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You know how people with high-powered blenders always love their blenders?  They talk about much better their fancy blenders are at making smoothies, and soups, and nut-butters.  They say that you don’t know what you’re missing and that these blenders are worth every penny.  And you know how they say this even after owning one for years?

Well, I was skeptical.  Between my high-end Cuisinart food processor, a Magic Bullet, and my cheapo $20 blender, I figured I was covered.  I’ve never been a huge fan of green smoothies.  So, I figured I didn’t need yet another small appliance taking up space on my countertop for the six times per year I would actually use it (that’s about how often I used my cheapo blender before).  Then, Blendtec made an offer I couldn’t refuse…

Blendtec provided me with a Blendtec Designer Series WildSide blender with Twister Jar (yes, being a blogger is rough sometimes!).  I was most excited about the Twister Jar.  Using my food processor to make nut butters takes at least 10 minutes, sometimes more (almond butter is a good 20 minutes), so I typically don’t bother.  I had seen the Twister Jar in action before, so I already knew that it could make nut butters in literally seconds (and up to about a minute).

IMG_1726The very first thing I tried was a smoothie (seriously, how could it be that much better than a green smoothie with an ordinary blender or a Magic Bullet?!).  Woah.  I wasn’t expecting it to be so, er, smooth.  I went on a two-week long green smoothie kick.

IMG_2067One of the other frequent and immediate uses?  Green eggs.  I’m in the habit of blending raw or frozen spinach into eggs and making either omelets or scrambled eggs for my kids (which we call green eggs).  The Blendtec made them so smooth so quickly, that I was able to more than double the amount of spinach in the eggs without my kids noticing.

And ohmigosh pancakes!  I make a quadruple batch of my Perfect Paleo Pancakes almost every weekend (and freeze them to reheat during the week).  Compared to the at least five minutes in my food processor, my Blendtec made an even smoother batter in 50 seconds.  And it’s easier to pour from and easier to clean.


I’ve also made nut butters, sunflower seed flour (using the recipe that Paleo Parents posted here), pumpkin seed flour, almond meal, batters for cakes, hot and cold pureed soups, ice cream (including my olive oil ice cream), and have used it to blend coconut oil and cultured grass-fed ghee into coffee.

IMG_1814I use my Blendtec almost every day, sometimes several times in a day.   Many of the tasks I use it for just couldn’t be done with a regular blender (like nut and seed butters and flours), some couldn’t be done by my food processor either (hello smoothies!).  And I feel like I’m continuing to find new useful things that my Blendtec can do (too bad it can’t vacuum for me…).

Yes, I’ve become one of those people.   One of the people who loves their high-powered blender and thinks that everyone should have one. It really is an amazingly useful kitchen tool.   And it really is that much better than ordinary blenders. And one that takes up very little space on my kitchen counter (and space that I don’t begrudge at all).  And, yes, it really is worth every penny.  If you’ve been on the fence about getting one, I highly recommend a Blendtec (and the Twister Jar!  which is the key to nut butters, ice cream, and thick doughs).

So, would you like one?

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 50K Facebook fans than giving away such an awesome kitchen tool!

AND Blendtec has very generously provided me with a Blendtec Designer Series blender with Twister Jar to give to one of my readers/followers!   Now, how’s that for a Christmas present?!

Entering is simple!
*Prize limited to USA Residents*

Check out the Blendtec Designer Series blender
with Twister Jar (if you haven’t already!) and then enter below.
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Thank you Blendtec!


I really want to make my own nut butter and it has not worked in my food processor or regular blender. I can’t find a nut butter at the store that is labeled gluten free and organic. I’d also like to try soaking the nuts first to see if the nut butter is easier to digest.

I would love this to make so many things! For example, my husband makes smoothies in an old blender we have that don’t get blended so well (a little chunky). We’re on a sun butter kick, but they have so much added sugar, I would prefer to make my own. So many possibilities with this item! Thank you for the giveaway!

A Blendtec blender would help me continue on my quest to integrate a healthy whole food lifestyle while keeping it fun for my two young children. It will also be a great way to make them a variety of healthy snacks, keep them interested in the kitchen, and vested in the food they eat by having them enjoy a new toy to help make the healthy things and because the Blendtec makes it so easy. Thanks!

I am shopping around for a high powered blender I can use to make my daughter’s baby food as well as nut butter, flours and more. This would be wonderful!

I would love to win a BlendTec! My blender hardly blends anything and is so loud I don’t use it early in the morning for fear of disturbing my neighbors!

Thank you for such an incredible resource for those of us with autoimmune conditions! I find great joy, guidance, and hope when I read your blog!

All the best to you! Happy New Year!

I’d love to make coconut milk/bone broth/liver powder/blueberry/mango fruit smoothies for my peanut/egg allergic dd & the rest of my family! I’d also like to use it to add spinach/kale/other veggies to sauces we make! Thank you ~ LOVE your blog!!

I would love a blendtec, or even just a quality blender because I’d be so much less dependent on storebought nut butters, flours, and other staples in the kitchen.

I would make EVERYTHING in my Blendtec….soups, smoothies, pancake batter. The sky is the limit. Love everything you do, Sarah! Thanks for bringing such great info to us everyday.

I would use a Blentec for tons of things… batter, soups, flour, nut butter, etc. I’m most excited to make my own sunflower seed butter!

You covered most of what I would make with this gorgeous piece of equipment but I’m sure I could come up with lots more once I get my hands on it!

I would love to use a BlendTec blender to make very fine nut flour, nut butter, and purees among other recipes. It would be an excellent addition to my kitchen tools as I improve my skills with cooking and baking for my nutrition and to motivate the rest of my family to try it out.

I would be so thankful if I win. Because this will mean I will be cooking more healthy for my family. Since i could make them juices, shakes, soups, flour and even icecream the possibilities are endless when you want to take care of your health!

I just now saw this. I’ve enjoyed my Blendtec for years. My sons turned me onto it because of the Will It Blend series by Blendtec on youtube. (The only thing it can’t blend is Chuck Norris. (and my son just told me it can’t blend a crow bar either). But it can blend an iPhone, iPad, brooms And lots of other things which I can’t remember, because we’ve not watched for a long time.)
So, Yay for Blendtecs!

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