Nut-Free Baking

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Many of these recipes use seeds and coconut products as those with tree nut allergies can usually eat them.

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I eat paleo and Im allergic to tree nuts

so I can not use almond or coconut flour & butter

what do you recommend for flour? sweet potato?


PS I feel all of the paleo recipe people all use coconut & almond products in every baking recipe and it is very frustrating

Came here looking for low carb desserts that are tree nut free. Unfortunately I have an allergy to both tree nuts and coconut so none of these really helped me. I have yet to find a sweet recipe that doesn’t use either of these. Any substitutes?

There is not a good substitute for coconut flour. You may be able to use plantain or sweet potato flour instead of nut flours, but I can’t say how it would come out. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

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