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June 15, 2013 in Categories: by

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Yes, I am starting a newsletter!  Or is it e-mail updates? Or a mailing list ?  I don’t know exactly what to call it, but it’s new and it’s exciting and I want to share it with you!

You’ve probably noticed the new subscribe form in my sidebar.  And, that subscribing to my newsletter was part of my 20K Giveaway (this giveaway is ongoing, so make sure you check it out!).  If you were thinking to yourself, “hey, what’s this?  I didn’t know Sarah had a newsletter!”, then you’re right.  It’s my brand-new sparkly idea and the first newsletter will go out early next week!

The impetus for this new project was the news that feedburner will be shutting down.  In the past, I have relied on feedburner to automatically e-mail posts to you to keep you up-to-date on the goings on on the blog.  It’s unclear exactly when feedburner will cease to exist, but rumors are July, so it was becoming increasingly urgent for me to figure out what do to instead.   Combine this frustration with all of the weird games that facebook pages have to go throughin order to get people to be able to see their updates without paying money for it.  Facebook defaults to showing something like 6-8% of followers any given link or status update I post (if you hover on the like button, you can add me to an interest list or click on the “show in news feed” which should let you see everything I post) with some weird formula that shows more people if an status update is commented on more, liked more, shared more, more for a photo, less for a link, most for a plain update.  It feels like a game.  And, I don’t want it to feel like a game.  I just want to create great content and share it with you.  Period.

So, I have decided the best solution was a newsletter (or whatever you want to call it).  I like that this is customizable (compared to an automatically generated e-mail), that it’s personal, that every one will be different and written by me, and that it gives me the ability to interact directly with you (and not through some Facebook filter).  How often will I write these newsletters?  I’m not really sure right now.  Probably twice per week.  Probably not on set days to start with, but given what a creature of routine I am, it will probably become more predictable over the next few weeks.

What will be in these e-mails/newsletters?

I’m going to keep them simple and relatively brief (I know brevity isn’t always my strong suit, but I will do my best!).  You will get an update on what has been posted on the blog that you should check out (when feedburner is shutdown, this will completely replace my RSS feed).  I will update you on other projects that I’m working on if there’s news, like where I am with my book, what’s coming up on the podcast, conferences, seminars, etc.  (I may or may not be planning an e-book).   I’m also planning on including a little tip or two in each e-mail.  These tips will include all kinds of things, from great sales that you might want to know about, my favorite kitchen gadgets or brands of ingredients, easy snacks or games for kids, my favorite new books, useful stress management techniques, cooking tips, food storage tips, and generally whatever fun little tidbit I have that I think you might be interested in (just as the topics on my blog are very broad, these tips will be too).  These tips will also be exclusive content for e-mail subscribers (or at least most of them will be).  Over time, I may include exclusive offers, recipes, and even giveaways just to newsletter subscribers… especially as we get closer to the release date for my book.  But, these ideas are still just preliminary.

If you subscribed to my mailing list as part of the 20K Giveaway, you are already on it! (And the giveaway is still live, so go enter!!!).  If you previously subscribed through feedburner, you are also already on my list (or at least, should be, especially if you currently get my posts e-mailed to you).   If you subscribed through wordpress, I haven’t been able to figure out how to merge that list, so please subscribe again.   If you aren’t sure, go ahead and re-subscribe (it should be smart enough to only include you on the mailing list once).  And you can always unsubscribe if this is not something you are interested in or if you decide my newsletter is not your thing after you’ve seen a few….  And by the way, I will absolutely not ever share or sell your e-mail address or do anything unethical with it (or anything else for that matter).   This is just a tool for me to connect with you and share information with you directly.

I’m still trying to work out if my newsletter will be plain text vs html.  I am currently leaning toward html because I personally like getting pretty newsletters in my inbox, but then I know not everyone does.  And sometimes, you just can’t beat simplicity.   I may do an html default format with plain text as an option and let you decide… Anyway, give me a couple of days to work out these details.  But, you can expect that my first newsletter will go out early next week!  So, if you don’t want to miss it,  join my list!!!!

I’m also on Instagram now and will be posting more photos from my daily life. So, if you’re on Instagram, you can follow me here.


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