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You know how people with high-powered blenders always love their blenders?  They talk about much better their fancy blenders are at making smoothies, and soups, and nut-butters.  They say that you don’t know what you’re missing and that these blenders are worth every penny.  And you know how they say this even after owning one for years?

Well, I was skeptical.  Between my high-end Cuisinart food processor, a Magic Bullet, and my cheapo $20 blender, I figured I was covered.  I’ve never been a huge fan of green smoothies.  So, I figured I didn’t need yet another small appliance taking up space on my countertop for the six times per year I would actually use it (that’s about how often I used my cheapo blender before).  Then, Blendtec made an offer I couldn’t refuse…

Blendtec provided me with a Blendtec Designer Series WildSide blender with Twister Jar (yes, being a blogger is rough sometimes!).  I was most excited about the Twister Jar.  Using my food processor to make nut butters takes at least 10 minutes, sometimes more (almond butter is a good 20 minutes), so I typically don’t bother.  I had seen the Twister Jar in action before, so I already knew that it could make nut butters in literally seconds (and up to about a minute).

IMG_1726The very first thing I tried was a smoothie (seriously, how could it be that much better than a green smoothie with an ordinary blender or a Magic Bullet?!).  Woah.  I wasn’t expecting it to be so, er, smooth.  I went on a two-week long green smoothie kick.

IMG_2067One of the other frequent and immediate uses?  Green eggs.  I’m in the habit of blending raw or frozen spinach into eggs and making either omelets or scrambled eggs for my kids (which we call green eggs).  The Blendtec made them so smooth so quickly, that I was able to more than double the amount of spinach in the eggs without my kids noticing.

And ohmigosh pancakes!  I make a quadruple batch of my Perfect Paleo Pancakes almost every weekend (and freeze them to reheat during the week).  Compared to the at least five minutes in my food processor, my Blendtec made an even smoother batter in 50 seconds.  And it’s easier to pour from and easier to clean.


I’ve also made nut butters, sunflower seed flour (using the recipe that Paleo Parents posted here), pumpkin seed flour, almond meal, batters for cakes, hot and cold pureed soups, ice cream (including my olive oil ice cream), and have used it to blend coconut oil and cultured grass-fed ghee into coffee.

IMG_1814I use my Blendtec almost every day, sometimes several times in a day.   Many of the tasks I use it for just couldn’t be done with a regular blender (like nut and seed butters and flours), some couldn’t be done by my food processor either (hello smoothies!).  And I feel like I’m continuing to find new useful things that my Blendtec can do (too bad it can’t vacuum for me…).

Yes, I’ve become one of those people.   One of the people who loves their high-powered blender and thinks that everyone should have one. It really is an amazingly useful kitchen tool.   And it really is that much better than ordinary blenders. And one that takes up very little space on my kitchen counter (and space that I don’t begrudge at all).  And, yes, it really is worth every penny.  If you’ve been on the fence about getting one, I highly recommend a Blendtec (and the Twister Jar!  which is the key to nut butters, ice cream, and thick doughs).

So, would you like one?

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 50K Facebook fans than giving away such an awesome kitchen tool!

AND Blendtec has very generously provided me with a Blendtec Designer Series blender with Twister Jar to give to one of my readers/followers!   Now, how’s that for a Christmas present?!

Entering is simple!
*Prize limited to USA Residents*

Check out the Blendtec Designer Series blender
with Twister Jar (if you haven’t already!) and then enter below.
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Thank you Blendtec!


I would love to win this BlendTec for my daughter!! She is working so hard to cook and eat healthy and this tool would be a great help!!

WOAH!! We just moved back to the states from Japan and I got rid of my blender. I’m in the market for a new one and I too was skeptical of all these high end ones. I thought a blender is a blender…clearly I am wrong. LOVE the chance to win one of these bad boys!!! EEK…thanks

My daughter is tube fed via gastric feeding tube and I’d love/NEED the Blendtec to transition her from a elemental food to a whole/raw organic blenderized diet using the Blendtec to make her foods. Please!!! And thank you!!

This would make everything I do in the kitchen so much easier. I make all of my own sauces, condiments, dips, etc. like everyone else Paleo. There is no way this would go unused for more than 8 hours!

I have been wanting a Blendtec so badly, but I just can’t afford one right now! THis would absolutely make my day if I were to win!!! I have SO many recipes I am storing in my “once I get a Blendtec….” Bank. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win and also for your wonderful blog!!

