I GOT MY BOOK TODAY! I’ve been sitting in the snow storm in NC and hoping it would come and today was the day. I’ve been reading non-stop and am so enjoying your easy to understand explanations of autoimmune disease. I didn’t know what it was when I started the book. Gotta go, more pages to read…THANK YOU AND GREAT JOB! MARSHA

I really really want to have this book printed and spiral bound but cant because of the copywrite… is there any other options?

Sarah, you’re an angel! You have made the educational, emotional, and life changing experience of celiac disease so much more enjoyable and and less intimidating. Thank you for all you have done for me and so many others! -Tara

I just received this book and I am devouring it! I have FMS, low thyroid, and type 2 diabetes. I have only been following the plan about 4 weeks and still making adjustments, but the first thing I noticed is that my blood sugars stabalized! What a reiief! Thank you so much!


I have a question about the paleo approach cookbook. I loved the recipes on this site so I’m very interested in the book. However following AIP diet strictly actually made me pretty sick. Turns out I have histamine intolerance. Thanks to figuring that out I’m doing better than I have in over a decade. I basically follow a more restricted version of AIP. I can only do very restricted/controlled amounts of organ meat, broth, fermented food, spices like cinnamon, etc. So my question is if there are enough recipes in the book that are low histamine or can be easily modified (I’m not a very skilled cook) to make it worth me getting. I’m sure it’s a wonderful book as I love Sara’s work (including the podcast) but most of the cookbooks I own are mostly useless to me now and I don’t want to deal with the frustration of adding another to that pile. Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer!

In the upcoming PALEO APPROACH COOKBOOK are autoimmune friendly recipes noted? How many autoimmune friendly recipes are in the book? Thank you!

I actually pre-ordered the cookbook last December from Amazaon. Do you think it will be arriving soon since Sarah has been on the book tours for a few weeks? Or do you know when the release date is? Thank you!

I realise the book is focussing on chronic auto immune but I did notice a serious acute autoimmune illness that was not included in the list, Stevens Johnson Syndrome/TEN- Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. Are there some conditions that were not included for a reason? I have just started reading it, so far I am finding it easy to read, thank you Sarah for your commitment to this project.

My apologies, that seems to be the case, sometimes you remember what you want to. In 2007 my mother first developed ITP, was given steroids, 10 days later developed SJS/TEN, subsequently major organ failure & her demise. I had always thought it was autoimmune, but immune dysfunction actually fits her medical history. It has surely made me all the more aware of my own immune system health or lack thereof with coeliac & now Graves Disease. I am quite excited about the possibilities of AIP improving my health & I am very grateful for all the work you & others have done in regarding autoimmune healing. It makes so much sense, I have thought for sometime that all the processed foods had something to do with coeliac disease & gluten intolerance being so common now. We have 3 people in my family with known coeliac & 2 with Graves, another being investigated for rheumatoid arthritis, plus my late mother’s fragile health for many years before she died.

Hi Guys!
Does the Paleo Approach Cookbook give recipes that are compliant for those on the AutoImmune Protocol or just General Paleo Diet?

So sorry! Should have read the other comments first! ALL the recipes are AIP friendly!? You just made my day! Thanks, Christine and Sarah!

Will the cookbook be available on Kindle as well? We’re working on selling our house, and I think my husband might flip if I bring home another cookbook after we’ve boxed all mine up! 😉

I received my copy of The Paleo Approach Cookbook on August 26th, which was my birthday (the best birthday gift ever), I am beyond amazed at the information included in the book. I cannot wait to use some of the menus that Sarah included, this will be a great addition to our cookbook collection. Thanks Sarah!

Tenho colite e candidiase de repetição, sei q o livro pode me ajudar vc tem laçado em portugues, posso comprar aqui em Curitiba.

The cookbook is wonderful! I was starting to stray away into the world of chocolate and other non-AIP stuff, and it’s brought me right back on track – lots of lovely recipes and plenty of treats to get me through my chocolate-craving phases.

I have a question – I used coconut oil instead of palm shortening and arrowroot flour instead of plantain flour for the banana bread, is that why it’s turned out like cake with banana jelly inside (still delicious)? And what’s the gelatine for anyway?

