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Paleo Living Magazine is an interactive iPad e-Magazine, which provides information and inspiration to help you live a better, healthier, and more fun Paleo life.seo_cw_product

In every issue, you’ll find

  • entertaining articles and tips on diet, health, exercise, and nutrition
  • up-to-date science and strategies for what’s working now
  • interactive and beautifully laid-out content
  • exclusive videos and events with the biggest names in Paleo
  • mouth-watering recipes with full-page photos and step-by-step instructions

In the June issue, you’ll find an article written by me on whether or not sugar is paleo and, perhaps more importantly, if you are going to eat a treat, which sugar or sweetener is the best choice.

PLUS, there is a 30-minute audio interview with me about autoimmune disease, the autoimmune protocol and my book!

I have the tremendous honor of being the first repeat guest for an audio interview for Paleo Living Magazine!  Woot!

And as a special treat for my readers, here is a FREE three month subscription of Paleo Living Magazine!!!

Click HERE for 3-Months of Paleo Living Magazine for FREE!


I was all looking forward to 3 paper copies coming in the mail, here it’s something you need an iPad for! Bummer.

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