OMG, so many things to do with this workhorse! I haven’t made any green (or red or orange or…) smoothies because I don’t have a real blender. Would love to do that, not only for a healthier body but younger, healthier skin!!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!!

Heck yes I want one! Making banana bread, smoothies, nut butters, and I haven’t even thought of what else would be so much better, and faster. A mom only has so much time and this one doesn’t want to spend it on dishes!

I am trying against the odds to eat healthy.. no processed foods. My family, and they are all adults.. are not as “into” this as I am. They don’t seem to understand that Hashi’s is not my choice, but I have the power to get better with eliminating foods that are not healthy for ME.. Alas.. the “BLENDER” which could empower me to eat how I want.. easily.. while giving them their “SAD” foods they think is good for them. I have burned up 2 blenders already. (cheapies) and would really like a “BLENDTEC” My husband in a previous job said they were awesome and used the commercial grade ones for smoothies in a high volume store at a mall, that he was a DO.

It would be great to make my own almond flour for baking and smoothies for breakfast before work! Oh yea, and nut butters!!

I have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity and IgG allergies to a whole page list of foods! The Blendtec and Twister Jar would help me expand the narrow list of foods I can now eat by allowing me to experiment and create new food combinations for myself. How about pecan butter? White oak acorn flour? Green smoothies made from Asian greens and edible native plants foraged from my garden and nearby woods? I’ll look forward to being in the kitchen again!

I just started enjoying green smoothies and would really enjoy this blender. Mine decides to overheat when I make too many shakes 🙁

Blendtec wow …. This is the gift I want for Christmas, would end the problems of making our smoothies, nut butter and dairy free milk and so on …. would make my life easier.

If I had a BlendTec, I’d retire my under-powered juicer and make green smoothies way more often. I checked out the webpage, and it’s nice that they have a choice of colors–I liked the stainless and red, but would be happy to have any color! Congrats on 50K!

My daughter and I both have multiple food allergies. I would love to win the Blendtec just to make our lives a little easier!

I would love this to make soups and homemade nut butters but perhaps most importantly to make homemade baby food for my son

My old “smoothie blender” just bit the dust! I’ve been going back and forth between which high powered one to get and cannot decide! I want to make my smoothies and nut butters and flowers and all of the good things that only this sort of blender can do!!!

This would be an awesome thing in our kitchen to help our family improve our lifestyle. We are constantly trying to improve our healthy eating habits. A good blender is what we need the most. Winning one would be a blessing.

I’m having trouble commenting, hope it goes through. I would love this because my blender and food processor are both about to bite the dust. I rely on them for our homemade hummus, smoothies, and coconut oil/nut balls.

I have been in the fence about getting a high powered blender… This would make my hubby equally happy since I am confusing him about whether I want one or not! Lol

Kathryn was actually just talking the other day about adding one to her Christmas wish list!

Knowing me, I’d probably use it most often to make nut butters at home….

This would be so amazing to win. We badly need a proper blender to make juice for our son. He has special needs and food allergies. I would probably cry if we won this.

All I want for Christmas is a new blender 😉 Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. I’m a smoothie, butter coffee, marinade, puree making person… And I have great banana bread recipe that made in a blender. Cheers!

We have smoothies everyday but having a tool that makes life in the kitchen easier…it sounds like its going in the wish list! I’d love to make my own nut butters!

My family and I would love to win this blender. I have two toddlers that love almond butter so I would probably make that the most. But I would use it for everything!

I have a really hard time getting breakfast eaten and think that a blendtec would allow me to though a green smoothie down! Plus making my own nut butters would be a huge plus too. I want to win!!!

After looking at the reviews for Blendtec vs. Vitamix, I feel that the Blendtec give you much more bang for your buck. You can do so much more with it!

Smoothies and soup for sure but I’d especially love this for nut butters and homemade baby food! Those are the things my food processor isn’t so great at but would help my Paleo family! Thank you and congrats!!

our family is one of those full of food allergies, & finding meal ideas we can fit into all of our diets is tough. not to mention the unconventional preparation some of these meals require! a new blender would make things easier.

My blender is on it’s last leg, I love to cook, I use my blender 3 times a week or more. I make lots of smoothies with probiotics. My blender limits me to smoothies, but I would like to have a high quality one so I can do puree’s and thicker soups. Thanks!

