Cinnamon-Apple 2-Minute Mug Cake

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Tomorrow is the first day of Fall, which has us planning our annual apple orchard trip.  This will be our third year to take a day to drive up to the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains to an apple orchard to enjoy a picnic, pick apples right off the trees together as a family, and enjoy in whatever other activities we choose (two years ago we went to Amicolala Falls State Park which was breathtaking, and last year we went to an orchard that had horse-drawn carriage rides, a big jumpy thing for the kids, music and pig races). There’s something so magical about these family day trips and it’s a wonderful way for us to mark the coming of Autumn. Even my youngest, who is not quite 4, remembers last year’s trip vividly.

I wanted to give you a Fall-themed recipe to celebrate the season.  Fall has always been my favorite time of year (something about wind and cooler weather, rain storms, and  jumping in leaves). And because for me, apples are as much a part of the season as falling leaves and cooler weather, I am sharing my recipe for Cinnamon Apple 2-Minute Mug Cakes!

Actually, I can only claim partial credit for this recipe.  When Delighted Momma posted her infamous recipe for 3-Minute Chocolate Paleo Mug Cakes almost exactly a year ago,  one of my followers sent me a message asking if I’d seen the recipe (I had!).  She had been experimenting with an apple cake version and wanted to share it with me.   One evening a few week’s later, while my table was still covered with apples from our orchard trip, and my husband had lit a fire in the fireplace because the weather was so cold and dreary, it felt like the perfect moment for warm apple cake that I could throw together in minutes.  I actually only made a couple of minor adjustments to the recipe, so really the credit should go to Dawn Frazer.  Thanks Dawn!  And happy Fall!

The recipe below makes 1 cake, but clearly it’s more fun to double (or triple or quadruple) the recipe and share with someone special!

Cinnamon-Apple 2-Minute Mug Cake | The Paleo Mom

Ingredients (for one cake):

  1. Very finely chop apple (I think it’s fastest to just throw it in a mini food processor or Magic Bullet and pulse a few times).  Chop walnuts.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a microwave-safe mug.  Stir to combine (I like using a fork to really incorporate the egg).
  3. Microwave on high for between 1 minute 45 seconds and 2 minutes (less if you have a high powered microwave, more if you have a lower powered microwave).
  4. Enjoy! (fire in the fireplace optional)

Cinnamon-Apple 2-Minute Mug Cake | The Paleo Mom


Can’t wait to try it! And love that it can be made and eaten all in one container. Do you need to grease the mug with coconut oil, or does it not stick to the mug?

You can use sunflower seeds that have been ground up in a coffee grinder or food processor…works the exact same in recipes as almond meal does!

I made this tonight with hazelnut meal and coconut flour, as I was out of almond flour, put it in an 8″ cast iron skillet and right into the campfire. In 8 minutes it was done and fabulous! Thanks so much!

Amber, could something like this be made ahead of time? I ride my bike to work. Could I mix the raw ingredients the night before and bring it to work to then pop in the microwave? Thanks.

Eating this even as I type–yum! I left out coconut (per familial preference), made it with 1 Tbs. butter, melted in bottom of container before microwaving, and used 1/4 cup almond flour in all. Perfect for son as is; for myself next time I would probably add the whole apple (I grated it, peel on) and maybe just a tsp.of honey.

Thanks for the great blog and delicious recipes!

I have a B.Sc. in physics and a Ph.D. in medical biophysics. I have gone through the literature and have absolutely no reservations about using a microwave. I will eventually write a post about this. 🙂

My health food store owner told me I could use ground chia seeds with water. Makes the egg like texture, and is good for you.

I made it this morning for breakfast……..yummmm! but I didn’t use coconut, instead of walnuts, pecans and just one tbsp of honey…………..delicious . Thank you

You have made me a VERY HAPPY person! I’ve made it with apples, blue berries, and pumpkin puree and they are all great!

This was delish!! I reduced the honey to 1T and it was plenty sweet. What a perfect warm treat on this very snowy day here.

Really perfect when you want to eat something in the middle of the night. I used 1.5 tbsp raisins instead of the apple. I think next time I’ll try it without the salt.

So tasty, and versatile! I didn’t have apple so i skipped it, used 1 T maple syrup and subbed pecans for the walnuts. would be great with any kind of berry instead of the apple like a berry muffin for breakfast. And would make a great late-night snack! It’s great to be mpressed with something that requires so little effort!

So tonight I celebrated my birthday with my in-laws. They had me blow out candles (on a cake they know I can’t eat) and then watch everyone else each my birthday cake. I made this as a stress treat when I got home…(bc I am AIP with reintroduced eggs and no waluts). This was the perfect comfort treat. Thank you:)

Thanks for the recipe Sarah, would it be possible to convert this for AIP ?
I’m new to this and just came across your awesome blog. Im starting to cut out nuts and seeds and go Paleo. Do you think it would it be ok to use coconut flour ?
Much gratitude for your encouragement throughout the blog

Sarah recommends making her recipes exactly as written for the best results. You could try making this with an egg substitute and a smaller amount of coconut flour, but I can’t say how it would come out. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

I’m so bad with recipes! I made this with coconut flour and skipped the nuts and flakes – no dice. Guess I’ll have pick up almond flour since everything I make with coconut turns out awful!

Hi, I make it with coconut flour all the time and it is tricky. The thing is you only use 1/2 the amount a recipe calls for. If it calls for 3 tablespoons of almond flour, I use 1-1/2 tablespoons of coconut flour.

I just made this! I grated my apple like a reviewer above and added 1/2t coconut oil for moisture. It’s absolutely wonderful! I thought I would never get to enjoy a treat like this again. Thank you.

I am on the 21 day sugar detox but soooo wanted to try this tonight, so instead of the honey I just added a tbsp of coconut butter and I am completely content!!! 🙂

Just made this! Reduced the honey and my flour was half almond meal and half coconut flour. Came out a bit dry so I threw in some milk and ate it like porridge. It’s was yuuuuummm. Thanks so much for the recipe. Will absolutely make it again.

So good!!!!

Just made it (sans nuts cause I did not have any and used pumpkin pie spice)! It was moist and perfect! Would probably do just a little bit less honey next time.

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