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If you listen to The Paleo View or subscribe to my newsletter, then you already know that The Paleo Approach has been divided into two books.  You also already know that due to a variety of circumstances, the release date for The Paleo Approach was going to need to be delayed.  I now have more complete information to share.

Let’s start with the first part of this news.  Yes, The Paleo Approach as originally envisioned has been divided into two books:

The Paleo Approach-Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body
The Paleo Approach Cookbook-A Detailed Guide to Heal Your Body and Nourish Your Soul

So, what happened?

Quite simply, the book was roughly twice as big as can be physically bound by my publisher.  The estimate was that, to include all of the explanations of how foods and various lifestyle factors impact the immune system along with guidance for practical implementation and all 150 recipes I created, the book would be between 850 and 900 pages and also severely restrict our choices with formatting to the point of needing a magnifying glass to read it.  The maximum number of pages my publisher can bind is 480.  So, I was faced with a choice:  cut out about half of the material or divide the book into two books.

As a first time author, I had no way of anticipating how many pages it would take me to explain why diet and lifestyle are so critical in the management of autoimmune disease.  Nor, how many pages it would take to explain the scientific rationale behind which diet and lifestyle choices are the best in a way that would be approachable for everyone.  And my publisher has never had an author turn in a book like this.  There are so many components to this book that every step in editing, illustration and design is taking double or triple the usual length of time for a book.  My big mistake here was not realizing from the beginning that my book was really two.

This choice was not an easy one for me.  I always envisioned this book as a comprehensive guide.  I wanted all of the information that a person with autoimmune disease would need to heal their body all in one place.  It turns out that my original vision just didn’t take into account how much information I wanted to share with people.  If I cut out half of the material, I would be cutting out what I think is vital information.  How can I expect people to make such dramatic changes to their diet and lifestyle without explaining why it’s important?  How can my book gain traction in the medical establishment if I remove the scientific explanations as to how these foods interact with the gut barrier and our immune systems?  If I cut out the lifestyle component to my book, how can I convey that healing from autoimmune disease is not just about diet?  How can I cut out the information on troubleshooting and supplements? How can I cut out the information on transition and on reintroductions?  How would I pare down the recipes to just 60 or 75?  Would the book be useful at all if it was so neutered?  But what would it mean to divide the book into two?  I was disappointed and frustrated (at myself for not realizing much sooner that my idea was overly ambitious and at my publisher for not broaching the subject much earlier in the process) and also deeply afraid of disappointing the many, many people who are waiting so patiently for this book to be in their hands.  The Ah Ha! moment came when I envisioned a book open on my counter top to a recipe with 400 pages of science before the recipe.  How would that book even stay open?  Then, I thought about the other books that I have that are half guide book and half cookbook.  I almost never cook out of them.  In fact, I don’t even keep them in my kitchen with my other cookbooks. And last, I realized how many fantastic books have paved the way,  like The Paleo Diet and The Paleo Diet Cookbook, Wheat Belly and Wheat Belly Cookbook, Primal Blueprint, Primal Blueprint Cookbook, and even the Jaminets will be releasing a companion cookbook to Perfect Health Diet.  There is already a strong precedence for the most useful guidebooks in our community to have companion cookbooks instead of trying to cram everything into one book.

Decision made. After much back and forth and uncertainty, I finally decided the best way to share the information I believe is so critical for autoimmune disease sufferers to have available to them was to divide the book into a guide book (The Paleo Approach) and a companion cookbook (The Paleo Approach Cookbook).

ThePaleoApproach Updated Cover

This is the new cover!

You can read about the huge wealth of information that is included in The Paleo Approach here.  Rest assured that is it a very comprehensive guidebook and that it contains all of the information you need to heal your body and put your autoimmune disease into remission, from the scientific rationale for why to the nuts-and-bolts implementation (even comprehensive food lists and nutrient look-up tables).





