Book Review: The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib

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This review was written by my assistant Christina.

In The Paleo Coach, author and gym-owner Jason Seib busts the common misconceptions about healthy living and offers a plan free of the Spartan calorie-counting and treadmill-grinding that consume mainstream ideas of nutrition and fitness. The book is equal parts how-to and why-to, and Jason is a delightful tour guide as we explore how our expectations, mindset, modern diet, and tendency toward fitness extremes (either way too little or way too much exercise) stand in the way of our becoming truly healthy individuals. The Paleo Coach‘s oft-repeated adage “Get healthy on purpose and you’ll get hot by accident” is an excellent summary of both the book’s material and Jason’s cheeky attitude.

The book is divided into three sections, “Think”, “Eat”, and “Move”. Think invites you to change the way you perceive your body, your health, and your diet. Jason wants us to get off the scales, stop seeking someone else’s idea of perfection, and begin to appreciate our successes as well as understand our failures. Think is about breaking the cycle of negative thoughts and actions that have led us to ill health and impossible standards in the first place.

Eat encompasses the dos and don’ts of Paleo eating, including some Paleo myth-busting, explanations of lectins, saponins, and gray-area foods, tips and tricks to get started and stay committed, and the low-down on calories, meal times, appetite, and treats. There is a 21-day meal plan provided by Sarah Fragoso, whose recipes are always excellent. Very few of them are AIP-friendly and there are no photographs, but the recipes are not the point of the book. They are a short detour through day-to-day Paleo eating before Jason jumps back in to get us moving.

Move proposes that, instead of spending hours in cardio training subjecting our bodies to a constant stream of adrenaline (read: stress), we walk more, sprint in short bursts, climb, jump, dodge, and wrestle — all natural, “fun” movements our children engage in on the playground that hearken back to our hunter-gatherer roots. Including advice like “Meander!” and “Pick Some Stuff Up!”, Move is a truly fun chapter about how vital exercise is to any healthy lifestyle. There are a handful of wonderful testimonials from Jason’s clients, including a fifty-seven-year-old woman who overcame “feeling old” and now has admirable energy (not to mention guns). I salute you, Debbie!

When it comes to adopting a Paleo lifestyle, The Paleo Coach has all the bases covered. Seriously, I don’t think Jason left out a single F.A.Q. This is the book I would love to hand every single person that has ever asked what Paleo is and why or how to implement it. He hits all the major troubleshooting topics and remains motivational every step of the way. Whatever your obstacle is, The Paleo Coach has got some great advice for you.

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