We love smoothies in this house! And I am the same way…skeptical that I need a good blender…but deep down I know I do!

Heard lots of great things about this blender. I would like to do a vitamix-blendtec smackdown competition. My sister has a vitamix and raves all the time about it. I would love to have her bring hers over and make cashew butter or coconut cream and see which blender does a better job!!!

I would love roots, I don’t even have a cheapo blender right now! I think I would start with smoothies and nut flours, though the pancakes sound awesome!

I can’t wait to make nut-butters! Whether I win the free version or purchase my own (hopefully next month), making nut-butters will be super helpful. My body doesn’t respond well to nuts unless they’re sprouted first… I’m dreaming of making homemade sprouted nut-butter!!!!! Thank you for this blog topic!

Hi Sarah! I can’t believe this! Awesome.
I see no email from you through my WordPress email address ( What do you recommend as a next step?
Thanks for your help, Morghan

Almond butter in less than 30 minutes? Without scraping down the sides and having to stop to keep from burning out the motor? Unheard of! I would love to win this!

I would love to win it. I will use it for my morning green juice, nut butters, soups, pancakes, etc etc, please please me me!!

My friend has the vitamix brand and I am amazed at what these things can do in a fraction of the time! I just can’t afford to purchase such an amazing piece of equipment at this time.
My list could get lengthy, but if I win the blendtec, there will be smoothies and soups and almond butter grinding my own flours. Oh the fun will be endless!

I would love a blentec! I am currently making baby food for my 6 month old and its really hard to get everything super smooth without taking forever. I am currently in the process of changing our household to a paleo lifestyle. my mom has RA and type 2 diabetes, just to list a few health issues. my husband has excema and serious allergies to basically everything. I would love this giveaway. I think it could make a huge difference!

My kids request smoothies every morning. This would make it much easier! We also make nut butters in the food processor, but this sounds much better.

I LOVE my Blendtec and would give this one to my son & daughter-in-law currently stationed at Ft Riley, KS. They have both served a tour in Iraq and he one in Afghanistan. They both love to cook healthy meals for their family.

This would be amazing. I have wanted a good blender for a while but they are so expensive. I currently make my baby’s food in a 2-cup food processor that was $5. I could do so much more with this!

Congratulations on 50,000 fans!!! You deserve it. You’re amazing. Your knowledge has helped change so many lives! I am so thankful for you!
This blender would certainly make life easier. I would love to make seed/nut flours with ease.

Right now I have an old Ninja System – and while it’s getting the job done, it requires lots of lid removal, poking, and reskootching the food back down to the blades to get things blended. And I’m pretty sure it’s not going to make it to it’s second birthday, as the lid is having issues and there are cracks forming in the pitcher. A quality high power device like this would!! Thank you paleomom for all that you do. – A paleo mom in Montana

I would be so excited about making homemade nut butters! I’m imagining macadamia with vanilla and sea salt, or pistachio-cashew.

I would love to win the Blendtec blender!! I would love to make smoothies for my girls, make nut butters, plus many other healthy recipes!

Congrats on reaching 50K fans, I knew you could do it! I’m thrilled to see your life’s passion evolve over the last few months. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome kitchen tool.


Somedays making a smoothie is the only way I can get my 2.5 year old to get veggies in. My current blender isn’t what it used to be.

wow what a very generous company. What to decide to make with my new Blendtec blender if i won…. I think it would have to be a smoothie as well as the almond nut butter. Thanks for the giveaway have a great day!

I would love love love to win this!! My friend has one and absolutely loves it. It can do so many different things, it’s a must in anyone’s kitchen!

I couldn’t have related to this post any more, you said it perfectly! I have a good blender, but hiding fresh veggies that my kids think they don’t like is a little more challenging in the smoothies. My kids love smoothies, and it is a great way to sneak that in. Plus when you mentioned making Almond Butter. . . Love! I think I would make that first!

I’ve heard a lot about these blenders but have never seen one in action. I would love to own one & discover all it’s possibilities! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

I have been wanting to purchase something like this for awhile and i have been doing research as i dont own either a blender or a magic bullett. I am wanting to make my own almond milk and this sounds like it would do the trick.

I tried making cashew butter for the first time the other day and it took FOREVER on my old blender. A Blendtec would be lovely! Thank you!