Interested in learning even more about The Paleo Approach? This video from my YouTube Channel is just a quick tour (the book is so big that giving you a broad overview takes 13 minutes!) but you get to see just how comprehensive and detailed this book is.

Let me just say that the original intent was to have 100 recipes, but now The Paleo Approach Cookbook will contain over 150.  It will be focused on the diet aspect of the Paleo Approach and will have contain a summary of the diet, food lists, shopping tips, practical implementation tips, tips for working within a budget, tips for managing time, basic kitchen skills and meal plans. Read more about The Paleo Approach Cookbook in my official announcement.

What does this mean if you have pre-ordered The Paleo Approach?  The book you have pre-ordered is the guidebook and it will no longer contain recipes.  If you could care less about the whys behind the diet changes, the importance of hormone regulation, the integral lifestyle factors, troubleshooting, supplements, the role of conventional medicine, etc., and would rather just have a cookbook with some meal plans to follow, then I recommend you return The Paleo Approach (remember that you have not been charged for this book yet) and order The Paleo Approach Cookbook.  For those who pre-ordered expecting the complete guide that I originally envisioned who are deeply disappointed, I am sorry that I can not give you both books.  Unfortunately, publishing a book requires a tremendous investment and it is just not possible to provide two books for the cover-price of one.  In fact, The Paleo Approach will be not only the longest book (by about a factor of two!) and by far the most technical book that my publisher has ever published, it is also already the most costly book they have ever published (meaning they have had to invest far more than typical into its production).  I am truly sorry that I did not realize from the beginning that my ideas were too ambitious for one book.  We are working on offering everyone who pre-orders The Paleo Approach a free pdf e-mailed to them on the release date containing a selection of my favorite recipes from The Paleo Approach Cookbook.  I know it’s not the same as a whole cookbook in your hands, but it should be a great start while you absorb the tremendous amount or information in the guidebook.  More information on this once I have it!

So, what about the release date?  Well, as I just mentioned, The Paleo Approach is the longest and most technical book that my publisher has ever published.  It is about twice as long as The Paleo Solution or Practical Paleo. In fact, we are still being forced into formatting choices by that 480 page maximum.  This is a BIG book (because it’s just so jam packed with information!). Just the first round of editing took three months (it would normally take about three weeks!).  The graphic design is immensely complicated as well as being absolutely critical because great illustrations and design will make my explanations completely understandable and terrible illustrations will confuse and alienate people.  We have contracted a medical illustrator to do some of the technical illustrations and I am actually illustrating the majority of the technical illustrations myself.  This turn of events transpired in July when we realized that what I felt was needed in terms of illustration were too technical and specific for anyone to be able to reproduce even if working from my sketches.  The choice was have a medical illustrator move in with me for a month or two or have me do the illustrations myself.  Well, it just so happens that I’m an amateur artist and completely capable of making fantastic medical illustrations (if you saw my AHS13 talk or follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen some previews).  But, they are time consuming–like seriously time consuming.  So, not only has every step since the manuscript was actually completed way back in mid-May taken double or triple or even longer than it would for most books, but the number of jobs on my plate has increased dramatically, and frankly, there are only so many hours in my day.

Once again, we had a choice:  get the book done right or just get it done.  It’s probably no surprise to you that I’m a perfectionist.  Fortunately, my publisher is too and we both felt that overly rushing this process (which is funny to say because it’s still a crazy rush!) would do my book and all of you a disservice.  But, everything is coming together and we were finally able to look at the pieces left to do and calculate how much longer it will be before the book can go to print. There’s a fixed amount of time between when a book is sent to printer and when it arrives on shelves that I have no control over.  So, the new release date is January 28th, 2014! The cookbook will be several months behind and is slated for release on August 26th, 2014.  My publisher likes to joke that several months is the perfect spacing between books because it will take that long to read The Paleo Approach!  But, the real reason for the delay is that I am human and do not have the ability to slow down the rotation of the Earth.

