The Paleo Approach Cookbook: A Detailed Guide to Heal Your Body and Nourish Your Soul

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ThePaleoApproachCookbook 1The Paleo Approach Cookbook is the National bestseller companion cookbook to The Paleo Approach

The Paleo Approach Cookbook is over 400 pages and includes over 200 recipes, all strict autoimmune protocol (AIP), and lots of resources (over 100 pages worth!) to help you be successful in the kitchen while you tackle the diet recommendations in The Paleo Approach (The Paleo Approach does not contain any recipes).  With such a huge number of recipes (that each include cook time, prep time, servings, tips, variations, nutrition facts, FODMAP alerts), as well as hundreds of recipe variations, there’s something for everyone! The Paleo Approach Cookbook also includes a summary of the diet, cooking guides, kitchen How-Tos, shopping lists, food storage guides, kitchen tool essentials, cooking glossary of terms, time management strategies, how to read labels, recipe Top Ten, alphabetical Yes-No-Maybe-So list of foods,  6 one-week meal plans (two of which are low-FODMAP) and MORE!

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“The Paleo Approach is an incredibly important contribution to the health scene.  Now, with The Paleo Approach Cookbook, you will be able to not only optimize your health, but also love every meal!”

Robb Wolf
author of New York Times
bestseller The Paleo Solution

The Official Blurb

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from some form of autoimmune disease. If you’re among them, you may know all too well how little modern medicine can do to alleviate your condition. But that’s no reason to give up hope. In this companion cookbook to the groundbreaking book The Paleo Approach, Sarah D. Ballantyne, Ph.D., shows you just how easy and delicious regaining your health can be.

The Paleo Approach Cookbook walks you through which foods you should eat to calm your immune system, reduce inflammation, and help your body heal itself. There’s no need to worry that “going Paleo” will break the bank or require too much time in the kitchen preparing special foods. In The Paleo Approach Cookbook, Dr. Ballantyne provides expert tips on how to make the switch easily and economically. She explains how to stay within your food budget, how to make the best use of your time in the kitchen, and where to shop for what you need. Complete food lists, shopping guides, and meal plans take the guesswork out of eating to maximize healing.

Don’t know how to cook? Dr. Ballantyne walks you through essential kitchen techniques, from chopping vegetables to using a pressure cooker safely. Armed with more than 150 delicious recipes, from breakfast staples to decadent desserts, you can reverse your disease and love every bite!

“In The Paleo Approach Cookbook, Sarah Ballantyne offers a clear, easy-to-follow guide to preparing delicious–yet autoimmune-friendly–Paleo meals.  I look forward to recommending this book to all of my patients and readers following an autoimmune Paleo approach.”

Chris Kresser, MS, LAc
Author of New York Times
bestseller Your Personal Paleo Code

“The Paleo Approach Cookbook is more than a collection of autoimmune-friendly recipes–Sarah’s invaluable cooking tips, shopping guides, meal plans, and cheerful encouragement ensure that the only question left unanswered is:  How soon can you start?”

Michelle Tam
Author of New York Times
bestseller Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans

What’s in The Paleo Approach Cookbook?

The Paleo Approach Cookbook is the highly anticipated companion to the groundbreaking New York Times bestselling guidebook The Paleo Approach.  It summarizes the diet presented in The Paleo Approach and provides tons of resources and recipes to set you up for success as you tackle this therapeutic diet.


The Paleo Approach Cookbook is packed full of information and recipe.  It includes:

  • over 200 recipes!  Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, servings, tips, variations, nutrition facts, FODMAP alerts, and a photograph for every recipe!!
  • hundreds of recipe variations!  So you’re never bored!
  • 6 one-week meal plans!  Complete with Shopping Lists and Plan Ahead guide. Two of the meal plans are low-FODMAP.
  • summary of the Paleo Approach diet!  Without all the detailed science.  Includes complete food lists, budget tips, important things to keep in mind when making food choices, and where to source quality foods.
  • over 100 pages of resources!  Including cooking guides, kitchen How-Tos, shopping lists, food storage guides, kitchen tool essentials, cooking glossary of terms, time management strategies, how to read labels, recipe Top Ten, alphabetical Yes-No-Maybe-So list of foods, and MORE!
  • 8 tear-away guides!  Including the six meal plans with shopping lists and reading labels guides.
  • easy navigation!  Complete Table of Contents, Chapter Contents, Visual Thumbnail Index, and Complete Topic-Ingredient-Recipe Index!