Thanks for the giveaway! I need this Blendtec–I could smell the tiny motor of my decades-old blender struggling through my smoothie this morning.

nut butters, nut milk, soups and sauces. I have a husband with texture sensitivities so i cant wait to be able to pack food with veggies and he and my daughter will eat them. 😀

Thanks for the opportunity to win. I will probably make more nut butters, cauliflower rice, green smoothies, paleo ice cream and dips.

I am soooooooo ready for a new blender and I would pretty much use it for everything (I don’t have a food processor)…nut butters, baking, but most of all smoothies!

I would LOVE to make my own walcash (walnut and cashew) butter or pecash (pecan and cashew) butter, as it would be MUCH more affordable than what I pay for the jars I get at my local health food store. 🙂

I would love to win this and then regift it to someone! I already own a Vita-mix which I adore! My friends Justin and Anni are living the paleo lifestyle because my husband and I introduced it to them. They are living on a limited budget and expecting a new baby in five weeks. Their current, cheap blender just died leaving them with just a food processer. A high powered blender would a be a great addition to their kitchen for their “almost” family of three! I can see your perfect paleo pancakes cooking of the stove and a green smoothie in Anni’s hand : )

The first thing I would make is coconut butter! No matter how long I let it go my food processor never can quite get it past the grainy stage 🙁

I sold my blender when I sold my juicer (because they were a pair) and I miss the blender! I need one!Sometimes the food processor just doesn’t do the trick.

I have been without a blender for about six months and I want to make so many things but I think I would make green smoothie first.

After spending 15 minutes trying to make coconut butter on my KitchenAid food processor yesterday, I’ve realized I need a good, powerful blander. Since I have been unsuccessful in reintroducing all nuts and seeds as well as eggs (on AIP), I’m stuck with coconut. I did manage to produce a “liquid” butter but it’s a lot grainier than it should be. Would be nice to have a nice, creamy coconut butter as well as some veggie liquid concoctions. I’d love to have a Blandtec!

This would be great for making almond butter and also for incorporating more veggies into sauces and foods for my kids and husband!

Yes please 🙂 — this would fit PERFECT in my kitchen!!! Adapting a new paleo lifestyle and just had a baby girl in september so this will be perfect when starting her on solids in a few months!

OMG you sound like me!! I’ve tried and tried smoothies but I can’t seem to get them smooth and therefore I quit that. Forget nut butters! I burned out my food processor running it so long to get the smoothness of the butter. And just last week I was looking at the magic bullet but now that I’ve read your review, I NEED THE BLENDTEC PLEASE 🙂

Would love to win the Blendtec! I have been on again and off again with Paleo Discipline. In large part due to extra time and clean up…if this truly helps and I believe it will, this could be just the nudge to keep me going with my family of 5. After all, ’tis the season to be green, right? 😉

I’m too poor to buy one 🙁 I’ve been telling my hubby that I need a Blendtec Blender, the one I have that is made for smoothies dont even blend, I have to keep shaking it. I want my husband and kids to eat healthy, instead of store bought fruit juices i can make healthier versions at home, and so many healthy meals!

Good luck to everyone!

So…I’m completely comfortable with begging. Fully aware that this drawing is totally random, I think it’s best that I at least give it a try. 🙂 I have an amazing husband and six of the worlds greatest kids. All of us have been paleo for 2 years and would more than benefit from a kitchen tool of this caliber of awesome! So, please, please, please, and a giant sized Thank You! You ROCK! 🙂

I’ve been making many changes in my eating habits the last few months. Along with that, I’m making many natural beauty products. I’m loving the way I feel…it’s a great new adventure…one that is good for me! This blender would be such a big help. I’ve been wanting to start down the green smoothie path, but the blender I have just doesn’t do well with veggies, since I am a diabetic I only use a bit of fruit and try to use mostly veggies. I’d also use it to grind my own nut flours. What a great give away! Thanks so much!

I don’t use my Oster blender very much because of the narrow bottom where everything gets held and doesn’t churn. The Blendtec with its wider bottom would be a welcomed addition to my kitchen. And the Twister jar will be used for all nut butters, mayo and to take some of the burden off of my Cuisinart food processor. It would be the most powerful tool that I own. I can’t wait for the Blendtec to sit on my counter.

what an awesome item – it’s been on my “someday” list for a long time if only because it looks like a great way to hide veggies in a wide variety of applications (green eggs you suggest to smoothies to mixed veggie filling in either meat or egg dishes – the list goes on…) and I a have a serial deficiency in my veggie intake. Great giveaway – more importantly, great work! Thank you for being here – can’t wait for your book!!!

