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vanessa_plaidandpaleo-smallA year after going Paleo, Vanessa started the blog Plaid and Paleo to simply stay accountable to eating healthy. It has grown into a full blown passion, where Vanessa posts new recipes multiple times a week. She is a lover of all things food, especially unique combinations and anything ethnic. When she isn’t in the kitchen, you can find Vanessa reading a book, cheering on the KU Jayhawks or talking about how she should probably be at a yoga class. Connect with Vanessa on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I’m so excited to be blogging on The Paleo Mom today! I recently had the pleasure of hearing Sarah speak at Paleo F(x) (see Sarah’s Paleo F(x) post) in Austin. She convinced me to try offal, and I almost included liver into my post!

When I first started eating Paleo, I lived alone. Spending hours in the kitchen on a meal just for myself didn’t really appeal to me. I wanted quick meals without a lot of leftovers. This dilemma plagued me for six months until I started re-purposing my leftovers. From remixing my leftovers came the idea to prepare three separate meals from similar ingredients. I’ve created three lunches that can be put together in 15 minutes or less. Each lunch uses ingredients which will be used later in the next day’s recipe.

When you live alone or have school-aged kids, it can be hard to cook meals just for yourself. These three lunches are the perfect solution to have a delicious homemade meal without slaving away in the kitchen.


Pineapple Chicken Salad


Chicken Salad


For the mayo: you will need an immersion blender. Crack egg into tall jar wide enough to fit your immersion blender. Squeeze in lemon juice. Pour in oil and let egg settle to bottom of jar. Place blender into the jar until it hits the bottom. Blend for 30 seconds then slowly pull the blender up until all the oil is incorporated about 30 more seconds. Make sure you turn the blender off before pulling it out of the jar. Reserve extra mayo for the third day recipe.

For the chicken salad: combine all ingredients except avocado in a bowl. Cut avocados in half then scoop out most of the middle leaving about 1/4 inch on all sides. Serve chicken salad in avocado “bowls.” Reserve the avocado you scrapped out for tomorrow’s lunch. Squirt other 1/2 of lemon on avocado to keep from browning.

chicken-salad_plaidandpaleo-ThePaleoMomTaco Salad



  1. For the guacamole: start with leftover avocado and lemon from yesterday’s lunch. Mash in garlic powder, salt and hot sauce with a fork.
  2. For the taco salad: in a large skillet, brown meat for 5-7 minutes. Then toss in seasoning. Serve meat over baby spinach with a large dollop of guacamole.

Hidden Veggie Burgers

Pineapple Aioli


  1. For the burgers: combine meat, carrot and seasoning in a small bowl. Form meat into two even patties about 1/2 inch thick. In a large skillet, cook burgers 3-5 minutes on each side.
  2. For the pineapple aioli: while burgers are cooking, combine mayo, pineapple and hot sauce. Serve burgers on a bed of baby spinach topped with the pineapple aioli.


x Vanessa


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