I now have the The Paleo Approach book as well as the kindle book, the book is amazing with so much information, I am so looking forward to the results when I fully implement this way of eating, I have a couple of things to give up, coffee, I have some Bulletproof Coffee beans which weren’t cheap so will finish them off, then that will mean coffee & the last bit of dairy (milk in my coffee) then I will be sorted. Sarah’s recipe book has made things so much easier, already seeing a reduction in body fat, which although I am only about 5 kg (approx 12lbs I think) overweight my body fat percentage up around 39%!!

Thank you for the work you do for the AIP. I found you by way of Atkins->SCD->Paleo->now Paleo AIP/fodmaps. Your book is very helpful.
Turns out I have been allergic to onions/garlic/alliums for years (since age 14) when my psoriasis started. I am now 58 and finally free of the burning, itching, psoriasis dermatologists (5) were unable to help. I have gone pure Paleo, with the nightshade, fodmap restrictions with very good results. Each step along the way has shown improvement. I am motivated not to cheat simply by my face turning red/crusty, taking 3 days to peak, and 10 days to heal. I do miss onions/garlic, but being pain free is worth the effort. SCD got rid of the 15-20x/day diarrhea, which told me I was on the correct path. I was also diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age 14, reconfirmed at age 52 by colonoscopy, have had diarrhea until recently. I also had some episodes of hyperthyroidism with high pulse and blood pressure even after 20 minutes sitting in a Dr.s office waiting to be seen. I have lost 30 pounds so far-have many to go-pretty effortlessly as far as focusing on losing weight. Diarrhea gone, thyroid tests all wnl, Vitamin D levels up well within norms now also. I seem to have to continually make lists to tailor the diet to my body, you gave me more info to work with. Keep up the work, I appreciate all the help I can get.

Through different sites I’ve been directed to your site, several times. Last month after several MRIs, CT scans, taps and biopsies my husbands neurology team has no name or cause for what he’s been going through. He’s on high dose and 8 week taper of steroids and is feeling better/symptoms have ceased for the moment. We are not interested, if at all avoidable, in a lifetime of medications. He’s never been ill before and is the most active and positive of us all.
Long story short, they’ve called it autoimmune and that’s where we stand. The dura matter of his brain is inflamed and scarred resulting is a large number of other very scary symptoms. I’ve read a fair deal on elimination diets and paleo protocols however I’m feeling a bit lost. In order for him to participate in something like this he would have to incur a series of MRIs vs. note the appearance of rashes or inflamed joints or bowel issues. I’m hoping someone can direct me to a path for un-named neurological autoimmune disorders or confirm this is where we in fact need to be. The neurologists are very helpful but not overly interested in how, why or how to live without the pills.

Hey Sarah,

I have MS and your Podcast AND your books AND the Autoimmune Bundle help me sooo much…but… my mother and my brother have MS too…and they don´t really understand why, I am doing what I am doing…sooo, since they´re not that good at reading English…is there any possibility, that your Paleo Approach will be translated?

Thank you soo much for all that your doing! <3

Hello! I would like to purchase the books and have followed the ads on the top of your site saying they are 50% off. When I click on the links though, the prices are not 50% off. Please tell me how I can get the discount advertised? Thank you!

I love all your books but I need a book for a friend. She is a mom of a 18 month old and a pharmacist, that doesn’t believe in gmos, organic, low sugar meals for her toddler. Rather fruit snacks, sweet yogurt, and prepared meals in a microwavable can. What is a good book you could recommend to open her eyes.

Hi there! I got the Kindle version of The Healing Kitchen and have a question about the meal plans and shopping list. I tried look for how many the meal plans feed but I can’t seem to find it. When I am using the shopping list how many does it this feed? Thank you!

I am so confused. I was under the impression that Fibromyalgia was an autoimmune condition. However, I don’t see it on the list of autoimmune diseases from your book. Would the autoimmune protocol help someone with fibromyalgia, or would a different variation on paleo be more appropriate?

Hi Monica, I too am in the same quandary, finding the best diet for fibro. within a Paleo context. Have you had some luck in moving forward, and finding a helpful direction? Please share your info, I would so appreciate it. Thanks, Gloria

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