptoms of Hashimoto’s, leaky gut, and histamine intolerance. Alaena’s passion for holistic wellbeing shows in her dedication to sourcing nutrient-dense ingredients […]

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HUGE CELEBRATION Giveaway – Autoimmune Protocol Friendly Foods

August 5, 2014 in Categories: , , by

Book Twins-ssm

The Paleo Approach is a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!!!! This giveaway was originally going to be all about celebrating the upcoming release of the cookbook, but I just couldn’t launch into my excitement about my new book without first establishing my pride over the guidebook companion to my cookbook, The Paleo Approach! I found out yesterday afternoon, […]

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The Paleo Approach Cookbook Preview: Garlic-Roasted Pork Shoulder

August 4, 2014 in Categories: , , , , by

pork photo

I am SO excited to share this special sneak peek preview recipe from my new book, The Paleo Approach Cookbook!  I know that many of you already know what this book is about and are looking forward to its release as much as I am.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, here is the official […]

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Book Review: Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine by Sarah Fragoso

July 30, 2014 in Categories: , by


This review was written by my assistant, Christina. Everyday Paleo: Thai Cuisine is the second in Sarah Fragoso‘s series of “Everyday Paleo Around the World” cookbooks (the first was Everyday Paleo: Italian Cuisine) and has become one of my favorite cookbooks to turn to when I just need something “new and exciting”. The beauty of […]

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Guest Post by Megan Peterson – Mango Pineapple Salsa

July 28, 2014 in Categories: , by

Salsa and Petersons 050 edit

Megan Flynn Peterson is a blogger and self-proclaimed foodie with dreams of a literary life. She has a master’s in Children’s Literature and an affinity for cultural studies, good food, bookstores, and those first few weeks of autumn. She runs a consulting business called Cave Girl, where she advises people on all things Paleo. Her hobbies […]

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Dark Chocolate Gelato (dairy-free, nut-free, coconut-free)

July 26, 2014 in Categories: , , by

Dark Chocolate Gelato

Something about the summer heat just makes cold treats that more amazing. I’ve been wanting to work on a completely dairy-free, nut-free (and coconut-free), low-sugar ice “cream” treat for a while.  And here it is! What I love about this gelato is that dark chocolate is really the star.  It’s rich, creamy (yes, even without coconut milk or almond milk […]

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Book Review: Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe

July 23, 2014 in Categories: , by


This review was written by my assistant Christina. “Fat makes you fat!” “Cholesterol will give you heart disease!” “Whole grains are heart-healthy!” “Eat fewer calories to lose weight!” “You need dairy for strong bones!” We’ve all heard that before. You probably heard it as recently as last time you turned on the TV or went to the […]

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Guest Post by Jennifer Robbins – Crispy Snack Pretzels (Autoimmune Protocol Friendly)

July 19, 2014 in Categories: , , , , by


Jennifer is a mother of 3 and wife in pursuit of better health for her family. After being gluten free for about 4 years, and having a multitude of chronic health issues, she realized there was still a lot of junk in her pantry and change was needed.  Jennifer began feeding her family more meals from […]

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