Le Creuset Signature 10″ Cast-Iron Skillet Review and GIVEAWAY!

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cast ironIt’s no secret that I love cooking with cast-iron (see here).  It heats so evenly, it’s oven safe even at high temperatures, it’s versatile.  A well-seasoned cast iron pan is as slippery as non-stick, without having to worry about chemicals  leaching into your food if you heat the pan too hot or scratch the surface with the wrong kitchen utensil.  They last forever and they don’t warp over time or with high heat.

I’ve really gotten into the swing of using my cast iron pans as the dominant frying pans I use for cooking (even though I do keep a PTFE- and PFOA-free non-stick skillet around for the occasional omelet, and do have a stainless steel skillet for poaching or any recipe that involves a deglazing step).  I have a good sense for what kind of cooking protects versus destroys the seasoning (and a quadruple batch of pancakes almost every weekend in coconut oil is awesome for maintaining the seasoning), so it’s been months and months since I last had to season a pan (if you have one that does need seasoning, see this post).  But, protecting my pans’ surfaces does take some thought.  I mostly use them for pancakes, braising veggies, and frying meat. Certain things are a whole lot of work to clean, especially if I don’t get a chance to clean the pan while it’s still warm (and also because I never use dish soap on my cast iron pans).  And, regular cast-iron pans aren’t supposed to be used on glass/flat stovetops because it can scratch the surface, which mine definitely have (I’ve never been too worried about this because my stove is very old and on its last legs, but it is something to think about as I start shopping for a replacement).  They’re definitely a high-maintenance pan… which brings me to Le Creuset.

Le Creuset makes enamel-coated cast iron cookware, from skillets to French ovens.  This enamel coating makes the cookware both non-stick and safe to use on glass stovetops.  It’s safe even at very high heat and very durable.  They’re also dishwasher-safe and require no maintenance like regular cast-iron.  The interior enamel surface can still develop a seasoning over the top, but if you cook something that would normally remove the seasoning on a regular cast-iron pan, you go back to the enamel, which is still non-stick and durable and everything else I just mentioned.

People who love to cook love Le Creuset.  My mom owns a Le Creuset cast-iron skillet and loves it.  I get the love of cast iron, but have long been curious if the enamel coating and high-quality French manufacturing make Le Creuset cookware worth the extra investment?

Well, who am I to say no to a chance to testdrive a Le Creuset cast-iron 10″ skillet and pit it against my very well seasoned 10″ and 12″ cast-iron frying pans?


Right out of the package, the Le Creuset cast-iron 10″ skillet was just as slippery as my well-seasoned regular cast iron pans.  Check.

It heats just as evenly and cooks food just as beautifully as my well-seasoned regular cast iron pans.  Check.

It washes very easily and I can use dish soap.  Big improvement over my regular cast iron pans.  Double check!

I don’t have to worry about cooking foods with lots of liquid or salt, which would normally hurt the seasoning on my regular cast iron pans.  I can even use it to poach and use it with recipes that call for a deglazing step, so this even replaces my stainless steel skillet! Triple check!

It doesn’t scratch my glass stovetop.  It can go in the oven.  Even though I’ve never run it through the dishwasher, I could.

Any downsides?  Just the same ones as you have with regular cast-iron.  It is heavy (but totally manageable, especially compared to my beast of a 12″ cast-iron pan).  The handle does get very hot, just like my regular cast-iron pan handles.

If you’ve been intimidated about using cast-iron pans because of the work associated with maintaining the seasoning, this is definitely the option for you!  If you’re well-versed with cast-iron and especially if you aren’t worried about scratching a stovetop, then I don’t think you need to run out and replace your tried and true cast-iron skillets with Le Creuset (unless maybe the ease of cleaning is that alluring).

I have to admit that I do love my Le Creuset skillet (but I also love my regular cast-iron pans).  My experience cooking with it makes me really, really want a Le Creuset French oven!  Oh, and some of their casserole dishes.  And their sauepans!  I fully admit that I think the coolest products that Le Creuset have to offer are their other enamel cast-iron cookware–because these pots and pans bring the joy of cast-iron cooking to other applications, like stews, braised meats, and sauces.

So, would you like one?

