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DSC_3935Sometimes it’s just fun to giveaway some great products.  No reason, just because.  And I figured that there was no better way to follow up a recipe for Paleo Monkey Bars in which I used NaturAlmond almond butter and almond flour than giving away some of those same, awesome products?!

More and more, I buy my food locally, from local farmers and small businesses–most of whom I buy from during my weekly trip to my local Farmer’s Market.  Sure, my pantry and freezer are rounded out with items from Whole Foods, Amazon, Tropical Traditions and US Wellness Meats, but, the majority of what my family eats now is organic, locally-grown, fresh fresh fresh and in season.  We feel better eating this way.  And, our food tastes better too.

And among our family food staples are almonds, almond butter, and almond flour from NaturAlmond.

The Paleo Mom love NaturAlmondI have had the great pleasure of getting to know the folks from NaturAlmond over the last year, seeing them every week at my local Farmer’s Market. NaturAlmond is a family-owned small food business based in Atlanta, GA that makes the best almond butter I’ve ever tasted. It’s crazy good!

NaturAlmond is produced in the family-owned state of the art commercial kitchen in Northeast Atlanta. By not outsourcing production, they personally monitor each step in the process and guarantee quality in a peanut free environment.

The key to the high quality products that NaturAlmond produces is that they hand select the highest quality of almonds from California. Unlike other manufacturers, NaturAlmond is handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness and flavor. By slow roasting the almonds, the essential oils are released to maximize the taste and then ground to the ideal consistency. A touch of natural sea salt is then added to each batch.

NaturAlmond Almond Butter is a crunchy style almond butter that is so much more flavorful than any almond butter I have tasted. It’s become our normal Saturday morning routine to walk through our local Farmer’s Market and make a long stop at the NaturAlmond stand, where I enjoy talking with the owners Jamie and Harry Foster, and my youngest daughter eats spoonful after spoonful of free almond butter tasters!  Oh yeah, and I always have to buy a jar to take home! Both of my girls love NaturAlmond Almond Butter by the spoonful, to dip apple slices or celery stalks in, spread on paleo bread, or used in paleo baking.

NaturAlmond also produces almond flour. Unlike blanched almond flour, this uses the whole almond. It’s not as finely milled as something like Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour so it doesn’t give that lightness to cake or muffin recipes, but it is absolutely awesome in my yeast-based paleo bread recipe (makes for a nicer crust and more rustic texture), my pumpkin squares recipe, and as a breading like in my chicken fingers recipe, and of course in my new Paleo Monkey Bars recipe!. I find myself using both NaturAlmond almond flour and Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour depending on the recipe.

NaturAlmond has graciously donated 1 Jar of Almond Butter and 1 Bag of Almond Flour to EACH OF THREE WINNERS!

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Due to restriction in shipping, this giveaway is open to US Residents only.


I have been following your website for Autoimmune Issues that I deal with – Psoriasis on my hands, feet, elbows, and under my breasts. I Love your recipes that you post on Facebook and on your website! I saw your giveaway for the Almond Butter and Almond Flour, and I think it is awesome, that you are helping people to eat much healthier, so that they can heal AutoImmune issues! Keep sharing your posts and your blogs and helping us all to live much healthier lives!

For people coming off of strict AIP, would it be wise to start first with blanched nuts rather than whole-nut products? I prefer whole-nut butters, but was wondering if the peel contains more phytates and lectins than the inside of the almond.

I already subscribe to your email newsletter. I’m planning on making your Yeast Bread recipe to receive the NaturAlmond Butter.

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