The Best E-Book Bundle Deal of the Year! This Week Only So Don’t Miss Out!

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The e-book bundle is becoming a thing.  Kindof a cool thing, but as more and more bundles are being offered, I’m actually finding that fewer and fewer of them are actually great deals that I can endorse as a whole.  So, I’ve become pickier and pickier about which bundles I endorse.  But boy, do I love the Harvest You Health Bundle! This one is a CRAZY AMAZING deal.

The Harvest You Health Bundle includes 71 e-books, 3 meal plans, 3 online magazine subscriptions and 18 discount codes and the bundle price works out to only 3% of what it would cost you to buy each of these separately!  That’s 97% off!  Even if you’re only interested in 3 or 4 of these e-books or take advantage or 1 or 2 discount codes, you are saving money!

I don’t pretend to understand how e-book bundles work and why so many authors are amenable to contributing their hard work to a bundle that is selling for such a ridiculously huge discount.  I’m just happy when it all comes together and I can share such an amazing deal with you!

This bundle is on sale this week ONLY!  So don’t miss out!

Buy the Bundle Now!

So, without further ado, here’s more information about exactly what’s included in this bundle:Harvest_Your_Health_Bundle_Sale_843X403

The trees wear brilliant shades of yellow, orange, purple, and red. The air is crisp as it brushes our cheeks, and the scent of sweet apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon dance in our homes. Autumn has arrived in full force while the team at Primal Toad was busy harvesting the best collection of health and wellness eBooks to share with you all. Including 65 unique authors, The Harvest Your Health Bundle is sure to bring a bounty of inspirational wellness wisdom to you this fall season.

Your health is important to us,  so we wanted this bundle to be affordable for everyone.  

For one week only, this incredible collection is available for 97% off retail value! You pay just $37!

The following is the list of all the eBooks, meal plans, online magazine subscriptions and discount codes included in this once in a lifetime offer. Use the links to obtain more detailed information on each specific category or book.

Bundle Paleo Cookbooks

Cooking/Preparing Paleo Food

Bundle Real Food Cookbooks

Cooking/Preparing Real Food

meal plansMeal Plans

bundle skin hairPersonal/Home Care (Skin, Hair, Teeth, Cleaning)

bundle womenFertility, Pregnancy, Babies, Children, Motherhood

bundle and moreInspiration


Intentional/Simple Living



Online Magazine Subscriptions

This bundle isn’t just about the e-books!  Just look at these amazing discount codes!!!!

Discount Codes

Pretty amazing deal right?  I’m STILL working on downloading all of these e-books and “thumbing” through the few ones I’m not familiar with.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

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