The recipes in The Paleo Approach Cookbook  include a great variety of different types of recipes, many quick & easy recipes for busy weeknights but also recipes that are more involved and designed to deliver a sophisticated flavor. Many recipes are designed with budget in mind and many to accommodate limited time commitments for cooking. While about one third of the recipes include ingredients that might not be found at a standard grocery store (but can be easily found online, at a local Farmer’s Market or at specialty stores like Whole Foods), the other two thirds require only standard Paleo ingredients. Most of the recipes are familiar comfort foods, but there are definitely some designed to challenge your comfort zone and introduce you to new options!

I wanted to make sure that there was something for everyone in The Paleo Approach Cookbook, and I knew that would mean that some people would not find certain recipes appealing to them.  It’s typical for cookbooks at this price point to include 100-120 recipes. But, I included over 200 recipes plus hundreds of recipe variations (including 100 mini-recipes that are indexed), so that even if you aren’t inspired by every recipe, there’s still a huge number of recipes for you to enjoy, hopefully still much more than a typical Paleo cookbook.

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“Thanks to Sarah Ballantyne and The Paleo Approach Cookbook, the thousands upon thousands of people struggling with autoimmune conditions now have a cookbook with reasonable, delicious recipes to help them on their paths to improved health.”

Charles and Julie Mayfield
Authors of Paleo Comfort Foods and
Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods

“This book gives you all of the tools you need to embark on an eating plan in order to heal your body, whether you are a novice cook or an experienced foodie.  Sarah leaves no stone unturned in her presentation of how to implement these life-changing modifications.”

Mickey Trescott, NTP
author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

FREE Downloads

Looking for free downloads and extra resources?  All of the Meal Plans and Shopping Lists, Tear-Away Guides, Foods to Avoid list, and the Yes-No-Maybe-So appendix are available to as FREE downloads here.    Also check out this page of great Additional Resources and this page of The Paleo Approach-Approved Products!  And here are TWO FREE companion guides for The Paleo Approach Cookbook.

Quick & Easy Meal Guide

This guide showcases the hundreds of quick and easy recipes in The Paleo Approach Cookbook and includes a quick and easy meal plan!

Quick & Ultimate Costco Guide

This guide includes resources for shopping at Costco using The Paleo Approach Cookbook!

This guide includes resources for shopping at Costco using The Paleo Approach Cookbook!


I am visiting select cities for book signings. Visit my events page to see the see the current schedule and RSVP for events near you!

Where My Books Are Sold:

The Paleo Approach Cookbook is available wherever books are sold.  It is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, from independent bookstores (find one near you using Indiebound) and at Costco!  If you live outside the USA, you can purchase the book from and receive free international shipping!  It is also available on  KindleiBooksNook and Kobo.

“With The Paleo Approach, Sarah Ballantyne gave readers the incentive to make deliberate changes to drastically improve autoimmune symptoms.  Now, with The Paleo Approach Cookbook, Sarah puts her solutions into practice using simple, comforting tastes that empower you to maintain or regain your health in the most delicious way possible.”

Russ Crandall
Author of The Ancestral Table

“This is the ultimate guidebook for those battling autoimmune disease and looking for easy-to-understand answers.  Filled with creative, inspired, ingenious nutrient-dense recipes, this book will help heal and nourish your body!”

Stacy Toth and Matt McCarry
authors of Real Life Paleo,
Beyond Bacon and Eat Like a Dinosaur

“With everything from cooking knowledge to meal plans and recipes, this book provides it all.  Sarah has done an amazing job of making cooking easy and delicious.  Grab your copy now.”

