Guest Post by Sophie Van Tiggelen – “Chocolate” Carob Fudge (Autoimmune Protocol-Friendly)

July 8, 2015 in Categories: by


Sophie Van Tiggelen is an autoimmune warrior, foodie, self-trained paleo chef, and photographer. She blogs at A Squirrel in the Kitchen, where her mission is to demonstrate that you can eat gourmet meals on the autoimmune protocol! Her French heritage shines through in her simple, yet creative cooking style and her recipes are doable even for beginning cooks. Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s […]

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Book Review: One-Pot Paleo by Jenny Castaneda

July 4, 2015 in Categories: , by


This review was written by my assistant Christina. Feeling overwhelmed by Paleo cooking or just looking for easy weeknight meals that taste great to round out your recipe collection? One-Pot Paleo by Jenny Castaneda is the perfect combination of simple, beautiful, and flavorful, featuring nearly 100 recipes, many of which are complete meals, that only […]

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Thai Green Curry (AIP-Friendly!)

July 1, 2015 in Categories: , , , by

AIP Thai Green Curry | The Paleo Mom

Hmmmm, curry…. it’s a flavor that I never thought I’d be able to recreate with the more limited collection herbs and seasonings available on the autoimmune protocol.  That is, until I visited Russ Crandall (aka The Domestic Man) for a long weekend and learned a ton of valuable curry tricks directly from the master! Russ […]

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Guest Post by Hannah Helsabeck: Safer Sunscreen

June 29, 2015 in Categories: by


Hannah Helsabeck is President and Co-Founder of WildMintShop, an online shop dedicated to helping families find toxin-free and eco-friendly products for healthier lifestyles. She is passionate about educating others on the benefits of healthy living and the importance of taking small steps towards eliminating exposure to toxins in people’s daily lives. She also enjoys finding […]

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Greek-Seasoned Spatchcock Chicken (AIP-friendly!)

June 24, 2015 in Categories: , by

Greek-Seasoned Spatchcock Chicken

“Spatchcock” is a vaguely rude-sound word dating back to the 1700s to describe a chicken (or other fowl) that is split open and cooked flat (as opposed to stuffed and/or simply roasted whole).  I was introduced to this cooking technique by Mickey Trescott from who made me her Spatchcock Chicken Adobo on a recent […]

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Guest Post by The Nutritionista – Tips for Dining Out on the Autoimmune Protocol

June 22, 2015 in Categories: by

Kirstie profile pic 2

Kirstie is an AIP newbie, fashion industry survivor and nutritionist in training! Kirstie was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2013 and after initially just taking her pills and still not feeling that great, she realized that there must be a reason why her body had started attacking itself. And so the journey began! Quitting sugar, cutting out […]

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Book Review: Paleo Take Out by Russ Crandall

June 20, 2015 in Categories: , by


This review was written by my assistant Christina. Paleo Takeout is a new cookbook by Russ Crandall of The Domestic Man that focuses on recreating everyone’s favorite quick-and-easy take-out foods. It includes more than 150 recipes for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Southeast Asian, and American takeout staples. Russ knows how easy and tempting it can be […]

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Paleo Flour Tortillas (AIP-friendly!)

June 17, 2015 in Categories: , , , , , , , , , by

Paleo Flour Tortillas from The Paleo Mom

I have always loved just about anything wrapped in a flour tortilla:  burritos, soft tacos, fajitas, chicken Caesar salad wraps, etc.  One of my kids’ earliest finger foods were flour tortillas and cheese (yes, in my pre-paleo days before I knew any better).  They are something that I’ve missed since finding Paleo (not that I […]

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Guest Post by Joy-Filled Nourishment – Mint-Infused Blackberry-Raspberry Lemonade (Autoimmune Protocol-Friendly)

June 13, 2015 in Categories: by


Marissa is a wife, believer, and real-food enthusiast. She is healing her body through the autoimmune protocol to fight IBS, eczema, leaky gut, and difficulty sleeping. She is a nutritional therapist practitioner in training and loves helping people to see that real food can be utterly delicious and healing. In her spare time she loves […]

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