My First Book Tour (and The Paleo Approach Buzz Roundup #6)

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The window display at Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse in Philadelphia.

Well, Alexandria, VA and Philadelphia, PA sure do know how to make a girl feel special!  This past weekend was my first jet-setting The Paleo Approach book-touring experience.  And, it was awesome.

I flew to DC Friday evening after picking my girls up from school and handing the parenting reigns to my husband for the weekend.  Stacy Toth (you know, of and the amazeballs woman I co-host The Paleo View Podcast with!) picked me up at the airport and, since we were both starving, took me straight to a sushi restaurant (where we had the most incredible meal and where I discovered the deliciousness of deep-fried mackerel heads! YUM!).  This was actually just the beginning of a weekend full of wonderful meals and great company.

Stacy had asked me if there was anything special I wanted to so Saturday morning (the only free time during my trip).  My only request was that I wanted to do a Strongman workout with her at her gym, Nova Strength & Conditioning.  In spite of a late night Friday night, we were up and at ’em bright and early Saturday morning and ready to move some heavy things.  Stacy was a great coach and showed me some of her favorites.  My biggest accomplishment of the morning was flipping a 350-lb tire three times!  Yes, Stacy video taped me doing it so that I could share this with you.

The sense of accomplishment was pretty darned amazing!  And then I got to go from this to a hot shower and then to a book signing at Books-A-Milion in Alexandria Washington with Stacy and Matt (the dynamic duo and authors of both Eat Like A Dinosaur and Beyond Bacon) and Russ Crandall from  and author of The Ancestral Table.

The bookstore was packed with people, many of whom traveled quite a long distance, to get a chance to chit-chat with us and get their copies of all of our books signed!  I wish I had taken a photo of the crowd of people.  Books-a-Million said that they had never seen so many people in their store before.  I was just overwhelmed with the wonderful people coming to see and talk with me.  Thank you to everyone who came.


Me, Stacy and Russ in Books-A-Million, Alexandria, VA

The rest of the evening was filled with more amazing food (including a home-cooked meal out of The Ancestral Table at Russ’ house which was incredible!) and great company.  Sunday morning, we drove to Philadelphia for our second signing of the weekend.

Again, I was humbled by the turnout of wonderful people.  I just had so much fun connecting with so many followers and fans.  It was such an amazing experience.

I flew home Sunday evening, and feel a little like I’ve ben playing catch-up every since.  Catch-up on sleep, catch-up on my completely crazy inbox, catch-up on writing, catch-up on cuddles with my kids.

I don’t think I could have asked for a more enjoyable first book tour experience.


I will be doing only a handful of book signings over the next few months (I am unable to do more traveling due to the fact that my children are young, we have no family close by, and my husband has his own career).  If you live close to any of the cities that I’ll be traveling to, I encourage you to take the opportunity to come meet me and get your book signed in person! I will be doing additional book tour events over the next few months.  Many of these dates/locations have yet to be finalized, but the current list of cities that I’m working on visiting includes:

  • New York (April 19, TBA; joint signing with Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites and Stacy Toth of Paleo Parents)
  • Austin (April 11-13, at PaleoFX)
  • Reno (April 26,  joint Q&A with Robb Wolf at 10:30am and joint signing at 11am, RSVP here)
  • San Francisco (May 3, 4-7pm RSVP here)
  • Vancouver and Seattle (July, TBD)

A current list of events can always be found at

If you’re looking for an independent bookstore that carries my book, use the Indiebound site to find my book at bookstores in your area: This site is a great resource!, you can even find a bookstore near you and contact them to request that they stock my book!

Paleo Approach-Approved Meals-Delivered

POTGAre you struggling with the practical-implementation of The Paleo Approach diet because of time required in the kitchen and the complete loss of convenience foods?

I worked with the good folks at Paleo On The Go to create a fully The Paleo Approach-compliant AIP menu to make it easy for you to follow.  It includes some awesome delicious and nutrient-dense options.  Check it out here.

Recent Reviews of The Paleo Approach

If you’ve been waiting to see what other bloggers, authors, and the media have to say about The Paleo Approach before getting a copy, here are the most recent reviews.  You can also get links to reviews in past Buzz Roundup Posts: Buzz #1, Buzz #2, Buzz #3, Buzz #4, and Buzz #5

“After reading this book, I guarantee you will know more than most doctors do about AI conditions and how to treat them…this is the kind of book that you will want to keep close at hand, to refer to time and again, as you progress in your healing, or if you suffer occasional setbacks.” — She Swings on a Star
“There are many paleo cookbooks and transition guides, but there has never been a book like The Paleo Approach. It is truly unique and comprehensive guide to healing.” — Cake Cooks Gluten Free
 “… it’s [Sarah’s] personal story that is most amazing and inspiring. She was diagnosed with Lichen Planus, an autoimmune disorder that led to numerous physical complaints. This led her to start the paleo diet, which , she says, helped her tremendously. It’s her knowledge and experience of the paleo diet which she presents in the book.” — Life and Self
“Sarah tells us the science behind Autoimmunity, why we got sick in the first place and the exact steps we need to take in our path to remission and ultimate health.I can’t recommend this book enough!” — Grass Fed Girl 
Also check out these new interviews and podcasts:
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Sarah, thanks so much for coming to DC! My husband Philip and I (and son Caleb) enjoyed meeting you in person after following your blog for so long! I am LOVING your book. 🙂 I think I’m going to buy a copy to give to our family physician.

I’m soooo bummed I missed you this weekend. I’ve only just found this whole microcosm (AIP), but thankfully already found my way to your book, and I’m half way through it. I’ve already convinced my sister to purchase it, and have strongly recommended it to a half dozen others. I would have loved to come by, purchase another copy, and get it autographed. I’m glad to hear you were warmly welcomed in Northern Virginia.
I’m on Day 15 of the AIP (started the day after I bought and started reading your book). I think it is nothing short of revolutionary. I look forward to all the good that will come from it. Today, for the first time since I began the diet, I awoke feeling noticeably more refreshed, less fatigued, and best of all, as if my brain was awakening more fully as well. Creativity and productivity have increased noticeably in the last 24 hours. I’m reinvigorated to keep going. The first two weeks were kind of “on faith.” Now that I’m seeing positive results, it’ll just be so much easier to continue to that 30 day mark.
Since I’ve begun, my 17 year old son has gone gluten-free and now dairy-free. This really is a movement. Thank you for this seminal work! Safe travels, and I wish you restful recovery time with your family. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed after traveling.

I just went to the B-A-M in Alexandria & bought a hard copy. I’m SO excited to have it. The cashier asked me what it was about, and I ended up giving a 2 minute infomercial for your book, lol. I’m very excited also to be attending a “GutBrain” conference all day tomorrow presented by an UVA assoc. professor. I read one of her published articles and was

Your book arrived in my mailbox on Friday. Thank you SO MUCH for writing this book. It’s exactly what I was looking for! My only complaint is that it’s sooo heavy! Not great for someone with tender joints! But I will definitely plug away because I am learning so much and just know that I will be a healthier, happier person for having read your book! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m really excited about my paleo approach adventure. With diagnoses of Wegener’s disease and autoimmune hypothyroidism, I know this is the next step to improving my health!

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