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My new consulting company launched this week.  This company is a mechanism for people to get the 1-on-1 support and expert customization that they need to be successful in their health journeys.  Because the idea of nutrition/health consulting may be knew for many of you, I’d like to introduce you to the consultants of ThePaleoMom Consulting.  Each week for the next month, I will feature an interview with one of them so that you can get to know them better. I think that as you read these amazing women’s stories and their perspectives on health, life and their roles in helping others, you will quickly see why they are each such an extraordinary resource and essential part of ThePaleoMom Consulting.  You can learn more about the individual services offered by my consultants here.  So, without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to Angie Alt.

DAWN1039Angie, what made you want to be a health coach?

I was not even kind of on this career path prior to my Celiac diagnosis in Feb. 2012.  I had been studying Organizational Communications in college and had spent most of my professional life in various unfulfilling finance-related roles.  My journey with illness had also been long & intense.  Finally arriving at a diagnosis was life changing.  It made me rethink all my priorities.  Celiac is a disease of malnourishment, but as I learned to address that in myself, I realized our world as a whole is malnourished.  I wanted to show people how to fix that for themselves.

How do you think a health coach could have helped you on your journey?

I so, so wish I had known about health coaches when I was first starting to get sick!  I would have spent so much less time, like years less time, doubting myself and thinking maybe I was crazy.  It would have been great if I’d had a coach to reassure me I was moving in the right direction.  I also think a coach could have helped me better organize my approach to healing.  I tended to do nothing or everything all at once.  A coach could have helped me define goals, break them down, & stay on a manageable track, instead of getting overwhelmed.

Does a health coach replace a doctor?

No!  A health coach is a member of your overall health care team, not a replacement for any of its other members, especially those that treat disease or medical conditions.  We can act as your ally and complement the other providers.  We do this by helping you identify issues to discuss with your doctor, figuring out the right questions to ask during your valuable appointment time, or researching treatment options you’d like to explore with him or her.  Once you have diagnosis or treatment plans from your doctor, a health coach can help you make the changes necessary to follow your doctor’s recommendations, basically acting like the “missing link” between the doc’s office and your real life.

What kind of person does well working with a health coach?

People that can benefit from working with a health coach are usually wrestling with where to begin or unclear about which recommendations to follow, but they are also really committed to healing.  They have a lot of motivation, but need a partner.  This could be someone who has just gotten a new AI diagnosis or someone that wants to lose weight; basically, anyone that needs helping tailoring the healing process to meet individual needs. 

Why would a person use health coaches over doing their own research online?

I LOVE the Internet.  I would have never found my own answers without it.  However, let’s face it, the Internet is also pretty much a swirling vortex of information clouded over with much more misinformation!  A health coach can help you get clarity and lead you to the right fit for your body much more quickly.

How do you maintain a coaching relationship working with someone long-distance for an extended period of time, say 3-6 months?

All of my clients so far have been long-distance and long-term (3 months or more).  I really like this, because it gives us time to develop a real relationship and everyone knows a good relationship is about communication.  I email, text, call, Skype or see in-person all my clients at least bi-weekly.  Depending on the situation, we might be in contact several times during a day.  Technology has made distance coaching a  completely realistic option.  I’ve even worked with people living in Australia & the Middle East, despite the time zone challenges!

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