While I frantically work to meet my deadlines over the next 6 weeks (er, 4 months), I’m also working on another big project to coincide with the release of The Paleo Approach.  This project is still in its infancy, so I can’t say any more than that right now, but I can tell you that it is geared toward helping people actually implement the Paleo Approach.

So, you know how I like to focus on the positive.  The positive:  in the last year, I have created probably the single most useful resource for people with autoimmune disease, a book that explains in detail what to eat and what lifestyle factors to prioritize to put autoimmune disease into remission, a book to bridge the gap between doctor and patient, a book to bring the importance of diet and lifestyle to the forefront of treatment, a book based solely on modern science that does not make a single claim that isn’t backed up with a scientific reference, a book that fills a complete void both in the Paleo community and in the autoimmune disease community.  And my book was a twofer!  In that year (well, I guess it will be 16 months by the time the cookbook goes to print), I also created a companion cookbook to make the recommendations even easier to implement.  Instead of being disappointed in myself for not fitting it all into one book and getting it to you in October, I think I’m going to be proud of my accomplishment and excited for my books’ releases.

I’d love to hear from you (especially if you have something supportive to say, but you are also welcome to comment if you want to vent your frustration), so please comment on this post.  Are you excited about my books?  Do you think I should post some more teaser excerpts?  Teaser recipes?  How about a guess on what my new secret project is?


Thank you for all your hard work! This book will be an invaluable resource for those starting out to learn about the AI Protocol. I spent weeks culminating information from the web (mostly your site) before I felt confident enough to start on the AI Protocol, and to really understand why I was doing it. It will be so nice to have all the information in one place with The Paleo Approach.
I can’t imagine just how much time you’re putting into this project. It will be worth it! Thank you so much!

Actually, I’m glad you separated into two books. I’m planning to give a copy to my rheumatologist, whose eyes glazed over when I tried to talk diet with her a few months ago, but at my latest appointment commented on how poor the food quality is here (she’s from Europe) and mentioned the dyes that are used here but banned in Europe. Anyway, I think the book will have more credibility with her and other medical professionals *without* the cookbook part–because recipes tend to be in “diet” books, which come and go and rarely have actual scientific content or backing in them. From your posts, I gather that you’ve written a serious book, with serious science in it. Recipes for cookies or whatever in the back, in my opinion, could undermine whatever effort you or us patients might make to “spread the word” to the medical community. Also, more space for more recipes in the cookbook = more yum! 🙂

I love this post for so many reasons! I was so excited for the October release, but with the holidays right around the corner, would I really have the time to sit down and soak it all in while trying to juggle everything else? Probably not. Plus, when I get the combination books I end up skimming the background/science part and skipping to the recipes….but the recipes are always in the back, so the book is always flopping all over my tiny kitchen. This solves both problems! Most of all, I am glad to know there is someone else out there who writes too much, exceeds their page limitations, and has to get deadline extensions! (as a lawyer, I struggle with all of those problems every day) I think I speak for everyone struggling with an autoimmune disease when I say I don’t mind waiting a few more months for two amazing books that will help me understand my disease and continue healing. Keep up the good work, Sarah!

Why yes! A few more teaser excerpts would be most welcome! I’m glad you’ll publish the Guide portion of the book first, because your website has plenty of recipes, and with the information on your website it’s easy enough to adapt recipes from other cookbooks to the auto-immune protocol.

The books will be worth the wait. Just be sure to take care of yourself throughout this final slog. Will the Guide address the correlation between adrenal issues and autoimmune conditions? And, perhaps, how to deal with adrenal issues through diet?

As a pharmacist with AI thyroiditis (who hates drugs and knows these are lifestyle conditions), you had me at HPA axis…I’ll be pre-ordering both! Thank you for sharing your gift and talent!

Sarah – I know it will be worth the wait! 🙂 If it was 1 book, it would take up half my cookbook cabinet. 😉 I think your hard work deserves 2 books! And teasers are most welcome!

