Eating Paleo

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How To Eat Paleo

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The WHYs Behind Paleo

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Paleo Philosophy

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Good and Bad Fats

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Is It Paleo?

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Foods in Moderation

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Gut Health

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Paleo Modifications

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I started the immune protocol about a week ago as I have numberous autoimmune conditions that I have been dealing with the the last 20 years. I’m sleeping sounder and longer but all I want to do is sleep. Do you actually feel alittle worse for awhile making these changes to ones diet? I do sufer from CFS, but that’s as I mentioned just one. I also have arthritis, celiac, hashimotos and graves together which is very unusual, renauld’s, pheriferal nueropathy as well as lichen scelrosis. My gastroleogist was the one who insisted that I try the diet.

So is there a perios of time where the fatique is even greater.

Thank you!

Yes, there can be, even lasting a month or slightly longer. If you’re sleep quality is good and you are waking up refreshed (even if it doesn’t last as long as you would like), waiting it out is all you can really do. If you think you’re tired because you’re not sleeping well, try increasing starchy vegetables a bit and eat more organ meat.

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