This would be amazing. I would like to make whole veggie/fruit instead of juicing. Plus I cook most of our foods from scratch and this would be so cool to have.

Since “going Paleo”, I’ve been using my blender more and more often…to usually disappointing results. We use it to make plantain-based just-about-everything, but I think our results could be much better with a higher-quality machine. We’ve quit drinking smoothies because they just don’t blend well. Here’s fingers crossed to winning a Blendtec!

I would LOVE to use my new blendtec to make my own coconut milk! And…just about everything else, like smoothies for my family :o)

I can’t wait to make nutbutters! A Blendtec has been on my wishlist for a looooong time, so I have my fingers crossed. 😀 I love their youtube “will it blend?!!?” videos, too.

I killed my last blender trying to make coconut butter and havent had one since this summer! I really miss my smoothies and would love some homemade coconut butter, almond butter to make the kids homemade hazelnut butter. Better than nutella!

Congrats on the 50K followers! Soups in the Blendtec are top of my list this time of year. So excited that your book will finally arrive soon!!!!

I would use the Blendtec for smoothies, pancake batter and soups for sure! I have an old $30 Oster blender that works okay, but I’d be happy to upgrade. I love the green eggs idea to get more veggies in my kids.

There are so many things I would make in it. I don’t know that I can name only 1 thing. Most of all, I want to teach my kids how easy it is to make soups, your own nut butters, smoothies, and non dairy milks (almond/coconut). If I get them more involved in the process of making all of the foods I love (and them not so much) they would start to love it because they made it.

I would love to win this for a friend. I seriously LOVE my Blendtec and use it all the time, and would love for her to have one, too. 🙂

The blender I have is old and doesnt work very well anymore. I am just looking forward to not have chunks in things I blend.

I’ve been wanting a high quality blender like this for years!! I would use mind multiple times a day for smoothies, nut butter, bulletproof coffee, ice cream…you name it!!

Everything that you said plus muffins, especially your flourless plantain muffin base. My food processor smokes like it will blow at any moment.

Just found your blog by accident tonight. Been working on my Paleo journey for a bit now trying to transition our family. Thanks soo much for all your information and recipes.

I’d love to win this. My mom gave me a recipe for homemade laundry soap and I need a high powered blender. Then I have been meaning to try that bulletproof coffee.

I have been trying to get my hands on one of these babies for some time, now! I would LOVE a Blendtec of my very own. Somebody’s Christmas is going to be extra Merry and Bright!

I’m looking forward to making your perfect pancakes that we love along with nut butter!! This is exciting! Thank you!! ;0)

I would love to make my own nut and coconut butters! Last time I tried in my regular blender…let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

I would LOVE to win to help me on my path to smarter eating choices. I have recently started the paleo diet and working out and I have so far lost 30 lbs.! I am so proud of myself, and I would love to be able to reward myself for my progress but that’s not something I can afford right now, as I’m still in school.

I look forward to making smoothies of all kinds from green drinks to matcha and coffee drinks. The twister jar would also be used regularly for nut butters.

I would try nut butters and flours–I have a regular blender and no food processor, so there are some recipes that I simply don’t make because I don’t have the equipment. And chocolate nut spread is amazing!

I’m looking forward to making smoothies for my hubby, he’s really wanting to try some. We only have a food processor so a blender would be great. I’d also like to try making my own nut butter since my kids are addicted to almond butter and that stuff is expensive!

I would love a Blendtec especially for making nut butters. No food processor or blender–this would be a great addition!

You listed the many reasons I have dreamed of owning a Blendtec but just can’t swing it with our budget. I keep trying and trying to win one but am never the lucky one…maybe this time my luck will change. Thanks for all you do Sarah!

I have had a Blendtec for 4 years and use it every day! I love it, and didn’t know there were different sizes or the twister jars!

My 2 year old son and I are most looking forward to making green smoothies and whatever other fun things we can come up with. He loves to help me cook, bake, and juice and gets super excited about helping..which also helps with him trying new things. With the Blendtec…we could make so much more together!! Maybe even baby food in the near future for my 4 month old?! Yee! Thanks for this opportunity!

I would make nut flours and nut butters, but also would love to make green smoothies that my kids will drink, I can’t get a good consistency with my regular blender.

