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I’m excited to share with you, not only an amazing bundle deal, but the first e-book bundle that includes an e-book by me!!!!  Primal Life Kit is on sale for one week only!

If you aren’t familiar with e-book bundles, these can be fantastic deals. Bundles typically include a variety of e-books as well as free trial subscriptions and discount codes, all for a huge discount. What’s in it for the authors and companies? Bundling products you may not have been interested in with products you are interested in for a great price means that you’re exposed to something you wouldn’t normally have been exposed to and might become a new fan. This exposure to new markets is why the contributors agree to participate. This particular bundle features more than 49 primal and paleo products for just $39. That is over 97% off what you would pay if you bought everything separately (not including what you could potentially save with all the amazing discount codes!). In short, this is a great bundle (those of you who have been following me for a while know that I am very selective about which bundle deals I endorse). The sale ends Monday, April 28th, so get it while it lasts!

The Paleo Approach Quick-Start Guide by Sarah BallantyneI contributed my NEW The Paleo Approach Quick-Start Guide to the Primal Life Kit.  My guide includes food lists, budget/quality priorities, a shopping guide, substitution suggestions, lifestyle tips, and more information about transitioning to the Paleo autoimmune protocol.  Even if you own The Paleo Approach, you’ll find this guide very useful.  The food lists can be printed off to keep in your wallet or purse for when you’re shopping and the substitutions guide will give you some great ideas on how to restructure your meals to make them The Paleo Approach-friendly!  Note this is a NEW guide and is different from the free Paleo Quick-Start Guide offered to newsletter subscribersAnd, this is an exclusive offer, which means that you will not find this e-book anywhere else!


What’s The Primal Life Kit?

The people at have put together a really exciting package! When you purchase the $39 Primal Life Kit, you get 49 ebooks and other online products plus 14 discounts worth over $1500:

  • 35 Paleo and Primal eCookbooks and Informational eBooks ($498 Value)
  • 3 research papers by Dr. Loren Cordain ($15 Value)
  • 1 Online Cooking Club subscription ($39 Value)
  • 3 Fitness Programs ($67 Value)
  • 2 Paleo Challenges ($44 Value)
  • 2 Meal Plans ($69 Value)
  • 2 Online Magazine Subscriptions ($36 Value)
  • 1 Bonus Video about Eating Paleo on the Road
  • 14 Discounts ($757+ Value)
  • TOTAL = $1,500+ VALUE for only $39!

These educational and potentially life-changing Primal and Paleo products are being sold at more than 97% off their original retail value for one week only – April 21st through April 28th. All the ebooks are in pdf format, so you can read them on your computer or the e-reader of your choice. This $39 kit will give you all the tools you need to eat, cook, work out, and live Primally.

Already sold?


Want more DETAILS?

When I’m trying to decide on whether to buy a bundle, I look at which books I would enjoy, total up the value, and then see if that’s more than the cost of the bundle (then I treat everything else as a bonus). So, here’s the nitty gritty of what’s in this bundle.




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 Phew! Now you see why I endorse this bundle!
This is a crazy amount of great stuff for only $39!
Only one thing left to do…


After you purchase the kit, you’ll be sent an email with a link to all of the downloadable products, as well as the coupon codes for all of the discounted products. NOTE: You will not be shipped any physical goods with your purchase of the Primal Life Kit. These products are downloadable ebooks, online magazine subscriptions, and discount codes. There will be a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please contact with any questions about the Primal Life Kit.

Bundle Image 2


I am going to be on the paleo autoimmune diet starting in May. I have been researching and now believe it is time to jump in. I am tired of being sick all the time! Anyway, I found your website when I saw the bundle on someone else’s blog. I was wondering if your guide would help with substitutions from paleo to autoimmune paleo? That’s what it looks like it is for, but before I bought the bundle I wanted to make sure, because I can’t have eggs for the entire time I do the autoimmune protocol and of course the breakfast part is stressing me out more than anything! Plus I don’t know how to make substitutions, so if I get all these yummy recipes in this bundle, but can’t substitute for a while, they will just be wasted or at least put on a back burner until I am ready to introduce certain foods. Your cookbook is on my wish list! I just recently bought two cookbooks to help with the autoimmune diet and the one I have read, I have loved!

Also the blogs I have started following have posted about paleofx and I think you are mentioned in each post! You are very loved!

Hi Sarah. I was hoping that tech support could help me with the broken links in your book, but it was to no avail – at least they tried. I am hoping you can provide me with some info. In your section on substitutions, I would like the sources to the links for coconut oil (broken), coconut aminos (broken), coconut milk ice cream (broken) and coconut milk kefir (link instead goes to a recipe for kombucha).

Thanks in advance

I would have loved to have purchased the bundle, but I just couldn’t afford it right now. Is there any way I could purchase your PAP quickstart guide by itself? I’ve been on GAPS since October, it’s helped quite a bit, I have your book (so much good info there: thank you!!), I’m looking forward to your cookbook in August… right now I’m trying to aggressively fight yeast, be careful with what I eat, and figure out a meal plan/some recipes so I can be more on autopilot with food these days (I’ve been struggling with skipping meals or eating nuts/fruit when I’m hungry, which I’m now trying to avoid).

I just heard about this on your podcast today (my 6 month old and 3 year old took turns with a stomach bug the last few weeks, it’s been busy here!) ANY chance of this going on sale again?? I already have the Paleo Approach and have preordered the cookbook :)

I just saw this today and the link is still there but it errors. Any chance this will be fixed or offered again. It sounds exactly like what I am looking for.

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