Happy New Year! My Resolutions, Some Reflections, and Some Changes…

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Happy New Year!  I hope you are all having a marvelous holiday season, filled with fun, family, friends, relaxation and joy!

I have greatly enjoyed my week off, although it has flown by with me accomplishing very few of the things I wanted to do over the past week.  I did get to sleep in one day, made it to one yoga class, and I did get to go see a movie (like a real movie in an actual movie theater!).  My days were mostly taken up with the bustle of the season–lots of cooking (and eating!), opening presents, overstimulated children, visiting with my mom, and shopping.  But, also my oldest daughter is currently quite ill, which has meant the last couple of days were taken up with a doctor’s appointment, runs to the drugstore, surviving on very disrupted sleep, finding things for a bored sick kid to do, and tons of extra cuddles (she’s getting better though! phew!).

Do I feel recharged?  A little.  But not completely.  If I was a battery, the red light would still be on on the charger and you’d be starting to wonder if I can even hold a full charge any more.  I can.  Just leave me plugged in a little longer…

But, even if I don’t feel particularly rested or energetic, I do feel really jazzed about some upcoming projects and ideas for the blog for the New Year.

This past week has given me the opportunity to spend some time reflecting.  Reflection comes naturally to me this time of year.  I am a resolution-setter (and very typically, I really do follow through with my resolutions too).  I don’t limit resolution-making to New Year’s, but I do have a habit of saving the most challenging resolutions for January.  So, as I contemplate my priorities for 2013, I have been thinking quite a bit both about my accomplishments over the past year but also my plans moving forward.

My blog has grown dramatically over the last year.  I feel so grateful to all of you for reading, sharing and connecting with me.  I am greatly looking forward to continuing with informative and impactful posts.  I love being able to answer your individual questions.   My skills in the kitchen have improved substantially over the past year, as I get more and more comfortable with paleo ingredients.  I have some awesome ideas for exciting new recipes to try out.  At the beginning of last year, I was so nervous to be a guest on Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore.  Now I co-host a podcast, which I love, both for the time I get to spend with Matt and Stacy from www.PaleoParents.com but also for the ability to reach and help so many.  I’ve been doing guest posts and interviews galore and will be a guest on the Balanced Bites Podcast for a special autoimmune protocol-themed show in late January.  I gave a rockin’ awesome seminar at 4.0 Martial Arts in Sandy Springs (was that seriously only a week and a half ago?) and have plans for more seminars.  Oh yeah, and the new huge project that I’m going to tell you all about in about three weeks.   Whenever I stop to think about what my little blog has turned into in 14 months, I am blown away by how crazy awesome this all is!

All of this started in my spare time while my kids were napping and in the evenings after they go to bed.  But over the last few months, the time commitment has increased dramatically (and my youngest gave up naps, dangit).  I seem to have slowly made the transition from full-time stay-at-home mom to full-time working mom (but without the paycheck to go with it).  And trying to do and be everything for everyone has started to impact my health.   It’s time for me to start evaluating the best uses of my time and sort out my priorities.

When I started my blog, I never imagined I would ever have to choose what I spent my time on.  It’s amazing to me and I consider this dilemma a privilege. Thank you!!!

Don’t be afraid!  I am not stopping!  Blogging has become part of my identity.  I love it.  I love researching topics, writing, drawing, sharing.  I love developing and sharing recipes and hearing about your successes with them.  I love connecting with you all through blog comments, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  And my blog will continue to be and will always be completely open and free (ugh, unless you are viewing my blog with IE and then there’s a compatibility problem that I would totally fix that if I had any idea how to do so).  But, I do need to scale back to free up time for my growing list of other endeavors.

I’m going to scale back one post per week (from 6 to 5 posts per week).  Even just posting one less post per week is going to free up 6-8 hours of my time for my other projects, and for making sure that sleep, exercise and spending time with my kids remains a priority.  My plan is to try this for a few weeks and then reevaluate to see if I need to scale back more (fingers crossed that this will give me enough time to work on my other projects!).

