Guest Post by Ali Maffucci – Sesame-Ginger Garlic Chicken and Broccoli Carrot Noodle Stir Fry

February 23, 2015 in Categories: , , by

6A2A1513 copy 2

It’s great to be back on The Paleo Mom, sharing another spiralized recipe. Since I shared with you my Sweet Potato Noodle Pizza Crust recipe, not only has my photography gotten much better, but I’m also coming out with my first cookbook! And yes, all of the recipes are spiralized (of course!) If you never […]

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Guest Post by Lisa Bryan – Prosciutto-Wrapped Sweet Potatoes with Maple Balsamic Glaze

February 18, 2015 in Categories: , by


Lisa Bryan is a writer, entrepreneur, explorer and motivator for vibrant living. She believes that wellness is a journey and simplicity is not boring. After being diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases in two years, Lisa became an impassioned advocate for health and lifestyle transformations. Realizing that stress, poor diet and lack of sleep were triggering […]

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Book Review: Make it Paleo II by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley

February 16, 2015 in Categories: , by


This review was written by my assistant Christina. In Make it Paleo II, Hayley Mason and Bill Staley of Primal Palate, with the help of Hayley’s sister Caitlin Nagelson (a trained sushi chef), transform a huge variety of traditional and exotic non-Paleo dishes into delectable Paleo fare. From simple sides and elegant entrees to decadent […]

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Guest Post by Peter Hirsh – Getting Started with Kettlebells

February 14, 2015 in Categories: , by


Peter Hirsh is a nationally certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor who has been teaching and training with kettlebells for over ten years. Peter has dedicated his life to the enrichment and well being of others and currently teaches classes and trains students one on one in San Diego, California. Wanting to reach a larger number […]

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Book Review: The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers, M.D.

February 11, 2015 in Categories: , by


This review was written by my assistant Christina. Amy Myers’ passion for helping people with autoimmune disease improve their quality of life stems from her own experience with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition resulting in hyperthyroidism that is often treated by removing or destroying the thyroid gland. Amy recounts the fear and frustration of her symptoms in a […]

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Guest Post from Angela Privin – Plantain & Broccoli Soup (Autoimmune Protocol Friendly)

February 9, 2015 in Categories: , , , by

soup 3

Angela Privin discovered the Paleo diet during a multi year effort to heal her severe irritable bowel syndrome. Thanks to Paleo she’s has been symptom-free for 10 years. Going Paleo also forced her to learn to cook and now she spends all her free time experimenting with new recipes in her Paleo Kitchen Lab.  She also […]

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The Reintroduction Quick-Start Guide: A New FREE download!

February 7, 2015 in Categories: , , , , by

Reintroducing Foods Preview

There have been a couple of articles posted on other blogs lately criticizing the autoimmune protocol (AIP) for being unnecessarily restrictive for lifelong maintenance.  Similar to a news article criticizing the Paleo diet for being an all-meat diet, these criticisms themselves grossly misrepresent the AIP. The autoimmune protocol is a powerful therapeutic diet, based on […]

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Guest Post by Jennifer Robins – Paleo Pita Bread (Autoimmune Protocol-Friendly)

February 4, 2015 in Categories: , , , , , , by


Jennifer is a mother of 3 and wife in pursuit of better health for her family. After being gluten free for about 4 years, and having a multitude of chronic health issues, she realized there was still a lot of junk in her pantry and change was needed.  Jennifer began feeding her family more meals from […]

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Guest post from Gabriella Schneider – Sweet Potato Sage Gnocchi with Cranberry Bologense (Autoimmune Protocol Friendly)

January 31, 2015 in Categories: , , , , by


After many, undiagnosed years of suffering from the debilitating symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease, I was officially diagnosed in 2011 with late stage, neurological Lyme.  With multiple complications all stemming from untreated, bacterial spirochetes, I found myself researching information about food, while also extensively studying the human body. Through this, I have come to learn, […]

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TPV Podcast, Episode 128: Body Image & Self-Love

January 30, 2015 in Categories: , by


Ep. 128, Body Image & Self-Love On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Summer Innanen to talk about a favorite topic of The Paleo View, self-love and body image acceptance. The crew also answers questions around weight-loss and Sarah’s science shares touches on weight-loss resistance. Click the picture above to be […]

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How Stress Undermines Health

January 28, 2015 in Categories: , , , , , , by

girl in traffic jam

Health is impacted by much more than what you eat.  Health is also influenced by how you live.  How active you are, how much you sleep, how much stress you’re under, how much time you spend outside and in nature…. all these things have just as much of an impact on your physical and emotional […]

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