I’ve been wanting a Blendtec for a while now and been praying to win one! I would use it to make smoothies, soups, ice cream, and many other things I want to try. Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

Awesome giveaway! Would love to win this blender to make healthier, homemade food! Love the examples you gave on different ways to use the blendtec

I’d love the Blendtec – it would help prepare clean healthy food, especially with all the food allergies I have. So many meal possibilities!

We make a huge effort to feed our daughter a whole foods, nutrient dense diet with a rickety old blender that I got for free after our died, a Blentec would help immensely!!!

Coconut butter! I can’t make it in my regular blender or my food processor. I even bought a more expensive blender that was supposed to be able to do the job. It wasn’t up to the task. I would love to have one of these!

I would love to make sweets with dates and my current blender can’t make a dent in them! Would love a Blendtec! Thanks for the giveaway.

Definitely smoothies and nut butters, but I think I would most like to just replace a few other gadgets with just one! Thank you!!!

I’m looking forward to making milks and nut butters better than ever! My son some times turns his nose up at hiomemade almond milk.

Green smoothies, nut butter and nut flours (only from sprouted, dehydrated nuts and seeds of course). I’ve been trying to save for a blendtech, but have to keep spending the $ on replacing other kitchen tools that conk out on me!

I would love to have a Blendtec to try the nut butters. I love my protein shakes and smoothies, and can’t wait yo try more!

I would love to use it for EVERYTHING! I just have a baby bullet right now , so I’m most excited about being able to make larger quantities of everything I make. Smoother smoothies, homemade nut butter, and anything else I can think of! I also will love to be able to sneak some veggies into my toddler son’s foods! lol

I have been wanting a high-speed blender for ages! Would love to make green smoothies and nut butters especially, but would also have so much fun experimenting!

Can’t wait to use this for just about everything! I have one of those “cheapo” blenders and even making simple things like chimichurri takes forever!

We have been wanting a good blender for our morning smoothies, this would be awesome considering our budget will not allow a purchase like that any time soon.

I’d LOVE to win this blender to make more green smoothies and nut butters! Due to school, I’ve definitely got kind of lazy with eating healthy. My New Year’s Resolution is to get my family back on track with healthy living and this blender would be a perfect incentive to do so!

I’ve been hoping for a Blendtec since my friends showed me how much better they were than my blender. Unfortunately it’s never in my budget. I would love to have Santa (aka Paleo mom and Blendtec) drop one here for Christmas 🙂

I want to see if Chuck Norris is really unblendable! 😉 Seriously, I’m most interested in my own nut butters, smoothies, and flour.

Omg this contraption would easily replace several of my kitchen gadgets. What wouldn’t I make with this machine?! I’d probably start with smoothies and nut butter!!!

Ooh! I could finally blitz all of those sunflower seeds that I bought to make flour for Paleo Parents-like cookies for my daughter who has nut allergies. My food processor/blender did not cut it!

I’ve been wanting a great blender for a long time to make all sorts of wonderful things- raw vegan caramel dip, amazing green smoothies, etc. I should win this so I can play! 🙂

I would love this for my daughter who really needs a blender…..and I know she would use it for nut butters, coconut and nut milks, smoothies, soups, healthy ice-creams and much more.

I NEED this blendtec. I’ve wanted one for so long. However, if I was capable of making my own nut butters this easily, I’m also going to need some self control 🙂

I am a pediatric OT and a feeding specialist, but also on a paleo journey of my own. I have recommended blendtec to a number of patients and have assisted many in obtaining one for blending table foods for g-tube feedings. I would love a blendtec of my own! 🙂

You had me at “green smoothie”. I haven’t had one for several months simply because they weren’t very smooth. I would love to see this blender in action!

At least once a day I find a use for a Blendtec. 🙂 It would be used often, probably multiple times/day, for green smoothies, soups, sauces, butters, ice cream…

I love smoothies in the morning, and I would love to try many more things with a nice blender. Smoothies are a quick, easy way for my husband and I to start our day off right, and I love it when he makes them for me. 🙂

I currently have a Ninja blender and LOVE it! If something is better and saves me time that I barely have then I’m all for it!

Oh… I forgot to say why I wanted it!! I want it so that I can blend anything, of course. Super smooth sauce, smoothies, blended bones for supplements, dehydrated goodies…

Perfect timing, as I just broke my 2nd blender making my morning green smoothie, made with Paleomom’s Bone Broth cubes, kale and nut butters! I’d love to have a Blendtec that’s as strong as my desire to be as healthy as possible!

