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This is resource central. Whether you’re interested in standard Paleo diet resources or downloads specific to either The Paleo Approach or The Paleo Approach Cookbook, you’re in the right place!

The Paleo Mom Resources

What is the Paleo Diet Cover
Food Quality and Pantry Guide Cover
Paleo Food List Cover Ketogenic Diet Literature Review Cover


The Healing Kitchen

The Healing Kitchen Costco Guide Cover


The Paleo Approach

TPA Nutrient Tables Cover TPA Autoimmune Diseases Cover
TPA Reintroduction Guide Cover


The Paleo Approach Cookbook

These pages of The Paleo Approach Cookbook were printed in the book as tear-out guides you could hang on the fridge or take with you to the store. If you need to replace yours, download them here! I have also included a complete list of allowed, not allowed, and gray area foods.

TPAC MP and SL Cover

TPAC MP and SL Cover 2
TPAC MP and SL Cover 3
TPAC MP and SL Cover 4
TPAC MP and SL Cover 5
TPAC MP and SL Cover 6
TPAC Yes No Maybe So TPAC Reading Labels
TPAC Quick Easy Meal Guide Cover TPAC Foods to Avoid

TPAC Costco Cover


Hi Sarah,

You have so much great stuff on the Paleo lifestyle. Thanks so much! I tried to download the free Paleo Approach Cookbook Ultimate Costco Guide and was unable to. I had no problems with the others. Would you mind checking on it please?


Week 4 is there. This is a wonderful resource. Thank you so much. The Paleo plan will really help me with my kidney failure. All I need to do is monitor my protein intake but otherwise this diet is great for me.

hi sarah
glad you enjoyed austin texas…makes me think of that funny film with the short guy (how helpful and descriptive of me!!).
am loving The Paleo Approach Cook book on top of your first book and would also love to receive the ‘quich guide’ which you mention.
loads of love xxxxxxxxxx

It is so easy to avoid nuts and seeds. There are so many wonderful recipes in the Paleo Program that I am finding it very easy to have good food, avoid the nuts and seeds, and still enjoy great food. I am very grateful for the Paleo Plan.

Thank you for all your time, effort & forethought in compiling this list to accompany the “Paleo Approach”….it makes it much more simple to follow the plan. After 5 days, I knew that I was finally on the right track after 70 + years. Thank you, thank you.

I need these two books in my life. I was diagnosed with MCTD, Fibro and IBS. I cant eat anything anymore without some kind of issue. Sadly though, Im to damn broke to buy them lol but Im sure I can make meal plans from the info you provide. This may just help with me feeling better.

I’ve tried to sign up for the newsletter several times, but I never get the email confirmation…and yes, I’ve checked my spam folder. 🙂 I would like to sign up and also receive the Quick Start Guide.

Thank you!

Hi Shelly! It looks like you are subscribed to receive e-mails in your client, Outlook 2013. If you still can’t find any e-mails from us, you might try unsubscribing and re-subsribing or using a different e-mail address if you have one. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

“Thank you” doesn’t express how grateful I am for the resources you have available. You’ve given me hope for healing.

Just made the flat bread from your cookbook. It came out nice and crispy. Served it as an appetizer with leftover pesto. Tks!

I am so thankful I once again found you! Sometime back I read what you wrote about your having a harder time with reactions to nightshade vegetables then even reactions from eating gluten. I also have issues with nightshades. Last night I ate steak and onion rings and had the same sort of reaction. Within minutes I had pain in my body. I did have mustard on my onion rings. What do you think did it? My husband cooked the steak and didn’t put anything on mine. I am in the place where I have discovered some of the things that trigger reactions in my body but yet know I need to do a full elimination diet. I am an extremely busy person with a high stress level job. I do intend to buy your book. I have not been formally diagnosed with anything although I have gone to the doctor with my symptoms. I was put through many tests (over $1,000 worth and no insurance) and nothing was found except irregular heart. Was wanting to send me to a cardiologist next but I said no. Doc then said she thought my issues could be from gluten but there was no test for it. So I go home, get back on the computer and try to find my own way through it all. I am still trying to get through it. I know I need to get serious about this or I will end up in worst shape then before. I was wondering what do you do when you do have a reaction to the night shades? How do you come out of it quickly? I tend to use ibuprofen and stay away from things I know I react to but sometimes things are hidden or I am not yet aware of them. Recently I had a reaction to some organic lettuce mixture. I will be honest and say I did not wash it as it said it was triple washed. Both my husband and I’s mouths felt raw right away after beginning to eat it yet we still continued to eat it. (dumb I know) For around 10 days I had a horrible taste in my mouth and it seemed my taste buds were affected! Everything tasted really bad plus extra salivating. Husband was better by the next day. I called the company to find out what they used to wash the lettuces and no one has yet called me back on it some weeks after the fact. What is your take on this? I so wish there was someone in my area who I could go to that does not think I am crazy. Thanks!!!

You are not crazy! My mother-in-law, who is allergic to many things, recently had a similar experience with lettuce and other fresh produce. She found out the grocery store dips the produce in some kind of chemical wash to keep the produce fresher. We’re not sure what was in the wash, but sometimes sulfites are used as a preservative (which is often found in condiments too).

Right after posting my last comment I went and ordered your book, ” The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body.” Anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.

What’s required to download and open the downloads? My PDF reader (adobe or windows) won’t open them. I’m one Windows 81. Thank you.


I just found your website and it’s given me hope that someday I can be healthy too! I was wondering if you have any suggestions as to what type of doctor I should be looking for to diagnose autoimmune diseases? I have been suffering chronic infections for a long time now and am wondering if an autoimmune disease could be behind it. My health has improved since I giving up gluten, dairy and sugar, but I continue to get these chronic infections. My doctor keeps giving me different antibiotics to no effect (a 4-month dosage last time – did not work). Thank you for any suggestions!

