Guest Post by Eileen Laird – 50 Fantastic AIP Recipes for Summertime

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EileenEileen Laird is using the Paleo Approach to reverse rheumatoid arthritis, with great success. She has reduced her symptoms by 95%, without the use of biologic, steroid or immunosuppressant medication. She started her blog, Phoenix Helix, to connect with other autoimmune travelers on similar journeys. Her blog’s name has a special meaning: the phoenix represents rising from the ashes; the helix represents the magic of epigenetics – our ability to change the expression of our genes and therefore our health. She is the author of the guide: Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. You can also find her on Facebook.

Summer…what a wonderful season: cookouts and picnics, water fights and firefly strolls, basking in the sun, cooling off in the shade, overflowing gardens and the siren call of ice cream. When you start the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) , it can be such a dramatic change to the way you’re used to eating, that it’s easy to fear your favorite foods are gone for good, and you have no idea what to eat at all. I’m here to help! The paleo community is a huge recipe resource, and I’ve gathered together 50 AIP-friendly recipes to satisfy your summer cravings, and most of them are from bloggers who are doing the AIP just like you!


Grilled Entrees

Grilled Side Dishes

Salad Entrees

Salad Side Dishes

Cold Beverages

Frozen Treats

Would You Like More Recipes?

I host a weekly Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable on my blog, Phoenix Helix. Right now, there’s an archive of over 600 AIP-friendly recipes from past roundtables, and if you subscribe to my blog, you’ll get notified each week when a new Recipe Roundtable is posted. And don’t forget, The Paleo Approach Cookbook is available for preorder now and will publish in August 2014. I can’t wait!


Oh my gosh!! Thanks! I was sitting here bumming about my food limitations. I need to celebrate what I can eat that won’t hurt me. This list is great selection of things to explore. I’ve been coveting an ice cream maker (at least the attachment for my KitchenAid). I think now is the time to make that purchase. The Peach Ginger Ice Cream has made it necessary. LOL

These all look wonderful and are appreciated, but what I need…are menus.
I have Hashis & CFS so my energy is low as is my motivation…. I’m finding that I am content to eat things like red snapper and kale which is great but I am not getting enough calories. Any suggestions on where to find meal plans so I can be sure I’m eating enough?

Do you tell in your books how much meat an vegetables an fruit an milk we are suppose to eat each meal an snack . How much total of them an how many carbs in a day thank you

Thanks Eileen, for sharing my cilantro lime shrimp recipe! I love the awesome summer recipes represented here. Makes me realize that AIP is doable and full of flavor!


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