I have been wanting one of these for years. I love my protein shakes and my blender is less than desirable. It cannot handle making almond milk. But coconut cream is what I desire making.

I have all the same arguments you had- now you’ve got me questioning how much longer I can survive without a blendtec!

Woooohoo! Would love one, always eye it at Costco. Nut butters would be so easy!!! I only have an immersion blender…this would be dreamy 🙂

I would love to have a blendtec to try all the new health smoothies that all talk about. What a great Christmas present since it would be the only way I could ever afford one!!

I would love to make nut butters, and soups. My blender has died. My food processor is on its last leg. I would love to try a REAL SUPERDUPER blender! Thanks for the giveaway!

After reading your blog on what the Blendtec can do- I had no idea! I too have a small Food Processor and 2 Magic Bullets but I don’t have luck making coconut butter or nut butters along with some not so smooth smoothies- but I thought it doesn’t get any smoother- so I think I would most look forward to the smoothies

I use a blender for SO many things! Ketchup, mayo, pineapple/coconut milk “ice cream”, homemade flours and nut butters, pastry doughs for non-paleo friends, you name it, I blend it!!! 🙂

I would love one of these blenders! Not only would it be good for smoothies and baking, but I cannot chew well, and I am not digesting my food well either, so everything I eat has to be either blended or processed. Awesome giveaway!

I have a 2 year old and make everything to match his daycare menu with organic comparisons. I would use this blendtec out!!

My husband has MS, Hashi’s, IDDM, and Epilepsy. He struggles wîth chronic pain and we recently found out he is allergic to gluten as well as dairy, eggs, corn, rice, and many gluten free grains. He is on a strict autoimmune protocol and winning this blender would be a tremendous blessing.

I would be beyond grateful to win this! I recently moved away from my family but in with the love of my life & my dream come true. We’ve both put on some extra happy weight that we are trying to lose, specially myself. Its difficult for me to look at myself & the weight I put on. Having this would help us tremendously in reaching our goal of being as healthy & happy as we can!

I’ve been wanting to make nut milks. My boys love almond milk, and I’d love to try making cashew milk and other fun blends without all the other stuff in them like caraganeenan or however you spell that stuff. Yuck.

Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to have one of these to make more appealing healthy foods for my family. Having CFS/Fibro and a few other things limits my time in the kitchen, this would absolutely make such a difference.

I would love to win a Blendtec. We make smoothies every day and I would love to be able to add leafy greens and carrots to them.

I would use it for smoothies and pancakes mostly, but nut butters sound really good and salad dressings too. My poor blender is going to die.

My daughter and my dil each have one and I envy them every time I’m in their kitchens. We all have food sensitivities and we practically live in our kitchens. This would make my life so much easier. Thanks for a chance to win one because I can’t afford one 🙂

I have a refurbished commercial blendtec that is great for soups & smoothies, but it isn’t so great for anything thick. Would love to win this to make nut butters from soaked & dehydrated nuts!

I would probably live off of liquids for a while if I got a blendtec. I think I would make a true milkshake, thick and creamy first though. Or a smoothie. No, a milkshake. Yeaaaaah.

Green Smoothies, Nut Butters and Flour would be my go. I’m just getting into this healthy living gig and loving it. Paleo and I are getting to be good friends, slowly but surely.

I’ve been trying to put aside money for a good blender in order to expand on my recepies and make batters / smoothies smoother so my girls will try them. I’m having the hardest time with textures and getting them to eat healthy

I can’t think of anything I would love to have more. My $10 blender just doesn’t cut it! I would be using it several times a day I’m sure. Green smoothies are just the beginning.

Since going paleo I use my food processor all the time, but the magic you describe with the Bledtec sounds amazing! I’d love to try it for… everything. :o)

I’d use it to make almond milk, smoothies…honestly I would probably drive everyone in my house insane blending everything I could.

I’m brand new to Paleo and have multiple Auto-immune diseases (Hashimoto’s, Graves, AS and IBS that now I think is related to AS). I’ve suffered long enough! I’m on Methotrexate right now and am thinking about adding a Biologic like Enbrel. It would be AWESOME if i could avoid that through diet, and I really hope that Paleo is the answer for me! This blender should would make it a lot easier to try, especially with 4 children to feed!

