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photo(2)If you read my most recent newsletter, you already know that I’m flying to Virginia this coming week for the Beyond Bacon Release Party!  I am so exited to be able to go and show  my support for such a fabulous book (you can read my full review here) and for such fabulous friends (who I will actually get to meet for the very first time!  crazy!).  The Release Party is public (more info here); so if you live in the area, feel free to come by.  You can get your copy of Beyond Bacon signed (you can bring your own copy or buy one there) by both the authors (Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry of and the photographer (Aimee Buxton).  Plus, you can meet me and the other paleo bloggers/authors (or as Stacy likes to call us “weblebrities”)  who are attending!  How fun!

You already know that I love, love, love Beyond Bacon.  Since my review, I’ve made three more recipes from the book and loved all of them.  Plus, this very morning, I am picking up half a pig from my local farmer who actually switched processors since the last half pig I bought from him so that I could get all the “fun stuff” (I guess I really made a fuss when the previous processor threw out all of the offal).  I don’t feel intimidated at all by the idea of new cuts, organs, etc. that I’ve never cooked before because Beyond Bacon has a recipe for everything.  But, don’t think that this book is all about organ meat.  95% of the recipes are standard fare, or more accurately:  ridiculously delicious recipes for pork chops, roasts, ground pork, and various delights cooked with bacon and lard (side dishes, fried deliciousness, and amazing desserts too!).  Did I mention there’s over 100 amazing recipes?

Okay, so what you might not already know is that, sitting on my desk as I type,  is a copy of Beyond Bacon to GIVE AWAY to one of my readers.  And, I’m going to do one better.  I’m going to bring this copy of Beyond Bacon with me to Virginia to get it signed!   AND, I’m going to get Matt, Stacy and Aimee Buxton, the genius photographer who did all of the photography for Beyond Bacon, all to sign it.  How cool is that?!  One lucky person is going to win a book that has quite a story behind it.  By the way, I will ship this book to wherever you live, so anyone can enter!

If you’ve already ordered a copy of Beyond Bacon or if you order one as one of the ways that you can enter this giveaway, rest assured that if you do win, you can give your unsigned regular copy away as a gift to someone you love (or, I guess you could return it, but where’s the fun in that?!).
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