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Cover-3-Phase-Paleo-by-Paleo-Parents1-571x7403 Phase Paleo is The Paleo Parents’ answer to the question “How does an entire suburban family — kids and all — live a Paleo lifestyle?” It is the one-stop resource for families looking to do the same, combining recipes and practical advice from their books Eat Like a Dinosaur and Beyond Bacon, their blog, and The Paleo View podcast (which I co-host with the awesome Stacy Toth and which Matt McCarry produces). 3 Phase Paleo will guide you through transitioning from a standard American diet, getting the kids on board, and recovering from poor health with an ancestral whole-foods lifestyle.

Stacy and Matthew invite you to join them on a sustainable Paleo diet in three simple steps. “Swap” answers why and how to replace your current favorite foods with Paleo versions so you don’t feel deprived, and also helps you navigate grocery shopping and eating out. “Remove” takes the plunge into full-fledged Paleo by having you say goodbye to grains, legumes, sugars, and processed oils and restock your pantry with Paleo ingredients. “Heal” adds in Paleo’s most nutrient-dense foods like organ meats, fermented foods, and bone broth and features advice on managing stress, getting enough sleep, and exercising. There is also a comprehensive resource guide featuring products, tools, and experts worth looking up and advice on how to access the book from various mobile devices (hint, I’m one of them!).eggcups

3 Phase Paleo features over 75 of The Paleo Parents’ all-time best recipes, including kid-friendly dishes like Fish Fingers and Pizza Egg Cups, comfort foods like Nut-Free Cobbler and Pumpkin Waffles, entertaining or game day snacks like Bacon Wrapped Dates (ohmigosh these are amazing), and plenty of easy breakfasts, soups, sides, desserts, seafood, and meat to keep you and your family well-fed and healthy.  I’ve cooked many of these recipes and  love them.  I admit: I cook Paleo Parents recipes about five times more frequently than I cook any other paleo food bloggers recipes (excluding my own of course!), not because we’re friends (although we are), but because I have never made a recipe of theirs that hasn’t been fantastic. They have so many amazing recipes that my kids know the words “this is Matt’s and Stacy’s recipe” and gobble whatever it is up.  And the collection in  3 Phase Paleo is a “best of the best”.  In addition to fabulous recipes from their previous books and blog posts, 3 Phase Paleo also offers several brand-new, never-before-seen recipes. And there is an egg-free and nut-free recipe index for those with sensitivities (thanks, Stacy and Matt!).

recipesThis 110-page e-book is beautifully designed and organized.  It will take all of the guesswork out of transitioning to a paleo diet, whether you’re an individual tackling this journey on your own or a big family or anything in between.

3 Phase Paleo is hands down the best resource I’ve ever seen for starting out on a paleo diet.  And, the recipes will be appreciated even by the seasoned paleo dieter.  This masterpiece is only available as an instant digital download (there are no plans to make a paper version, although it is thoughtfully formatted with printing in mind ).

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Per Stacy Toth of Paleo Parents: “It is formatted to print to 8.5×11 if you want to print it you can, but it’s a very interactive book we felt best for digital format” —- Tamar (Sarah’s assistant)

I purchased this today and did it on my phone but didn’t have enough space to download on my phone, where do I go to download it on my iPad? Although I prefer a actual book. Please let me know
Thank you

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