Thank you so much for these nutrient tables!
They are very useful to me.

I have been searching for “good” starches in the section “sugars and fats”. Wondering, why plantains would contain no starches? I had been thinking that they have resistant starches to feed my little critters, especially the green plantains?

Thank you for helping me with this.

I signed up for the newsletter but did not receive the Free Paleo Quick-Start Guide. Is that what these downloads are, or is it something else?

I am an environmental science student and you are not explaining the research you used correctly about the adverse reactions. The subjects of those studies are children and adults with un-treatable epilepsy. The ketogenic diet is used as a last resort or if seizure medications are causing side effects. The side effects of anti-seizure medications probably have a very long list of adverse effects also. If epilepsy goes untreated it can cause cognitive damages leaving people unable to have a normal life. Why don’t you write an article on the use of Valium in epileptic children? It is not up to you to tell anyone if a ketogenic diet should or should not be used to helped anyone, especially children to control this condition. It also has nothing to do with people who are trying to control other types of illnesses and you do say the diet has been proven to help other conditions. When people do research they compare things, you did not include a study of people with Intractable Epilepsy that ate a paleo diet, a regular diet, or a diet of low-fat high carbohydrates. If you had then the research would have been more valid but it is inconclusive. Upload it to researchgate and see what your colleagues would say.

I am trying to purchase the Dinner Club e book. The first link did not work. When I searched for Dinner Club on your site, I found the ebook. When I clicked purchase for $19.99, I was sent to a PayPal for a different item that cost $39.99. Is the ebook still available and how do I purchase it?

I just bough the book at Barnes and Noble Saturday. I had no idea there was a cook book when I got it. Guess I will b looking for the cookbook now lol Btw. Thanks for all ur awesome work! U r an insperation. This will help me with my hashimoto, adrenal fatigue, and fibromyalgia! Ty ty ty.


I have been gluten and dairy intolerant now for 5 years due to persistant attack of the hpolri strain, I am better now as I have been strict with my diet, I try my best, I am so happy about all the meal plans you have on your site, I have printed them off and cant wait to go shopping. My only concern is that I wish that you can take a look at converting some of your ingredients with the Brittish Food Market, as I will not be able to find some of the produce here in the UK, I hope you can help

Podría conseguir los libros de la doctora en español? Hace poco que he descubierto esta página web y con el traductor voy entendiendo los consejos y recomendaciones. Estoy gravemente enferma: fibrosis quistica pancreatica-digestiva ( sin enzimas para hidratos de carbono…), sensibilidad quimica multiple y muchas otras enfermedades asociadas (células tumorales en colon, sangrados, prolapso rectal, dolores continuos, mal funcionamiento de hígado, vesícula biliar, pulmón, exceso de cloro y na en sudor de 95,…)
Muchas gracias

HI , which of you knows if chamomile and topinambur are safe for autoimmune disease like Hashimoto's thyroiditis ? says:

HI ,
which of you knows if chamomile and topinambur
are safe for autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis ?


Gianluca Loddo

I was wondering where Fibromyalgia falls as far as autoimmune diseases. Its not on the list of diseases although several things that generally accompany it are. I know it is still a grey area for some of the medical community. Thank you

Allison, fibromyalgia is often associated as a symptom of a undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. I’ve often heard that is the label they give you when they can’t dig enough to find the root cause. I highly recommend Sarah’s book, she really gives good information on how the gut\autoimmune issues present themselves. There is also some good information on the stop the thyroid madness website. Good luck in your research and your journey.

God bless you for putting so much effort into your research, books, website! I am in week two and struggling, need to purchase your cookbook. I just bought the one from Mary Trescott but I need another. I have passed your website and book info along to so many people who are struggling living with an autoimmune disorder, very informative, very readable material.

I had a look at your autoimmune disease list and could not find Eczema which I have, really bad, especially around my neck. Is it considered an autoimmune disease and do you think I would benefit following the protocols or rather, list of foods to avoid?

I’ve just been put on the AIT by my doctor. I’m a vegetarian and most of my protein sources are out, including pea protein powder. Any ideas? Any veggie burgers that anyone can recommend? Thanks!!

Here is an extensive list of yes, no, maybe foods broken down alphabetically. Is that what you’re looking for? This download as well as more concise food lists can be found in The Paleo Approach and The Paleo Approach Cookbook.

Please help get something straight.
Are nuts and seeds, tomato, eggs recommended on a paleo diet for autoimmune disease or not?
Cause in Paleo food list above they are ok. But in The Paleo Approach they are not!

They are paleo friendly foods, but not recommended for those following the autoimmune protocol. A paleo diet and an autoimmune paleo diet are different. You can read more about the autoimmune protocol here. -Kiersten

Hello again,

bought the book when it came out in the German version (sadly, still no mushrooms in the nutrient tables …) and it has been a very helpful resource to me and others!

I have been wondering – have the figures in the nutrient tables been checked? It states that bananas have 92.7 mg of Vitamin C – the USDA says 8.7 mg per 100 g of raw bananas:

Thank your,

Thank you so much for these downloads. Especially the Yes-No-Maybe list. I’ve just started AIP although I read your book a while ago. Here’s the thing, while the list generously includes the ok-ness of ingesting dung beetle, nowhere does it mention chocolate, cocoa (cacao) or cocoa butter. I know chocolate and cocoa are no-nos in the elimination phase, but I was very curious about cocoa/cacao butter. Is it okay or also a no-no?

Cocoa/cacao butter is also a no-no in the initial elimination phase of AIP. Since it’s pure fat, typically it’s well tolerated, but it’s best to cut it out initially. -Kiersten

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