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The Paleo Approach by Sarah BallantyneI know that over the last few months I have interacted with literally hundreds of people, through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and comments on the blog, who have experienced dramatic results on the autoimmune protocol.  If you are one of these people, or even someone who has had to modify certain aspects of the autoimmune protocol to suit their needs, please consider writing a testimonial for my book, The Paleo Approach.

Is this the first time you’ve heard about my book?  Click here for more information.

I’m in the homestretch in terms of writing (of course after writing comes editing and design, which I hear is even more demanding than writing, although that’s hard for me to believe!), and it’s time to start sprinkling testimonials throughout the book (and maybe include a page of testimonials in the front matter, although this idea has not been finalized).  Are you interested in sharing a piece of your story in my book?

I love it when books include little personal stories of regular people finding success.  When it comes to the recommendations I’m making in The Paleo Approach, I’m hoping testimonials will help people who are completely new to these ideas feel like it’s something they can actually do and that making such dramatic changes to their diets and lifestyles are worthwhile.  I’m hoping these testimonials will include a variety of little tidbits, so you could write about any of the following:

  • how well the autoimmune protocol has worked for you
  • how much you have recovered from your disease with the AIP
  • how quickly or slowly you saw changes
  • what the hardest part of the AIP is for you
  • what part of the AIP you think made the biggest difference for you
  • what was hard in the beginning but is easy now
  • how you felt through transition
  • advice you have for someone just starting out
  • doing the AIP on a tight budget
  • combining the AIP with conventional medicine or alternate therapies
  • lifestyle factors in addition to diet

These testimonials will mostly be short–anywhere from a single sentence to a paragraph (and I may only use part of what you write).  You may include just your first name or your full name.  If you have a blog, you may include the name of your blog (or book or podcast…).  If you would like to include a photo of yourself, you may (no guarantee it will be used even if your testimonial is chosen and whether or not you include a photo will not influence the decision on whether or not your testimonial will be utilized).

So, if you are interested, please e-mail your testimonial before midnight May 10, 2013 to:

(yes, I have an assistant now! yippee!)

This is what you need to include:

  • your name as you would like it to be printed
  • your testimonial (between 1 sentence and 1 paragraph long) in the text of your e-mail (no preamble necessary)
  • a photo of yourself, if you would like to include one
  • subject line should read:  The Paleo Approach testimonial submission

If you wish to write more than one testimonial about various aspects of your experiences, you may submit more than one (please include all of the above for each submission).



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