An Interview with Registered Dietitian Amy Kubal

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My new consulting company has finally launched!  The idea for ThePaleoMom Consulting, which has been many months in the works, arose from the overwhelming number of emails that I receive from people who need help figuring out how to transition to a Paleo diet or how to adapt it to fit their individual needs. This company is a mechanism for these people to get the expert 1-on-1 support and customization that they need to be successful in their health journeys.   Consulting LogoBecause the idea of nutrition/health consulting may be knew for many of you, I’d like to introduce you to ThePaleoMom Consulting Team.  Each week, I am featuring an interview with one of my consultants so that you can get to know them better. I think that as you read these amazing women’s stories and their perspectives on health, life and their roles in helping others, you will quickly see why they are each such an extraordinary resource and essential part of ThePaleoMom Consulting.  You can read Health Coach Angie Alt’s interview here.  Up this week, the fabulous Amy Kubal!

amyAmy, what made you want to be a Registered Dietitian? 

My relationship with food got really complicated at age 11, since that time the main focus of my life has been food and/or exercise. I believe that’s what got me started on this path. I’ve continued in the field because I LOVE what I do! Every day I get to help and watch people get healthy, make peace with food and realize the awesome role that it plays in their lives.

Where do you think a Registered Dietitian would have helped you on your journey?

Throughout my eating disordered history I have worked with many dietitians – some better than others. The good ones have challenged my thinking about food, have taught me how to enjoy it and have given me strategies to be successful for the long haul. The bad ones have been legalistic in their recommendations, were uncaring and had little empathy.  I strive to be one of the good ones for all of my clients. I want to show them how to eat for life and health, give them strategies and support for success and allow them to still enjoy food!

Does a Registered Dietitian replace a doctor? 

Nope – but if we did there would be a lot more of us – so much less school and no residency! (I joke, I joke.) A registered dietitian is what is termed as an allied health professional, we work closely alongside doctors to coordinate care and optimize patient/client outcome. As a registered dietitian I can provide diet/nutrition prescriptions but cannot diagnose conditions or prescribe medication. It’s also a safe bet that I won’t ever give you a shot, so you have nothing to be afraid of!

What kind of person does well working with a Registered Dietitian? 

An RD is a great resource for everyone! Even an RD can benefit from seeing one – sometimes it takes a pair of unbiased, outside eyes to really get in and make a difference. We’re an excellent fit for anyone struggling with getting started or who’s confused about which nutrition approach is best for them and their unique needs. Also, if you’re sick, battling a disease or are having digestion issues, I can help! I also specialize in helping individuals meet specific goals – athletic, weight, performance, etc. and can aid those struggling with putting all the pieces of healthy eating together in their lives. Another area that I am extremely affluent is that of the disordered eating spectrum: unhealthy food relationship situations (emotional eating, binge eating, food obsession/preoccupation, etc.), anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia and overeating – I’ve been there and I understand.

Why would a person use a Registered Dietitian over doing their own research online? 

There is SO much information (and misinformation) online. It’s confusing to sort through all of the junk to find the stuff that’s real, true and that is going to work for YOU – that’s where an RD comes in. You aren’t the person writing the article or one of the study subjects and just because something is right for the internet expert it doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you. I will work with YOU to determine the perfect food and lifestyle plan to fit your unique needs and circumstances. There are no ‘cookie cutter’ models – YOU are important.

How do you maintain a coaching relationship working with someone long-distance for an extended period of time, say 3-6 months?

Communication is key! Email, Skype, phone, text – in today’s world there is no reason why distance coaching/counseling can’t work. I communicate with many of my clients weekly, some bi-weekly and others daily. I am always here to help and support them because I am only successful if they are. Together we can be a winning team!

Do you think you could benefit from a consultation with a member of ThePaleoMom Consulting Team?  Are you trying to figure out which consultant would be the best fit for you?  or which package?

Each member of ThePaleoMom Consulting Team offers the opportunity for a FREE 10-minute informational consult, designed for you to get the information you need to decide which package would be the best option for you and gauge which consultant would be your best fit (note:  these free consults are for information about services and your consultants only, and no medical/health/nutrition questions can be answered). 

To get your free 10-minute informational consult: simply read the bios section of ThePaleoMom Consulting Website (note that Functional Medicine is after Health/Nutrition consulting, so scroll down if that’s what you’re looking for), pick whichever consultant you think you’d like to work with, and fire them off an e-mail (e-mail addresses are in their bios).  During your free 10-minute informational consult, the consultant will help you understand the full range of benefits and services offered, make a recommendation for which package would be the best option for you, and will even let you know if they think another consultant would be a better fit. If choosing a 3-month or 6-month Transitions package, your consultant can also hook you up with a payment plan.  Really can’t decide where to start?  E-mail and we’ll help you figure that out.

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