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Please note that I am unable to give you medical or nutritional advice.  If you require medical or nutritional advice, you may take advantage of my consulting company.  My  consultants, with specialties in dietetics, nutritional therapy, health coaching, and functional medicine, offer a variety of packages, from simple 1-hour consultations where you can ask your questions to full 6-month packages.  You can learn more about the individual consultants and services offered here:

I also recommend finding a qualified physician or alternative healthcare provider (many of whom can work with patients remotely) to work with via:

You will also likely find many answers to your questions in my book, The Paleo Approach.

I currently have a 6-week backlog of e-mails due to the large volume of questions I get sent.  It will likely take me two months or longer for me to reply to your question, so please be patient. I do not triage questions but rather answer them simply on a first-come-first-serve basis.  If you have an urgent need for advice, please see the physician directories listed above.

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Before submitting your question, please use the search box in the sidebar and browse the menus to first verify that the answer to your question can not be found among the hundreds of posts and thousands of comments on this blog.   If your question is one that could be easily answered with a rudimentary search, your e-mail will not be answered. If you have a question about a recipe or particular topic discussed within a blog post, please comment directly on the recipe or post.

You are also invited to submit your question to The Paleo View podcast to potentially be answered on the show.

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Hi Sarah,
I really loved your post about how to know how many carbs you need. It was very helpful and I feel fairly secure in my carb intake now. But I’m wondering about fats and proteins. Most paleo websites (yours included) reccomend a range of protein you might want, but it’s hard to know if I’m getting a good amount. Could you do a post about things you might notice in your body if you have too much/too little protein, and the same with fats?

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I want to talk with you about speaking to our group near Gettysburg. Just sent you an email but see that you are at an extreme back log. Can you reply directly from here? I would really love to have you at our spring event!

Hi. I’ve made my own coconut milk, which is delicious, and was wondering if milk kefir grains will continue to grow if used only to make coconut milk kefir.


Am looking to buy a bread machine. Are there any you recommend that work well with your Paleo bread recipes? I’ve never owned one and there are so many choose from, it’s overwhelming.



I just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to go back to school! I am currently teaching Foods and Nutrition 1 and 2 at the high school level, but I have always had a smoldering desire to become a registered dietician. It was actually my major at one point in my college career (about 5 minutes), but then I walked into the first chemistry class. I bolted…..changed majors……and have wanted to try it again for many years since. Over the years I have kept up with nutrition research, so when I had a reaction to something I couldn’t figure out, I decided Paleo might be the way to go. That was two years ago, and I haven’t regretted it for one minute! Eventually I found you, and I was immediately in love!!! I have always, always loved the science behind food and nutrition, and you do the best job of putting it all together in a “digestible” form. (Pun intended of course!)
Anyway, now I am enrolling in classes with the goal of graduating in a couple of years as a Registered Dietician. Once I have the credentials, I want to work within the Paleo community.
Thanks again for the inspiration!!!

My 6 month old son is exclusively breastfed and has had eczema since 3 months old. In the past three months, I’ve eliminated dairy, gluten, soy, corn, shellfish, fish, nightshades (most recently, but probably only 90% there), peanuts, nuts (except for almonds) and have limited legumes. I’m unclear if coconut oil / milk is ok and if chia seeds and hemp seeds are ok. There are certain days when I think his eczema is improving, but then it comes back with a vengeance. Is there a plan or article that Sarah has written for breastfeeding moms for babies with AI issues or leaky gut? Thanks so much.

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