As I do a little jig for reaching the 70K Facebook likes milestone, I am once again celebrating with a giveaway!  And a huge thank you to Le Creuset for sponsoring a giveaway of a Le Creuset cast-iron 10″ skillet.

Le Creuset Giveaway

Entering is easy!
Prize can only be shipped to residents of the USA.

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I would cook breakfast everyday. Onion, garlic, a pepper, and greens cooked in healthy fat with either chicken hearts or bacon, topped with an egg. 🙂

I have a Le Creuset saucepan inherited from my mom from the ’70’s and I love it! I would like to sear my grass fed steaks in a cast iron pan, haven’t tried that yet.

oh I so want to win this! My dream pan! oh and what I would cook? Everything, stir fry, eggs, pancakes (paleo, of course) So excited you are giving this one away!

I would use this for just about everything. I have a cast iron I currently use but this seems like it would make life a bit more simpler.

I have come so close to buying one of these. I need something to cook eggs and this would be perfect. It’s definitely on my Christmas list!

I’ve been trying to find a good replacement for my non-stick frying pan and had been looking at Le Creuset but wondering if it was really worth the cost. After your review I think it sounds pretty perfect! (Now if only the giveaway was open internationally! 😉 )

I would love to own one. I only use cast iron so I would cook everything that’s too difficult for my cast iron. I appreciate the link to the how to season your cast iron! I forget this and get lazy with mine!

I always wanted a cast iron pan since I’m anemic.. But can’t afford one, so I would basically cook everything in it! From eggs to steaks..

I would cook a bit of everything (not all at once, of course): eggs, ground meat, veggies for the week.

Thanks for the reminder about cast iron cooking, and for the contest!

Eggs for sure! I eat them almost everyday. For some reason I thought these pans were only enameled on the outside and that the inside was like seasoned cast iron. How cool!

Amazing – I need one! I sometimes get concerned about too much iron leaching out when I cook lemony and really acidic foods in my cast iron pan. Not an issue with enamel!

I would love to win this pan! I’ve asked for a juicer off Christmas this yr instead of this! I’m starting AIP after the new yr! So it would really come in handy!!

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to cook on my cast iron and it looks terrible & cant keep a season. I almost threw it away the other day. I would give my right arm for a kiten full of LeCruset. They are BEAUTIFUL and amazingly functional. And I could stop destroying my glass top stove in this rental, the sight of which will surely cause me to loose my security deposit when I move.

I cook in my 10″ cast iron skillet every day, including my breakfast eggs with veg. I don’t find it hard to clean, but I do use mild (Trader Joe’s) non-detergent dish soap and the Lodge scraper if necessary. (http://www.amazon.com/Lodge-SCRAPERPK-Durable-Polycarbonate-Scrapers/dp/B0039UU9UO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387295626&sr=8-1&keywords=lodge+cast+iron+scraperI saw one of the Lodge family on Martha Stewart and he said dish soap and water is totally fine, by the way (but I wouldn’t use one of the major grease busters, like blue Dawn).

Eggs and meat, but this would be my go-to pan! I’ve had a le creuset pan on my wish list for years! Awesome giveaways! Thanks!

I love cast iron and have always wanted to try these. Thanks for the chance to win one. I just love your giveaways! Thank you so much!

I absolutely love my Dutch oven and have been coveting a skillet for a very long time! I would just be so happy if I got one!!

I love the cast iron skillet we use for camping, so this would allow me the same opportunities as in the great outdoors 🙂

Gorgeous high quality grass fed steaks are what I would cook in that beauty!
margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

Sorry to be confusing but WordPress only lets me comment with this handle; in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter attached to annazed10 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

This is actually my christmas wish – to start a le creuset collection. I love cast iron and would love them for cooking on my wood cook stove! Merry Christmas!

I would use the pan to make omelets,hashbrowns,corned beef hash,fried chicken,sauteed mushrooms,and bacon the most.I would love to have one of these.

A cast-iron pan is definitely the most use piece of cookware in my household. I’d use a Le Creuset to make all the delicious sliders, patties, and homemade sausages I’ve got sitting in my chest freezer.