George Bryant
Author of New York Times
bestseller The Paleo Kitchen


“If The Paleo Approach is the autoimmune bible, its sequel is the food bible. Not only does Sarah provide a complete list of foods to eat if you’re out to bring balance to your immune system, hormones, and gut flora and then explain where to find them and how to afford them, she also provides more than 200 recipes to get those foods onto your table and into your belly. I cannot speak highly enough of this cookbook. Get ready for some of the best food of your life!” – A Clean Plate
“Sarah has crafted a masterpiece. 400 pages of AIP Basics, kitchen tips, recipes, nutrient profiles, and beautiful photography. Whether you have mastered the AIP diet or are a newbie, this is a must buy. Cancel your standing appointments. Order this book. Overnight ship it and call in sick tomorrow, so you can spend the entire day reading and cooking and eating and reading and cooking and eating.”- Grazed and Enthused
“The beginning of the cookbook is full of helpful charts like meat cuts and cooking times, measurement conversions, grilling tips, oil smoke points, and alcohol burn-off times. It’s information helpful to any cook, paleo or not… [The book] contains over 200 autoimmune-friendly recipes. [Sarah] will be the first to tell you that she writes BIG BOOKS! And they’re beautiful.” – Phoenix Helix
“This is more than a traditional Paleo cookbook. Consider this volume to be as much a resource (shopping, Fodmap alerts, meal plans, and over 100 pages of basic research and near-encyclopedic Paleo information) as it is a cookbook. For most Paleo people, or those who appreciate the Paleo attitude, this is a winner..” – John Koenig
“You can dive right into this book and get started, even if you haven’t read the first book or if you have little cooking experience. My favorite feature of all is that every recipe includes detailed nutritional information, right on the same page! And I don’t mean just basic information like how many calories or grams of fat. No, this is nutritional science for true nutrition geeks!” – Gutsy by Nature
“I was absolutely overjoyed to have received a [The Paleo Approach Cookbook], and am loving it! I cooked a bunch of the recipes [and] we ate well this weekend! And we feel amazing, also! Thanks so much Sarah Ballantyne (and her crew!) for your lovely and delicious cookbook! We loved it!” – Simple and Merry
“The recipes are nutritious, budget friendly, and well explained with an emphasis on nutrient dense, quality foods – all within the confines of the Paleo AIP. Quite an accomplishment! Beyond all the real food recipes in this book are also some snacks and treats that anyone will enjoy! Take these Plantain and Apple Fritters that I just made – they were devoured before I could say The Paleo Approach Cookbook is awesome!” – Real Food Forager
“I love the meal plans and shopping guides. Sometimes the grocery store can seem overwhelming especially when you are on a restrictive diet. Sarah breaks it down to make AIP a manageable lifestyle.” – Plaid and Paleo
“This book gives the perfect amount of information and application, allowing you to follow the diet and be successful even if you aren’t ready to dive into the whys’ behind every element. You no longer have to wonder if there will be anything left for you to eat because there are over 200 recipes staring you in the face, there is even a section of treats for events like birthdays and holidays.” – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change
Sarah’s recipes are written so that anyone can follow the steps simply and correctly, and end up with a delicious meal. Some recipes are a bit divergent from mainstream cooking (fritters that may replace pancakes, for example–awesome, btw), but the bulk of the recipes are simply good old-fashioned protein and vegetable combinations, stepped up with appetizing flavor combinations and subtle substitutions to keep autoimmune flares at bay. -Dare You To Blog
Sarah is an incredibly meticulous researcher & writer & that style applies to her cookbook too. Using a dietary & lifestyle protocol as restrictive as this one can feel isolating, but with yet another incredible resource from Sarah I am again reminded that I can find health & still eat scrumptious food. –Alt-Ternative Autoimmune
Sarah’s book truly gives you all you need to start (or continue on) your AIP journey. I was most impressed by the extreme range of foods offered in her book. If you are in a rut with your meals, this book will certainly force you out! –He Won’t Know It’s Paleo
While The Paleo Approach was masterfully put together with an incredible amount of information, made easily understandable by Sarah’s own diagrams and illustrations, the companion cookbook is equally the treasure trove of gourmet recipes. –Bedrock Living
“It’s beautiful, practical and every detail seems well thought out and intentional. I know I’ll continue to use The Paleo Approach Cookbook for both the recipes and the wealth of information.” – Hold the Grain
“The Paleo Mom never fails to impress. She’s a science brainiac, a Paleo and health educator and a genius in the kitchen. Sarah lists complete nutritional info for all her recipes, and handy kitchen tricks through out. It has more of a text book feel than cook book because it is so densely packed with information.” – Paleo Kitchen Lab
“There’s a whole section of basics (what I call “building blocks” – the things you make to use as pieces of other things, like broth or seasoning mixes). This is invaluable. Really. All by itself it would be worth buying if you’re just getting started with this.” – Titus 2 Homemaker
“As if writing one ground-breaking, life-changing book a year wasn’t enough for Sarah, she was kind enough to gift us with The Paleo Approach Cookbook, a book that started out as a companion recipe book to The Paleo Approach but turned into much more. The Paleo Approach Cookbook is all about the practical steps necessary to make this happen—mainly, how to keep delicious, nourishing, and allergen-free food on the table at all times.” – Autoimmune-Paleo
“After reading this book I am even more impressed with The Paleo Mom than I was before. This book is more like a encyclopaedia then a simple cook book, she even included charts of meat cooking times and temperatures, as well as AIP cooking substitutions. If you are new to AIP this book might be all you need to get started!” – Nutrition is Medicine
