Burnt Out and Taking a Break (plus our Easter plans)

March 29, 2013 in Categories: by

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The stress will be worth it.  This book is coming together really well.

The stress will be worth it. This book is coming together really well.

The deadlines for turning in my book are fast approaching.  In fact, I promised my publisher that I’d turn in part 1 (which is about half the book) by the end of this month.  Er, that’s Sunday!  I have hit a point where the stress is definitely getting to me.  I’m finding myself very emotional (I’ve been bursting into tears at fairly minor things) and having a harder time with my normal multitasking (I’ve been burning food and forgetting random things a lot lately).   I’ve been sick for almost two weeks, getting gradually better, but still not recovering as quickly as normal.  Oh, and yesterday I twisted my ankle… setting the table.

I am trying to finish my book on time, make sure this book is the best it can be, still be a good mother and wife and keep on top of my other responsibilities, and survive it.  It has been so challenging to carve out time to write while still doing everything else that I need to do. I have been prioritizing 8 hours of sleep every night (although I really need 9) and trying to spend time outside every day.  I’ve been skipping yoga classes to create more writing time, although trying to make up for it with a few good walks a week.   I am keeping my diet very strict and nutrient-dense and taking fermented cod liver oil (I just started taking unflavored, and while it definitely tastes fishy, it’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be), magnesium supplements, probiotics and digestive enzymes with every meal.   I’m hanging in there, but barely.  It’s an interesting exercise in dealing with large stress levels and still prioritizing healing.  Not an exercise I care to ever repeat though.

Last night my husband said in exasperation “I can’t wait until this book is done!”.  It’s surprising that he didn’t curse.  But, I think the whole family feels the same way.

So, I’m taking a break for the Easter weekend.  Not from the book, because I still have to finish it!  But, from also trying to keep up with the blog.

I blogged last year about how we handled Easter in our house.  This year is fairly similar.  Plastic eggs will be filled with Lego, miniature Hello Kitty figurines, and squinkies (my oldest still loves Lego but my youngest is really into little tiny dolls etc.).  Easter pails will be filled with books, stickers, mini doodle-pros, and Easter-themed tic-tac-toe games.  I never did make any treats, so I did buy one bag of dark chocolate Easter eggs.  Since my kids are used to 80% chocolate, the sugar content of 60% is going to be a huge treat.   I probably will send half the bag with my husband to his work to limit the quantity that the Easter Bunny actually leaves.   I have no idea what I’m going to cook for dinner.  If the weather’s nice enough to barbecue, maybe steak.  I think we could all use a good steak.

So, I wish you all a pleasant weekend.  I’m hoping that being able to say that the first half of the book is done and turned in will recharge me.  And I probably won’t post until part 1 is done.

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This is not a response to this thread but instead a comment on the “multi-grain” bread recipe:

I have successfully doubled the recipe and baked it in a standard loaf pan (lined with parchment for ease) – it is excellent and just bakes nearly 2x as long (unless you have a convection like me)….Really like this and i also add some caraway for a Rye-like finish.

Your site is great with valuable info and good recipes – would like a better chocolate cake recipe that is not so eggy or greasy?

Thanks for the education! Mike

You do so much work to help others with their health, it’s totally understandable for you to take some time for yourself! Good luck with the book and all the best!

I had a question about the NOW digestive enzymes. On the label it said, may contain lactose as a processing aid. I’m quite sensitive to and dairy so do you think that this could be an issues? I don’t want to order them and then not be able to use them. This has happened too many times 🙁 Thanks for any help!

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