A million times, “Thank you!” What a wonderful decision to divide the content into two books. I agree with your comment about not using recipes in guide books. The Paleo Approach will appeal to those who a cookbook would not and will bring more credibility to the scientific information. Best of all, I’ll be able to keep one book in my kitchen and the other with me!

Oh Sarah, this so takes me back to when I was desperately trying to cram my two-volume PhD thesis into one. It never happened. Two volumes it was. As a fellow scientist I have a lot of respect for someone wanting to prioritise content and substance above all else. Take your time and do it right. You won’t get any complaints here (I’ve had my own fair share of deadline extensions in my career!).

Personally I am truly excited about the idea of having two books written by you. It’ll be fantastic to have your cookbook in the kitchen and the serious scientific research-based theory book in my study. Great idea! And as you say, it’ll give you an opportunity to add more of your delicious recipes. Don’t worry about your readers having to buy two books; you are definitely worth it and it’ll give your fans a chance to give something back to you for a change! 🙂

Now, if I may add my two-pence from the perspective of someone from the other side of the pond who is trying to adopt a full Paleo lifestyle against all odds. I strongly recommend that if you have a chance you read the reviews of Paleo cookery books on Amazon UK. You will find that people tend to complain a lot about the fact that the books are aimed purely at an American audience. I see their point. Little things make all the difference. For example, in several of the books you have reviewed recently – and which I duly purchased – the author doesn’t bother to indicate what measuring system they’ve used. They’ll just say something like “put it in the oven at 350”. How about adding either an F (Farenheit) or a C (Celsius) next to it? Obviously I am not suggesting you use the metric system for our benefit, but it would just be nice to know what measuring system is being used.

One thing that makes it extremely difficult to make good use of Paleo cookery books for us over on this side of the Atlantic is that many, many of the ingredients you seem to be able to easily procure over there here they’re either luxury items or they simply do not exist. I’ve searched until my eyes hurt, I still cannot find Palm Shortening. Things like coconut aminos, for instance, only after months and months of searching have I finally been able to get them. I know sometimes you make comments about substitutions on your site, but wouldn’t it be super nice to have a table with clearly indicated suitable ingredient alternatives? I know we are a small minority but I would so, so love for your cookery book to lead where others flounder.

Oh, and I have a suggestion for a next project. Once you have complete domination of the English speaking market, a Spanish translation of your works will be just the delicious cherry on top of an incredibly luscious cake 😀

Anyway, thanks again for letting us know about the two books. I am super excited and cannot wait to have both books in my hands. It’ll be worth the wait though, so no need to rush.

Wow, you have some seriously good ideas there Belen. I also become frustrated when I see a recipe that does not indicate what measuring system it uses. And translating it to Spanish? I’m sure it would be a HUGE hit!
I am more like an in-the-oven fellow scientist, currently writing my thesis, but I also respect Sarah a lot for making the choice to make quality content a priority and “doing it right” instead of “just doing it”. Kind of what happened to me when I faced my thesis deadline….

So, I’m definitely buying this book!! I am not overseas, but I am in Mexico and I would dare to say it’s even more difficult to ship to Mexico than London lol… And, if someday begins the project to make a Spanish translation, I volunteer!

I think this is great news because you simply cannot leave out the whys. I pre-ordered the original book and I will now pre-order the cookbook as well. You are changing lives and these books are going to reach even more people who need help. Keep up the good work!

Wow! This is absolutely amazing that you have put together something that has got to be as complete as it gets. I am really looking forward to getting both books. I have gotten so much out of your website and am very grateful that you are taking this time and energy to put together these books. I think this kind of resource is desperately needed. You can find books all over about the paleo diet and the science behind it, but in depth information about fine tuning for those of us who need more than just going the standard paleo is greatly lacking – especially in book form. I’m so glad you are pushing the date back instead of jeopardizing the information to get it out quicker. Also, since I love books and have been really looking forward to this one, two instead of one sounds great to me! Yay for Christmas this year!