My current blender is a hunk of junk! I will be dreaming about winning this so that I can make amazing sunflower seed and nut butters, soups, and yummy fruit and veggie smoothies for myself and my little ones. Thanks for the chance to win. I adore your blog and recipes!

I am looking forward to making things quick and easy. I am a school teacher and I don’t have a lot of time so I would love to have this.

I have always wanted a high end blender. My husband, not so much after seeing how much they cost. It is on my list of things to have someday.

This product sounds truly amazing!! Would love to add it to my cooking arsenal as I am striving to provide healthier meals!!

I look forward to making a variety of soups…most everything except the smoothies—I need more veggie-variety options, not-so-much fruit, with all the restrictions I’m dealing with 🙂

My blender just broke 🙁 (Not a blendtec) and I used it ALL the time to make green smoothies. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!

I would love to have a Blendtec to make all kinds of yummy things! Smoothies, ice creams, mixed drink, baby food, and etc. I have lots of things I can use this amazing blender for!

Oh man i have been using an old food processor to blend my juices for 4 years now and I could use a powerful blender like the blendtec.

What would not be great about winning a Blendtec Blender!! As with a lot of people true change only comes about in moments that test our faith and maybe our beliefs. I thought I was eating well, going to the gym several times a week until I really analyzed what I was eating because of a health issue. For the last 5 months I have drastically change my diet to better my health and prove to myself (and maybe my medical team) that my body CAN HEAL ITSELF THROUGH GOOD NUTRITION! I have become an advocate for better food choices and educate anyone who wants to listen about what I have learned and share my recipes. Green smoothie have become part of my daily ritual enjoying at least one a day (with my basic blender) and also juicing. I cut out all grains, gluten, refined sugars, dairy and soy. The Blendtec blender would be a joy to use to make my smoothies, raw vegan Caesar dressing, nut butters and the many amazing recipes I have discover while on this journey to better food and nutrition. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway! Happy holidays!

I am new to the Paleo / Clean Living lifestyle and would love to get off the ground, running with this amazing blender. My blender I have now, is from 1973. 🙂 Works, but would love a shiny new one to start my journey!

I would LOVE to win this blender! Green eggs are such a great idea! I would definitely make those for my son, as well as cauliflower mash, smoothies, nut butters and SOOO many other things!!

I would love to own a Blendtec blender but can’t afford one. I would use it to make protein smoothies which I will need to make a lot of since I just had weight loss surgery.

Great post. I have serious blender envy of my sister in law. I got the less expensive ninja which does a fine job but it a pain to clean and takes longer.

As a single mom, any way I can save time is a blessing! I would use this to make weekend pancakes to serve to my kids all week and to make green juice to keep us healthy & strong. I love the idea of making my own nut butter. The possibilities are endless!

What a luxury this blender would be. I don’t have the funds right now so this is a wish list item I hope to get one day. I would use it for smoothies, purees, squash soups… I have a blender that only has two speeds and it does not handle ice well. This would be a great addition to my kitchen… one I would use daily. Thanks for the write-up on it and the chance to win.

I really want to make my own nut butter and it has not worked in my food processor or regular blender. I can’t find a nut butter at the store that is labeled gluten free and organic. I’d also like to try soaking the nuts first to see if the nut butter is easier to digest.

I would love this to make so many things! For example, my husband makes smoothies in an old blender we have that don’t get blended so well (a little chunky). We’re on a sun butter kick, but they have so much added sugar, I would prefer to make my own. So many possibilities with this item! Thank you for the giveaway!

A Blendtec blender would help me continue on my quest to integrate a healthy whole food lifestyle while keeping it fun for my two young children. It will also be a great way to make them a variety of healthy snacks, keep them interested in the kitchen, and vested in the food they eat by having them enjoy a new toy to help make the healthy things and because the Blendtec makes it so easy. Thanks!

I am shopping around for a high powered blender I can use to make my daughter’s baby food as well as nut butter, flours and more. This would be wonderful!

I would love to win a BlendTec! My blender hardly blends anything and is so loud I don’t use it early in the morning for fear of disturbing my neighbors!

Thank you for such an incredible resource for those of us with autoimmune conditions! I find great joy, guidance, and hope when I read your blog!

All the best to you! Happy New Year!

I’d love to make coconut milk/bone broth/liver powder/blueberry/mango fruit smoothies for my peanut/egg allergic dd & the rest of my family! I’d also like to use it to add spinach/kale/other veggies to sauces we make! Thank you ~ LOVE your blog!!