Guest Post By Keith Hassinger: Chiropractic Care For Autoimmune Disease

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Lately, I have been very interested in alternative therapies to aid in diagnosis and provide strategies to promote healing.  This is not my area of expertise, so I sought out some great professionals to answer my questions to relay this information to you!

 Allow me to introduce Dr. Keith Hassinger, a 4th generation Chiropractor based out of Parma, Ohio.  He has postdoctoral training in the interaction of lifestyle and genetics and is a Certified Chiropractic Wellness and Lifestyle Practitioner (C.C.W.P) through the International Chiropractic Association.  He can be reached by email at  You can also reach him on his Clinic’s Facebook Page and on Twitter.  Dr. Keith gives weekly advice through his video blog “60 Seconds to Life” available on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.  This is the second in a two-part series on the benefits of chiropractic care (see part 1 here).

In part 1 we discussed how amazing your body is and what Chiropractic actually is.  Let us now take a closer look at what is occurring and how it can affect the immune system.  Every organ, tissue, and cell in your body receives signals from your brain.  Every organ, tissue and cell also sends information back to the brain.  This creates a cycle.  Think of this connection as a safety pin.  When it is closed the cycle can be complete, but when it is open, the cycle is broken.  When your spine is subluxated, your safety pin is open.  If it remains subluxated over time, degeneration can actually occur.  The more degeneration, the less signal will be occurring.  This doesn’t have to occur.  If you maintain a properly functioning spine, degeneration will not occur.  If you are thinking, “this could cause anything to not function optimally;” you are correct!

So the question is, can individuals with autoimmune disease benefit from Chiropractic? Of course!  When your brain-body connection is functioning optimally you are better off and Chiropractic is about optimal function.  More specifically, what Chiropractors have noticed and what research shows is that Chiropractic strengthens the immune system.  This is one side effect that people under routine Chiropractic care notice.  This may seem like something that is unwanted in certain autoimmune diseases, but only if you are looking at it from the point that the immune system is not functioning properly.  Chiropractic states that your physiology is functioning normal.   This occurs by allowing the brain and body to communicate and work better.  More scientifically, what has been shown are changes in different chemicals and cells in the body such; as an increase in immune molecules (Immunoglobulin, CD4 cells, etc.) and a decreases in stress hormones (i.e. cortisol).  There are changes in these molecules because the adjustment stimulate signals to the brain.   They stimulate what is called proprioceptive signals to the brain activating all different areas.  These signals are actually required nutrients for the brain.  Just like vegetables provide nutrients our body needs to function optimally, proprioceptive signals are requirements for the brain.  When there are changes in these signals, different molecules are produced providing balance to the system and our bodies will function better especially when an autoimmune disease or syndrome is present.

Here are a few case studies that had amazing outcomes. Case 1, a 7 year old male diagnosed by his M.D. with chronic colds, allergies, and asthma since 5 months old.  After 2 weeks of Adjustments, patient was able to discontinue all medications.  Case 2, a 52 year old male diagnosed with psoriasis with 5% body coverage with flares up to 20%.  After six weeks of Chiropractic care patient was take off medication.  At the 5 month mark under Chiropractic care, there were no occurrences of greater than 1%.  Remember these changes occurred not because the Chiropractor what treating the condition but because what was needed was provided.

So when should someone go see a Chiropractor?  When should someone start eating Paleo?  Should we wait until we have multiple symptoms?  Should we wait until we do not like our current weight?  The best way to use Chiropractic is in a proactive way, just like the best way to eat healthy is before we have symptoms.  However, if your body is currently sending you signals (symptoms), today is the day to make the change.  Just like some of your symptoms may have instantly changed when you started eating Paleo, the same may occur once you start Chiropractic care.  Within a few months, many people see vast changes in the way their body is functioning and the symptoms that they are experiencing.  By focusing on all areas of health, we see quicker changes.  You are probably already eating or at least transitioning to a Paleo Diet since you are reading this blog, and that is great!  If you add Chiropractic care, your body will transform even faster.  I would also recommend working on your movement patterns and the way you think and interpret your world.  When individuals improve their brain-body connection, eat appropriately, move and rest appropriately and think optimistically, that’s when the greatest and fastest changes occur.  If you are suffering from an autoimmune disease or symptoms following The Paleo Mom’s autoimmune protocol will greatly increase your progress.

The best way to find a great Chiropractor is to talk to at least a few.  Find one that you feel has your best interests in mind.  You can start by asking friends and family who may have been to a Chiropractor.  If you are having trouble, please contact me and I will be happy to find you someone; I know Chiropractors all over the country and world that would be great for you.  If you have any questions, please ask.  Remember, you are Amazing!


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Paleo and chiropractic are NOT friends. Paleo embraces science and shuns bogus myths and notions, while chiropractic is the invention of a money-grubbing charlatan who had a number of dubious careers including ‘magnetic healer’ before he stumbled across an even better money spinner.

While it’s true that many chiros have limited themselves to back complaints (the symptoms of which chiropractic HAS been shown to mitigate but which are still better dealt with by a physio or even an osteo) those who stick with the quackery (even more bizarre than Scientology or Mormonism) and insist that manipulation can cure diseases – or who are so morally bereft they’d consider manipulating kids – keep chiropractic teetering on the lunatic fringe.

The other issue with chiropractic is the bogus ‘repeat customer business model’. If you FIX something the patient won’t come back month to month or week to week for life. Add to this many chiros’ (not the good ones) insistence on illegally calling themselves ‘Doctors’ when they’re not and you have a picture of an industry whose ethics stink worse than Durian Rider’s farts.

In short, every time someone tries to associate Paleo with chiropractic, it brings the entire ancestral health movement into disrepute and opens it to ridicule. It’s as ridiculous as Richard Dawkins visiting a tarot reader.

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