Book Review: Sexy by Nature by Stefani Ruper

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sexybynatureThis review was written by my assistant Christina.

Sexy by Nature is all about shrugging off the mantle of gym memberships, calorie counting, restrictive diets, and negative self-talk and learning to love the skin you’re in with a truly healthy diet, lifestyle, and outlook that embraces your natural inclination toward good health. Stefani Ruper of Paleo for Women busts myths and inspires us to follow through with feisty real talk, practical advice, and the kind of compassion that only someone who has also struggled with body image and women’s health issues can provide.

In the first part of the book, “Trailblaze”, Stefani challenges us to let go of conventional beauty ideals that are rooted in conformity, patriarchy, and bad science. Stefani examines how beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors shaped by unrealistic ideals, restriction, punishment, and commercialism get in the way of true health, happiness, and sex appeal. Advice like “you are your body, like it or not”, “question authority”, and “it is sexy to love yourself and to proudly have your own standards” helps you get out of your own way, identify bad advice, and work with instead of against your body. Your body wants to be healthy. It wants to be fit, happy, and fertile. And one of the best things you can do for it is get out of the way.

“Nourish” is about moving forward from there. It’s not enough to take away the bad. You have to add the good. You have to give your body high-quality building blocks (that is, nutrients) to work with. Stefani explains how an ancestral diet can improve health, how additives, sugar, phytoestrogens, and processed foods can dismantle it, and gives advice on social situations, budgeting, and sticking to your guns. Unlike fad diets and calorie counting, eating on an ancestral template isn’t about restriction. If you’re eating foods your body likes, foods full of real nutrition, foods that don’t disrupt your hormones or damage your gut, you can eat as much as you want. And if you’re healthy, you may occasionally be able to indulge in those other foods without serious consequences. And that’s okay. In short, “life is about being happy, not being perfect.”

“Live” highlights the health benefits of lifestyle factors like stress management, sleep quality, getting sunlight and the right kind of exercise, and having a healthy sex life. As in “Nourish”, Stefani offers no-nonsense advice on implementing these changes in sustainable, healthy ways. “Overcome” troubleshoots specific problems like fertility, stress, sex life, blood sugar, birth control, hypothyroidism, and weight loss, so you can choose what your top priority is and get started on making a healthier you a reality right away. The final chapter, “Strut”, celebrates these new perspectives on health and helps you embrace self-love, self-determined sex appeal, and fearlessness–the trifecta of being sexy by nature.

Whether or not you feel that you have struggled with self-confidence or actualizing your health goals, Sexy by Nature will shed light on the obstacles holding you back and pave the way toward a healthy mind, body, and soul not only with stone-cold science and realistic practical advice, but also with love, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is a truly remarkable manual to women’s health from one of the greatest, most compassionate advocates in the ancestral community.


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