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WebPhotoChristinaHi everyone! I’m Christina Feindel. I currently share autoimmune protocol recipes at A Clean Plate, which is also on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, and host The Autoimmune Connection on YouTube. My familiarity with The Paleo Mom and experience with the autoimmune protocol go back about a year before Sarah and I met. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Celiac disease in my early twenties, after more than ten years of increasingly debilitating symptoms. After I was diagnosed, I started taking thyroid hormone and I quit eating gluten, but my symptoms continued. Wanting to know why my treatment wasn’t working and what I could do about it, I started looking for answers and came across Sarah’s research.

Sarah’s site was a blessing. I was vegan at the time, but I had already begun to suspect that I had serious problems with grains, beans, and nuts. Sarah’s research gave me the “why” I had been looking for. I adopted the autoimmune protocol and gradually reclaimed my health. I never imagined it could get even better than that! I am over the moon to work for Sarah and have the opportunity to pay back some of the immense good her work has done me. As Content Creator and Graphic Designer for The Paleo Mom, I write book reviews, manage The Paleo Mom’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages, create e-books and marketing images, and oversee The Paleo Approach-Approved certification.


Thanks so much! It’s been great that many of her readers are already familiar faces; it feels like home! 🙂

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