Broth: Hidden Dangers in a Healing Food?

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge broth fan! Between its helpful mineral content and abundance of important amino acids (especially proline and glycine), it’s definitely meets the criteria for a healing and nourishing food to include in our diets. But, every once in a while, an article makes the rounds claiming that bone broth […]

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Epic Tostones

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Tostones are simply twice-fried plantain slices, a traditional South American dish that can also be called tachinos, chatinos, fritos verde, bananes pesées and patacones, depending on the exact region of origin. Tostones are a delightful, relatively flavor-neutral, starchy addition to most meals.  They can also be used as a Paleo bread or cracker substitute.  Traditionally, […]

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Book Review: The New Yiddish Kitchen by Simone Miller and Jennifer Robins

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This review was written by my assistant Christina. {cc_h_line] Authored by the talented, entertaining, dynamic duo that is Simone Miller and Jennifer Robins, The New Yiddish Kitchen offers grain-free, healthier versions of traditional Jewish meals. With over 100 recipes and a holiday guide to answer the call for Paleo recipes beyond the needs of Christmas […]

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TPV Podcast, Episode 190, Women’s Health Q&A Continued

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The Paleo View TPV 190 Women's Health QA Continued

Ep. 190, Women’s Health Q&A Continued On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah continue their women’s health conversation, answering a question along the same thread as last week’s women’s health discussion.   Click the picture above to be taken to iTunes  or download and listen by clicking the PodBean Player below If you enjoy the show, […]

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Guest Post by Rory Linehan–Eco-Therapy Pt 2/2: 5 Ways to Spend More Time in the Great Outdoors

April 7, 2016 in Categories: by


Rory Linehan is the blogger behind the Paleo PI. Rory developed acute Mononucleosis in his late teens and slowly watched his health unravel over the following years. He developed rosacea, ocular rosacea, lethargy, brain fog, bloating and eventually depression. He spent years troubleshooting his health to no avail until finding the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). The AIP […]

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