It makes so much sense to publish your work as two books – one for the desk (or couch) and one for the kitchen. It’ll be worth the wait, I know. And thanks for the teasers you slip out from time to time!

I agree with everything everyone else has already expressed in the comments. As anxious as I am to have your book in my hands, I would much rather have the book that you can really be happy to put your name on and get it a little later. I’ve always told my kids, “Quality over quantity; it’s better to do anything well than to do it quickly.” I’ve already learned so much from you, and I look forward to learning so much more. I’ve never accepted health advice at face value, I always want science to back it up, and that is why you are my 1st go-to on health matters. I am also recommending or giving your book to at least six family members who are looking for health solutions, they have already been directed to your blog. Thank you for everything you are doing, and best wishes for keeping your own life sane while you finish your project!

I’m SO incredibly impressed and thankful for all your hard work!! Of course, I was already counting down the days til release so it will be tough to wait, but that’s ok! Definitely looking forward to both books but ESPECIALLY the first one. I’ve been AIP for 3 months but haven’t improved that much so I need to trouble shoot. Any teaser excerpts you could share about managing blood sugar would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

I’m very excited about this! I am majorly skeptical about the paleo diet, but as I take note of how my body responds to certain grains (and even grain-imitations), I have become very interested in your work. I really appreciate the effort you put in to include hard science to support your claims. As soon as it is an option for me, I have plans to do a Whole30 AIP (I have eczema and know for a fact I am sensitive to tomatoes; avoiding all nightshades at the moment). I am sure I will at the very least learn quite a bit about my body and I am looking forward to using your books as a reference through this process.

Congratulations for being so brave and courageous! I’m so pleased and proud of you that you’ve decided to go for a quality scientifically-based book. For me, I’d much rather have a full 480 pages of information that’s going to help me get healthy, and a separate cookbook, full of pretty pictures and lots of recipes.

I’m looking forward to getting my book (I’ve pre-ordered!), and will buy the cookbook when it comes out next year.

Big hugs and blessings

Glad to hear this! Personally, I’m in the camp that doesn’t like reference books combined with a cookbook. Can’t keep ’em open and don’t want to get them dirty. I have some of the book pairs that you mention above and like them that way. I’m only sorry that you’ve had such a stressful time as you’ve tried really hard to get the info out!

Do you foresee a Kindle version and perhaps a timeline for it? I have had your book on order since February, but feel that if it won’t include a cookbook I may have a better chance of getting through it reading on the Kindle while I commute on the train. Sounds like carrying the book daily could be a workout in itself! 😉

I have no idea what the timeline is for kindle editions, but my publisher seems to always have ebooks on kindle platforms and iTunes for all of their books and I think it’s typically timed with book release.

I’m so pleased to hear you are this close to getting the guide out. Anything you can share regarding supplements (good and bad) would be great.

These books will be entirely worth the wait! I have pre ordered your first book already. When will I be able to pre order your cook book? Thanks!

You made a great decision. I love everything about the book so far. Except for the skinny super flexible woman on the beach picture on the cover – who looks like that? Much prefer the one of your smiling face!

Wow, lots to process here. First, thank you to you and your family for your hardwork. Second, as you refine the cookbook would there be a way to indicate in a recipe what ingredients are FODMAPS? So those of us attempting the almost impossible of not only following the paleo AIP but also eliminating FODMAPS would be able to quickly see what needs edited in a recipe? Thank you for considering this!

“…But, the real reason for the three month delay is that I am human and do not have the ability to slow down the rotation of the Earth…”

Hahaha, I love it, and will be patiently waiting for my pre-order… Go Sarah !

Although I would love the recipes, I’m really most interested in the reasons & whys. So, I for one am very excited about receiving my copy of the new version. There are very few resources for those of us with multiple autoimmune issues and your website (along with my own deductions) are truly the only things that have helped me heal my own body. Can’t wait to get my copy at Christmas!! Thanks for all you do for our AI community. You’ve brought awareness to many. Thank you for all you do!!