I would love one of these! I’ve wanted to try cast iron for a long time but the maintenance has scared me off … it most often would be used for the scrambled eggs I cook for breakfast every day, though I’d certainly try some other things too!

I have two cast iron pans. I have recently been looking into enameled coated cast iron hoping it would be less work. Would love to have this to cook just about everything.

I would so LOVE this, I can’t even begin to explain it!!
I would cook absolutely everything in here, but coconut pancakes would be top priority!! 🙂

I would cook anything and everything in it!! i love my cast iron pans. this would be a wonderful addition to my collection

There isn’t ONE thing I cook most in mine, since I cook ERR-THANG in my Le Creuset!!!! I loooooove it and am dying to have another one to have one in the oven and one on the stove. 🙂

I have been wanting to get one for a while now but just can’t afford it. I cook all the time and love cooking. This would be such a nice addition. I love the few cast iron pieces I have, but the seasoning can get tiresome at times.

It would be my first experience with a cast iron pan so I’m excited to break it in and try cooking anything and everything!

I would love, love, love one of these! Apart from a couple of trusty cast iron pans, my old skillets are worn out and have the old toxic teflon on them, but I can’t afford to buy new pans.

Awesome! I would love to try this skillet out. I would likely use it to make sweet potato hash most often! Thanks for the chance to win!

I am getting my first enamel coated cast iron casserole for Christmas and can’t wait! I would use the pan for frittatas and the like.

This is one expensive iron skillet! I have never tried iron skiillet but my mother uses them. I think I would put it on display 🙂

I was fortunate enough to inherit a small collection of le creuset and I love it! I use it for everything. Would love to add another item!!

I am pretty sure eggs would be the most common because they are so darn sticky! Also, I’ve just started making the three-ingredient naan and I like the brown that cast iron gives but it is also sticky. Thanks!

I have a LC dutch oven and oval roaster. LOVE THEM. I would really like to kiss my Calphalon nonstick 9 year old other pans out though. Winning this would be a start in that direction! Pancakes, omelets, eggs, crepes, so many things I could use it for!

What WOULDN’T I make in a le creuset skillet? I’ve been dying to make frittatas, but don’t have a cast-iron skillet. This would change everything!

Plus, dishwasher safe? Amazing.

I would love to cook some of my favorite recipes in this like chicken “lo mein” and spicy pork… It would brown the meats nicely before deglazing and adding the veggies! 🙂

I would use this 12 inch skillet to cook everything! My current ceramic ware from Marcola is just too difficult! I would love to try something new!!!

I would totally do most of my veggies in this. Right now, I do a lot of bacon in my regular cast iron, then use the drippings for kale or spinach or other greens. yum!

Eggs, sweet potato hash and bacon, just because my daughter (toddler) loves it for breakfast so we have it everyday. 🙂 anything that will get her to eat and stay healthy! hahaha I must admit its not a bad breakfast to repeat everyday, we have some fruit on the side with it or some avocado and tomato and its yummers!

I LOVE my 50+ yr-old cast iron skillet and would be hard-pressed to replace it.. Though I’d definitely try out a Le Creuset!

Thank you! I was just wanting to look at their cookware to make my bone broths and then saw this so I felt it was a sign. 🙂 <3 I would love to have this as my husband's cast iron pans are too hard for me to maintain so I never use them. 🙂 This sounds perfect. 🙂 <3

I have never used a cast iron anything, but cook constantly. I would love to try EVERYTHING in it! But I think I would start with a fritatta!

I bought an inexpensive cast iron skillet and followed all the directions I could find to season it properly. I never had any luck with it. Everything stuck to it. I finally gave up and threw it out. I have been reading about Le Creuset and would love to try their cast iron skillet, since seasoning isn’t necessary! I think it would be great for cooking just about anything. Not to mention they are very nice looking pans!

I would probably mostly make dirty eggs in it. (Taiwanese thing: fry eggs in coconut oil + touch of sesame…chop them up slightly to break the yolks and pull off heat before they cook….then dash some tamari over the top and mix up so the yolk mixes in….enjoy)

I really want to cook more in cast iron…I could kick myself for getting rid of my Mother’s old cast iron skillets. I didn’t know then what I know now! I have a cast iron enameled Dutch Oven and absolutely LOVE it… this frying pan would be a great way to begin cooking more with cast iron. Such a great give away…Thanks!!