“All of [Sarah’s] blog posts, recipe or informational are based on the WHY behind it, not just the YUM. For those of us with Autoimmune disease and other health issues, having the scientific foundation behind how we choose to eat can really help overcome the healing hurdles we are so desperately trying to leap.” – Predominantly Paleo
“[Sarah] has now given us a veritable encyclopedia of recipes, sourcing and cooking guides, meal plans, shopping guides, and nutrition facts for easy reference.” – Real Food Carolyn
The crackers [from The Paleo Approach Cookbook] could not possibly have been easier to make, requiring a mere three ingredients and a handy food processor. Sarah includes a “Tips” section with each recipe, and suggests making “Herb Crackers” by adding 2 Tbsp of your favorite seasoning mix. When I took the crackers out of the oven, the outermost crackers had the “crunch” we all crave.” – Primal Palate
“There are more than 200 recipes in the cookbook, separated into chapters with individual recipes and their corresponding pages on the table of contents – great for quick reference. I especially love how Sarah has a whole chapter dedicated to offal..” – Provincial Paleo
“The recipes are where her love for healing foods really shines through. Each recipe has a nutritional breakdown of macronutrients, vitamins/minerals, substitutions for those on a looser Paleo but not AIP or FODMAP plan, prep/cook times, special tools, and fun facts. The recipes are just fun to read!” – Katrina Runs for Food
“I was so excited to receive Sarah’s new book in the mail last month last month. It is an absolutely amazing guide for not only 150+ recipes, but budget-friendly tips, information, meal plans, and so on.” – Lexi’s Clean Kitchen
“It’s the recipes that are the star of this book and will have you cooking straight out of this book right away. From Bacon-Wrapped Scallops to Thai-Inspired Pork Jowl and Spiced Kabocha Squash to Pina Colada Popcicles, there are more than 200 recipes you can feel confident is making for yourself and your entire family because they’re made with good, wholesome food.” – Livin’ La Vida Low Carb
“Sarah has once again blown me away. The Paleo Approach Cookbook doesn’t just give you tons of delicious AIP paleo recipes. This huge cookbook includes chapters on what to eat, where to buy your AIP friendly foods, and how to eat AIP paleo on a budget. Plus, The Paleo Approach Cookbook offers information such as how to stock your pantry, storing your foods, cooking tips and tools, and managing your time in the kitchen.” – Paleo Cajun Lady
“This book is 400+ pages including over 200 recipes, 6 weeks of meal plans, and various resource chapters & guides (including “Stocking the Pantry,” “Storing Foods,” “Managing Your Time in the Kitchen,” “Alphabetical Yes-No-Maybe So List,” shopping lists, and many, many more). It also contains a chapter that outlines what Autoimmune Paleo is (“The Paleo Approach Basics”).” – Happy Paleo Kids
“I have to share how blown away I was by Sarah Ballantyne’s new book. If you are following a Paleo Autoimmune diet, you need this cookbook. Just buy it now. It is filled s so many incredible recipes that I never would have thought you could eat on the diet.” – A Girl Worth Saving
“Sarah offers more than 150 Paleo recipes, shopping guides, meal plans, and more to make it easy and uber-delicious to get started. Plus: She’s aware that not everyone has time or money for complex, inexpensive dishes, so she explains all the steps needed and pays attention to inexpensive options.” – Examiner
“The Paleo Approach Cookbook is an amazing addition to the Autoimmune Protocol community. All of the recipes are AIP friendly… You don’t have to worry about substituting anything out and that my friends is going to make a whole lot of people very happy. Sarah has taken all of the guess work out of the cooking equation, all you have to do is follow her directions. Every recipe is easy to follow and comes complete with tips, trick and nutritional facts” – Grass-Fed Girl
“[Sarah] is seriously a major kitchen wizard, managing to do amazing things with the restrictions imposed by an AIP eating template. I knew I needed her book and that it would be one I would reference over and over again.” – Be Paleo and Thrive
“I thought there would be just recipes, but I was really pleased to see the basics outlined here again too. There are suggestions on tweaking recipes for FODMAPs. Sarah even sets out menu plans and gives a lot of tips on batch cooking, storage of foods and how to do paleo on a budget. It’s really so much more than ‘just’ a cookbook.” – Comfort Bites
“I was happy when The Paleo Approach Cookbook arrived in my mailbox. This cookbook is jam packed with information about adopting an autoimmune paleo protocol and recipes. I was excited to pick out some recipes to review.” – Paleo Digest
“The reason I love The Paleo Approach is because it’s filled with science facts and little details for me to geek out on, yet I can give it to my family members of mine who are unfamiliar with the Paleo diet and have them understand what it’s all about. In only one page.” – Bos Creek
“The Paleo Approach cookbook is almost like an encyclopedia for Paleo-peeps. It has SO many recipes, some of which I would have never thought to make.” – Bravo for Paleo
“Since part of being healthy and having healthy guts is good nutrition, Sarah also provides the full nutrition facts for each recipe. Everything from macronutrients to vitamins and minerals.” – Breaking Muscle
“I seriously cannot stress how much this book is going to help people struggling with autoimmune diseases and those following the AIP. Sarah has hit it out of the park (again).” – Delicious Obsessions
“I think this book is amazing and I really think it is an essential addition to your paleo bookcase, particularly if you have an autoimmune disorder or someone in your family has.” – Irish Paleo Girl
“There are many recipes that will keep you from feeling massively overwhelmed. They are short and sweet and stright to the point.” – Nourish Your Temple
“I am truly grateful to have such an excellent resource to recommend not only for more than 150 delicious recipes but also for food guides and reference lists that no other cookbook to date can match..” – Anne Angelone
“What an awesome resource to have in your kitchen.  I know when I was considering adopting an autoimmune protocol, this was just the detailed resource I was looking for.” – The Paleo Review

