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Hello Paleo Mom (aka one of my Paleo/Mom heroes)!
It’s high time I introduced myself. I too am a scientist turned stay at home Mom. In my case I am a physician (Dermatologist, Dermatopathologist, additional specialty in Immunodermatology) that decided that none of that mattered nearly so much as my increasingly neglected children (we have four-ages 14, 12, 8 and 6). I gave it all up, completely and totally three years ago, and have no regrets. None. Now I devote myself (and all of my perfectionist, obsessive energies) to them, my husband, and our home.
I discovered the Paleo life about six months ago, and it has quite literally changed everything for us. I really wish I had known about Paleo when I was seeing patients with chronic skin conditions. Many of our problems have been helped, including tantrums, belly aches and other “elimination” issues, sugar addictions, weight problems in some of us, and etc.
But here is my problem…things go very well when I am extremely strict and controlling. Unfortunately, a controlling approach is not a good one with teenagers and soon to be teenagers with increasing independence, junk food eating friends and school lunch accounts. Ok. Understood. So even if they feel better and perform better on Paleo, I back off, as I feel I must at their age, and they slide. Then the younger children see the older ones eating a few cheats here and there, and their inevitable response is “Hey!! No fair!!”
Sigh. So what’s a recovering control freak to do? I have been trying to just do my best cooking Paleo meals at home, educating them as much as possible and ignoring the scathing teenaged criticism (“Why do we have to be so weird about food Mom?” and “How come you never cook anything good anymore?”). But I find myself thinking it would all be so much easier if I were just cooking for my husband and me. I don’t want to feel that way! I don’t want my effort filled meals to be greeted with groans and rolled eyes! I know your children aren’t yet at the age of teen angst, but what are your thoughts on the matter?

I have wanted to start a dialog with you for some time now…

But I would also love to hear from other Paleo Moms out there, who may be dealing with these exact same issues.

Very cool to “meet” another scientist turned stay-at-home mom! (who also happens to be a perfectionist, lol!) I have the most battles over food with my near 6-year old (who sees lots of other options at school, gets gluten-free candy as rewards at school, and has a crazy sweet tooth). I’m lucky in that non-paleo foods really make her feel terrible and she is seeing the link. I’m hoping that will make giving her a little more freedom in her teenage years easier for me. She’s already such a strong-willed child though, I’m completely expecting to spend ages 10-20 in constant conflict. What about making some paleofied treats for your kids (or paleofied versions of some of their old favorites)? I know it’s not ideal, but it’s a good way to show them that they don’t have to be that different, that your food doesn’t have to be weird or taste bad. And that way if the younger two indulge, you’re not dealing with quite the same effects as if they eat SAD junk food.

And, I guess at some point, you just do the best you can. Provide paleo food at home and try and ignore what they do out of the house. That’s tougher if you’re seeing behavioral issues related to what they eat out of the house, of course. I don’t know. There’s either no right choice or no wrong choice (depending on how optimistic you are! lol!). But I don’t think creating a battle out of food is a good idea (there’s enough battles with teenage children as it is!). Let’s just say, I’m going to enjoy the young kid battles while I can because I am SO not looking forward to the teen years.

Hello to both of you! I am a mom of two teens and a pre-teen. My 14 year old and middle child was diagnosed with Hashimotos and her and I promptly went gluten free. That was a bit of two years ago, and all that time on a strict gf diet didn’t heal the havoc in her gut. She now has confirmed leaky gut and we are on day 1 of a strict autoimmune paleo diet. This has been a very long odessy that started when she was two and some things just didnt make sense and has finally brought us to this place where we finally have a map. Still a long way to go, but the directions make it much less daunting. It would be great if there was some sort of teen forum where kids share their experiences on a paleo diet. I am also in a desperate search for a way to make portable lunches that taste great. Anyway, any help navigating a teen on a paleo diet would be helpful.

Many thanks!

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