We have eight people in our house so we do a lot of cooking around here. We’d use if for eggs and sausages and all kinds of yummy skillet meals.

I like that its enamel coating makes it non-stick, and that you can cook in the oven with it and its dishwasher safe, although I would wash by hand! Very nice product!

I would LOVE one of these pans. I really hope I win this!! I love your blog and how thorough you are in your reviews. I trust your judgment.

I would cook everything in it. I use cat-iron skillets exclusively now and when I get my old cast-iron Dutch oven glass-beaded and seasoned, I will use it instead of my stainless steel pots.

I told my husband I wanted one of these pans and he just kind of laughed 🙁 This would be the ultimate Christmas gift, for sure! Thank you for the chance!

Probably a lot of different recipes with ground beef as a base – it would be perfect for throwing together quick dinners.

I have recently started following your blog. Thank you for all the research-based information – such a great help!

Thanks for the giveaway – it would be wonderful to have. 🙂

This would be an amazing win!!! I use cast iron for everything! Easy to use, clean, and the food tastes amazing! one of my favorites is Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Onions. The cast Iron makes it PERFECT!!!

I would love to win this! I need a new pan badly, and I’m picky about my cookware. This seems perfect. I would use it for everything from bacon to coconut flour pancakes to grass-fed beef in all forms. 🙂

I’d love to come up with some fancy ideas for this skillet… and I’d try new things with it, for sure, but most days… just some simple scrambled eggs or a veggie loaded fritatta. We eat a lot of eggs.

I can’t wait to own a whole set of these; thanks for the opportunity to win one (and the great review). I like to make brinner in my skillets (grass-fed bacon or sausage followed by our free range eggs followed by coconut oil pancakes). I would love to be able to brown and then roast in the same pan, too. I’ve never had cast iron cookware before and the idea of cooking as one would on seasoned cast iron but with the “safety net” of enamel coating totally appeals to me. 😉

Been coveting one of these for a long time! I’d make lots and lots of eggs…veggie scrambles, over hard, frittatas. And lots of chicken and veggie sautees. Thanks for the opportunity!

I am desperate for a good skillet. Mine are old and just the worst. It would be a great birthday present for me, (It’s today.) 🙂

I use a skillet every day just about. I would sautée asparagus, green beans, and Brussels sprouts in it. I have one of their Dutch ovens and love it

I would most likely cook veggies hashes and bacon in it … since that’s what I do now in my not nearly as healthy non-stick pans. Would love this even more because I can’t use regular cast iron since I have iron overload from a genetic disorder.

a better question is “What wouldn’t I cook in this thing!?” This pan is actually on my christmas list this year!! 🙂

I’d want to cook everything! Eggs, pancakes, chicken, tacos. It sounds very convenient. I fear cast iron maintenance but really want to make the switch, especially for my kids’ sake.

Pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, hamburgers, oh the list will go on and on. I don’t own any Le Creuset and would LOVE to own this skillet, thank you 😉

Comment on this post and tell me: what would you cook most frequently in your Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Skillet?

Definitely eggs! My current cast iron doesn’t stand up to them well, it takes away all my seasoning I’ve done! =0

I make a lot of chicken these days, so I would make that…but I am pretty sure my boyfriend would steal it and claim it for his own paleo concoctions!!

Omelets, eggs, meat. I have some old cast iron that I have put away in the back of my cupboard. Too hard on glass cooktop! Plus, people keep washing it!

I would love to try making different frittatas in this! Wish I could afford Le Creuset. My sister has a large collection and I am quite jealous. 😉

I would love to win this skillet! I use my great grandmother’s 14″ “Beast” cast iron skillet all the time, but it is sooo heavy. I would cook anything in this skillet, especially seafood, bacon, eggs and all other paleo foods. Thanks for the opportunity. Love your recipes!!

Cool! I’ve been trying to find something to replace the Teflon pans I use to have. I have a couple of traditional cast iron which works okay for some things but despite going through extensive seasoning, they’ve never developed anything close to a non-stick surface and my food takes on a black hue from the coating on the pans rubbing off. It’s very unappetizing.