Making sure I keep balance in my life is my number one New Year’s Resolution this year.  I’m not sure if an earlier bedtime is realistic for me right now, so I’m tweaking my supplements (mainly adding some adrenal support supplements) and am going to reduce my consumption of green and black tea (with my adrenal glands in mind).  I am going to try to find more short time commitments for exercise on a daily basis (since at best I seem to be making it to only two yoga classes each week and only two good walks per week), which means simply finding small chunks of time to add things like a few sun salutes, or some push-ups, burpees, and/or lunges scattered throughout my day.  I am also going to commit to doing at least 5 minutes of mindful meditation every day.

I have one more BIG resolution.  I am going to do a modified 21-Day Sugar Detox starting tomorrow (Wednesday’s post will be dedicated to talking about why, what and how).   I am excited to be joining the biggest group of 21-Day Sugar Detoxers ever this year and will be the featured blogger for January on The 21-Day Sugar Detox Blog (woot!).  I will be sharing my experiences through the next three weeks here on the blog and also on my Facebook page, the 21-Day Sugar Detox Facebook page and Twitter.  If you are interested in learning more about the 21-Day Sugar Detox, click here.

I hope that you understand my need to scale back on the number of posts I produce each week.  I really just need to free up time for my other endeavors that doesn’t take away from things I need to do to stay healthy (like exercise, sleep, and enjoy life).  I figure I wouldn’t be very inspirational, if I didn’t practice what I preach.  Plus, I feel that most of you appreciate quality over quantity, if you have to choose between them.  But, I really see this change as being positive.  What started as “just” a blog has become so much more.  And I don’t mean more in terms of actual projects or time commitment (although that’s true too)… I mean more.  More important, more meaningful,  more fulfilling.  And that makes me so excited for 2013!  Happy New Year!


Mz Sarah! You take most excellent care of your people and of us, we absolutely support you in taking most excellent care of yourself (Yes, The Royal We. I used it. I did.).

Thanks for all the help you give, whether folks comment or not. You are SO appreciated! SO SO SO!!

So there!

I love your blog, and your recipes! When I try to explain Paleo to people, I always tell them to read your blog, because you explain so clearly. That being said, you can drop back 2 blogs a week & still post every other day.
Have a great New Year!

Sarah, I love your blog. You are indeed an inspiration to me. I too am doing the Sugar Detox, so I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. I agree with the above comment that you could scale back even more on the blog, and there would be plenty for us readers to still think about and experiment with in our kitchens. Thank you for your hard work. Happy Healthy New Year!!

Love your blog! I’m amazed at how much content you put out – scaling back is understandable! Looking forward to hearing about your new projects…

P.S. Why are green & black teas bad for adrenals? Caffeine? (I drink a decaf cinnamon tea from Harney & Sons. It is my favorite thing in the world but I’ll be crushed if I have to give it up. It is the only thing I drink with “flavor”, otherwise I just drink water.)

Yeah, I’m just feeling like a need to scale back on caffeine (which has crept up considerably in the last few weeks). Also been worried about my tooth enamel with all the acid. Not feeling like I need to give it up completely though.

I don’t often comment, but I never miss a post. Thanks for all the amazing information and recipes you provide here. I’m glad to hear of your plans to scale back in order to take better care of yourself and have more family time. Three cheers for balance!! 🙂

I love reading your blog and appreciate all the research you have done so I can just come here and read it. I was wondering what is wrong with green tea? I guess I can drink plain old hot water since I only drink green tea because I am cold.

I’m just feeling like my caffeine intake is too high and I’m worried about adrenal fatigue since I’m not getting enough sleep and my stress level has been very high lately (and will likely stay high for a while yet). I’m only going to cut it back not cut it out.

