Paleo Conversations: Liz Wolfe

September 22, 2016 in Categories: by


This week on Paleo Conversations, I chat with Liz Wolfe of Real Food Liz about mommy guilt, parenting practices and raising Paleo children. Liz Wolfe is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), a best-selling author, and a food, fertility & natural skincare nut. Liz is absolutely my go-to for her deep and passionate knowledge of a whole range of products. […]

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3 Time-Saving Strategies for the AIP

September 17, 2016 in Categories: by

The-Paleo-Mom-3-Time-Saving-Strategies-for-the-AIP copy

The Autoimmune Protocol is somewhat of a contradiction. On the one hand, if we’ve struggled with years of conflicting medical advice, prescription medication and symptom management, changing our diets can seem like the simplest thing in the world. On the other, completely rethinking the way we approach our diet can be truly overwhelming! I get questions […]

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3 Myths About Legumes — Busted!

September 15, 2016 in Categories: by


No matter where you fall on the dietary spectrum, legumes (soy, beans, peas, lentils, peanuts etc.) are some of the most hotly debated foods on anyone’s plate. We’re all familiar with vegetarian and vegan diets that swear by legumes as a superior substitute for animal protein. But aside from those with edible pods, legumes are eliminated […]

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Plant-Based Protein: What is its Role in the Paleo Diet?

September 10, 2016 in Categories: by


Fat and carbohydrates get plenty of press (and controversy! see Carbs Vs. Protein Vs. Fat: Insight from Hunter-Gatherers), but protein really deserves some time in the spotlight too! Along with being necessary for numerous functions that keep us alive (I’d say that’s pretty important!), a higher protein intake has been associated with greater thermogenesis, better […]

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4 Ways to Beat Gym ‘Stank’

September 8, 2016 in Categories: by


Movement is one of the most important pillars of health, and that means that regular exercise in addition to avoiding being sedentary for prolonged periods is totally non-negotiable (see The Benefits of Gentle Movement and Why is Exercise so Important?).  I encourage both committing to some time of activity that builds type 2 muscle fibers […]

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Shaved Brussels Salad

September 3, 2016 in Categories: , , by

shaved brussels salad

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Brussels sprouts are a seriously underrated vegetable! I’ve been really excited over the last several years to see these crunchy, cruciferous sprouts coming back, because they’re really a very dense source of nutrition. For one thing, sulfer-containing veggies like Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli are great […]

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Get The Paleo Mom’s Birthday Party Handbook

September 1, 2016 in Categories: by


While we all want our children to be happy about making healthy choices, it can be difficult to balance peer pressure with best choices—especially when it comes to celebrations! Sometimes childhood milestones, like birthdays, can create pressure or highlight the ways our kids’ Paleo diets make them “different.” But it doesn’t have to be this […]

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