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Your blog is absolutely FABULOUS. My family and I are starting the Paleo lifestyle on Monday. We have slowly been working our way to eliminate processed foods, and are finally ready to make the final step towards the Paleoo lifestyle.

I can’t wait to read some more of your posts!


I want to thank all of u Paleo experts for changin my life!!And to tell all the sceptics that it really does work & u should try it.I am a 44 yr old mum of two(aged 24 & almost 21) & i have been disabled with a damaged knee for almost 20 yrs.I have been on morphine for 15yrs & i have developed hyper-analgesia(hyper-sensitivity to pain) because of it.My 20yr old son is an MMA athlete,is studyin Sports Therapy & Nutrition at Uni,& has eaten a version of paleo for yrs.He has been tellin me for ages that i should stop eating gluten & change my diet & i would feel better.After he received Practical Paleo book for xmas,i decided to have a read thro & it all made sense!I have had IBS for yrs & over the last yr i have been really ill with it,i even had tests done to make sure it wasnt anything nasty & it all came back negative.At xmas i weighed as much as when i was pregnant & i hated how i looked & felt,so i decided to take the plunge & try paleo for a mnth to see if it helped.It is harder for me as i have been a veggie for 25yrs & i have had to b inventive,but i love cookin so ive really enjoyed experimentin.After one wk of gluten & lactose free my IBS had disappeared,& ive enjoyed it so much i have now been on it for 8wks & i have lost 21lbs & 2ins off my waist & 2ins off my hips.I have also dropped a dress size & can get in my smaller size jeans which has cheered me up no end!!I also havent felt like im on a diet,ive never felt hungry & altho ive had to include more fish in my diet,thats no bad thing.I havent even really missed the food im not allowed & because i can have a small amount of my very favourite 85% dk choc,im a very happy bunny!!My husband is proud of what ive achieved & i feel so much happier in myself.It makes it much easier to cope with my pain & hopefully,in time,i may notice a difference there.My son has been fantastic,ive bugged him mercilessly with questions,& he has been happy to help.He has said i can have a “cheat”day now & again,but ive not really needed to.It does make it easier if we go out for a meal tho.I am still amazed how good i feel,my skin is clearer & i have more energy.I am having to remember to pace myself cos when i have good days i tend to do too much!!I live in the UK & Paleo is quite new over here.Most people on it are athletes,it doesnt seem to b mainstream yet,but i have recommended it to friends with weight probs & they r very interested.I think because it totally turns what we r told is a healthy diet on its head,people think it cant b right.It is changing your mindset more than anything & habits u develop over a lifetime.So,thank you,thank you to whoever brought this to the forefront,its amazing!!

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