I understand perfectly the need to scale back. I find I am in a similar boat. I have been a cat/kitten foster since 2008 but after this last batch, I decided it was time to take a hiatus for a while. As much as I take pleasure in working with them and know that I’m helping to save animals from being euthanized, the time involved was taking its toll.I haven’t been getting nearly enough sleep or exercise and I think those things both contributed to the bout of flu I came down with just before Christmas. I’ve been kitten free for almost two weeks but I’m still working on getting my energy level back to normal.

Happy New Year, Sarah! I’m glad to see that you are actually a normal person that needs to prioritize! It’s hard to find time to read everyone’s blogs so once per week is a relief for me too! All the best on your resolutions, especially the 21-Day Sugar Detox (I’m doing it too, mostly to enrich my nutrition education). Thanks for your awesome posts!

Hi Sarah,
Good for you to scale back. Sometimes I feel there are super moms out there who can get three home-cooked meals on the table, exercise, sleep, attend to their children and husband, while maintaining thought provoking blogs. Phew! 🙂
I really like the idea of the 21-day sugar detox, but I can’t stand the sales-pitch tones everyone is using these days in various bloglands–“This $2,000 package will all be yours for only $22.99! Start today and see how this will change your life…” Ugg. Can it be done without eggs, do you think? Presumably you’ve given it a once over. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it in the coming weeks!

I totally agree with you. I don’t think you need to own the sugar detox to do it either. Your mostly paying for access to the support e-mails and to be part of the FB group. I am doing it without eggs.

Absolutely anyone can complete their own 21-Day Sugar Detox without our help or guides! And, actually, our 21 days of email support is entirely free to anyone- so anyone can sign up for those!!! That said, there are some specific guidelines to foods that are on/off plan and portion size recommendations for some foods within this plan specifically. The plan, as outlined, has helped thousands of people to change their relationship with food, and with sugar specifically. It’s pretty amazing what kicking sugar and carb cravings can do – with or without the help of my program. And, Jennifer, I agree about the “sales page” text, but somehow it seems that is what we are “supposed” to do to help the broad audience of the Internet learn about the program and its value. I do recognize, however, that many of my own readers and readers of other Paleo blogs like this one might find it unnecessary… I do, too 😉

How freaking awesome is Diane! The e-mails are free to anyone! Woot! The 21-day sugar detox is very similar to what I used to call “getting back on the wagon” when I followed a low-carb diet and found myself “falling off the wagon”. I would have to do 2-3 weeks super strict and go through an adjustment period (usually felt pretty crummy and grumpy for 1-2 weeks) and then suddenly everything would feel easier (basically when my metabolism shifted to one that burns fat more easily and my blood sugar was better regulated). It’s definitely something that you could do on your own without purchasing anyones’s specific plan.

Sarah, good luck with scaling back, you provide us with so much information that I would hate to see you overdo it and end up making yourself sick. I can’t tell you how amazing your recipes are for the autoimmune community. I’m a type 1 diabetic, with hypothyroidism and terrible eczema. Your recipes have helped me so much. I hope you’ll be writing an autoimmune cookbook! If you do, I’ll be first in line to buy it! Thank you for all that you do! I’m also participating in the 21-Day Sugar Detox with Diane and the gang. It’s well worth the money spent for the information and PDF’s that you get. Take care and have a wonderful New Year!

Thanks Sarah–and Diane :-)–for responding to my slight grumble over sales pitches. Yes, help when embarking on these projects is good! I especially like that there are ideas for nursing moms since I find that going too low-carb causes all kinds of moody cravings for food. Added sugar? Meh… Get out of my pan of sweet potatoes people! Seriously, if it’s not one thing, our bodies will swing for something else on the “allowed” list. Green apples and green bananas? I can’t do bananas. Seriously, three weeks of one green apple and maybe grapefruit/day? Whoo! I’ll keep reading and keep toying over the idea. 🙂

thank you so much for this post!! I started AIP 2 days ago and just reading this is so helpful. Also extremely grateful for your recipes. Your plantain pancakes are loved and begged for regularly in my house and your double chocolate cookies are a real life saver because my son has a friend with a coconut allergy. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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