In particular, I’d like something I can cook scrambled eggs in. I found a blog post on how to get really creamy scrambled eggs (use one tablespoon of oil and two tablespoons of water, crack the eggs into the pan and start stirring them in the pan set on a burner at med-med/high, Once they start to set, turn the burner down low and continue stirring the eggs until they are done). I’ve tried that process in pans without a non-stick coating and it failed miserably. I’m hoping that perhaps a ceramic coated pan would work.

I LOVE Le Creuset!!!!! They are the BEST pans EVER!! If I had the 10 inch skillet I would cook just about everything in it!!

In a LeCreuset, mmmm, I would cook everything! I’m not joking. I have a philosophy of simplicity and I like cooking in primarily one cast iron pan. A LeCreuset would be the quality I need to take my nutrition and cooking to a whole new level. My favorite thing to do though is my recipe: make bacon, chop it, add it to a slew of chard, onion, apple and rutabaga. Glaze it in bacon fat, honey, and a pumpkin spice blend with salt and pepper. Top with cranberries for an irresistible brekkie.

Scrambled eggs! I’ve really wanted to use cast iron skillets, but I have a glass top stove. This would be perfect! Merry Christmas!

Great info & debunking the myths of the “old cast iron skillet.” It seems like such a clean way of cooking. Sounds like the place to cook Christmas breakfast!

This is such an amazing give away! I would make the best omelet ever or maybe even some pancakes for my family, Paleo style!!!! Merry Christmas!

I’m sure I would use the Le Crueset skillet most for browning skin on chicken. Then, I’d pop it in the oven. Lots of other good uses as well.

My ‘special eggs’ as my son calls them, that I make for my kids to get them a well balanced meal (w hidden veg) before preschool/daycare.


I’m just learning about Paleo, but I usually cook grass fed beef patties or chicken thighs in my cast iron skillet. This one looks great.

I think this would work really well for quickly cooking vegetables in some water. Then, if you want to serve the cooked vegetables with sesame oil or olive oil, you can pour it on top once they are one the plate. And (although I know many folks avoid them), tomato-based recipes could be great in the coated pan. I don’t put too many acidic foods in normal cast iron because it depletes the seasoning of the pan.

Most mornings, we have a ground beef patty (local, grass-fed cattle) and spinach leaves sauteed in the same pan. It’s so yummy and would be just perfect in a Le Creuset pan!

I love Le Creuset! I have a few of the pots and I use my French oven almost daily for braising or a soup. I don’t have a skillet, and I can see myself using it for a billion meat patties for a quick breakfast as well as sauteing greens.

Ooops, forgot to tell you what I’d make. I do a lot of browning in my pans, then slow cook or use the pressure cooker. To me, browning and making decent fried eggs would be the test.

I’d love to win a Le Creuset skillet. I almost bought one last month. I didn’t because it was a bit pricey but even if I don’t win I will definitely buy one in the future. Eggs would be much easier. I’ve shied away from doing eggs sunny-side up on my current Lodge cast-iron since it sticks so easy right now being a new pan.

I have been wanting to add a saute pan that I can start cooking on the stove top and finish in the oven without ruining the handle. I used to have a cast iron pan and I liked it very much but I lost it in some moves. I have also been intrigued by Le Creuset cookware for some time but the prices are kind of high 🙁

I would LOVE to win this skillet. I saw a recipe for a pork chop that was seared on each side and then put in the oven for a few minutes…this skillet would be PERFECT for that!!! Thank you 🙂

To stir fry a delicious and nutritious mixture of chopped veggies, fresh garlic and onion and then add a cup of sprouted lentils, as they soften! Veggies: Cabbage, Celery and carrot for sure! Meanwhile, an acorn squash is baking/steaming in the oven Yum! * I may add a few pumpkin seeds – raw of course, at the end to add a little crunch… and of course, only using white pepper and Celtic sea salt!

Awesome! I actually just got my first cast iron this year. Not gonna lie. Care has been more difficult than I imagined. (shakes fist upon finding it magically rusty under the cabinet!) Would love a try at this style! 🙂

Hi Tracy, thanks for the comment. This contest has closed (the post was published in December). — Tamar (Sarah’s assistant)

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