Also check out this video review from Evolve Nutrition and this Spanish review from DietaPaleo!

Recipe Sneak Peeks and Books News


All of the recipes in the cookbook will be AIP (no eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades, grains, etc)— Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

Yay!!! I have a rare autoimmune disease called Churg-Strauss. Not sure I’ll see illness remission from the AIP diet (I also have issues with FODMAPs) since I’m on prednisone and immunosuppressive medication, but I’m going to give it a try for a while. I have a lot of symptoms that hopefully will be alleviated at least.

There is not currently a packaged deal for the books, but you can find both of them on Amazon (for upwards of 35% off), B&N, Indiebound, and Book Depository (with free international shipping). – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

I am just starting the transition to AIP using your books. I want to make the mofomgo stuffing but not stuff in the turkey. Do I need to add extra liquid (broth) to bake in a separate pan? Cant wait to feel better and try all of the recipes!

sto leggendo i due libri the paleo aproach e paleo aproasch cookbook I am very excited to read these two books because they’re giving me answers I was looking for years and taste the beauty of this woman sarah that with his love leads us to disease remission !! thanks sarah six talented and I like simple

I find that I have auto immune now and missed purchasing the BUNDLE for $39.00 as we were in the city. Is there any way that I can still purchase it at that price? Thank you, Carla

What about goat milk and goat milk keffir? The keffir has probiotics. I’ve been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and this diet was recommended by another person who is having success with this diet, plus exercise and supplements.

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