I can’t say it any better than all of those above. Don’t fret about the learning experiences, you’re doing a great job, and it will all be worth it in the end! We’re thrilled for what you’re about to give the world. =)

2 books sounds a good idea. Keep up the good work. I’ve waited a long time for a book like yours. However can I ask to consider printing a weight/liquid conversion table for British readers in your cookbook.

You are definitely making the right decision! I appreciate you taking the time to sift through all the scientific literature to provide a thorough approach to autoimmune disease. As an MD I love “science with Sarah” so I will wait patiently for December! I am excited to apply your book in the ongoing treatment of my own autoimmune condition and those of my patients. Keep up the awesome work!

I find most physicians experience a shift in their medical paradigm when either they themselves get diagnosed with a medical condition and conventional medicine fails them or when they start to notice that patients are just not getting better with traditional medicine. Such was the case for me when I discovered that I had hashimoto’s. I am happy to report that at functional medicine conferences the paleo diet is being used as the foundational diet for a lot of conditions. With time I hope more and more MDs will be enlightened too! In medical school we learn very little about nutrition. Thanks to people like u I have learned so much about nutrition and have been able to share the info with patients.

QUESTION!!!!!!! I love getting the science behind this way of eating. Thanks for your dedication. In the meantime, I’ve downloaded the AIP cookbook by another author and I’m so confused. So many of your recipes contain sugar, nuts, seeds, honey, ALL of which are forbidden for me according to this other cookbook. Do you have recipes including these because you are making things for your kids who don’t have an autoimmune disease? Jana

My blog has a ton o AIP info on it (arguably the most of any blog out there), but is not dedicated to the AIP. My recipes are all paleo, but not all AIP (this is because I cook for my family much more than I cook for myself). Recipes that are AIP-friendly are in a separate area of the recipe menu (read the intros because some of them require modification to be made AIP-friendly). The basic protocol with links to why nuts, seeds, eggs, nightshades etc are eliminated is here:

As another Type A perfectionist I agree–you are doing the right thing :)!! It’ll be hard to wait…..but I am 110% certain it will be well worth the wait. I’m keeping my amazon order (Merry Christmas to me!) and will anxiously await the companion cookbook. LOL, some days I feel like I (along with everyone else on here I am sure) should be the poster child for AI/inflammatory issues… I very much appreciate the time, effort and dedication that you put into all that you do. The fact that your work is so thorough reflects the fact that you genuinely understand how life changing this all can be (both AI disease, as well as the ability to improve the quality of our lives through diet). Many thanks for all that you do…..I know what I’ll be looking forward to this Christmas!!!

I am looking forward to the book, but was disappointed to find that the release date came and went and now it’s on back order. Even though I pre-ordered on in Sept. Amazon says according to the supplier it’s not available now. They can’t tell me anything more. I just wandered here looking for an update. Assume there were problems getting enough published? Demand must be high.

There was an issue with Amazon last week showing the book as out of stock but with the wrong release date. Looks like the problem was fixed on .com but not .ca The release date is January 28th, 2013. It is going to be tight meeting initial orders even though the first print run is very high because of the high demand, but if you have already pre-ordered, you should get a copy.

Just wondering if you’re still planning to send the free PDF selection of recipes to everyone who pre ordered The Paleo Approach, and whether this only applies to those ordering through Amazon?

There will be Kindle and other e-reader versions available. However, you cannot preorder the Kindle version. It will be available for purchase on 01/28 (release date). — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

Dear Sarah, I checked again, but still can’t see the Kindle version of your new book on Amazon. Has the release been postponed? Thank you.

There seems to be an issue with the review of the Kindle version. We expect it to be available shortly. The Nook and iTunes versions are available now. Sorry for the inconvenience. — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

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