Why YES! That Is Me on the Cover of PaleoDiet Magazine!

January 12, 2013 in Categories: by

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PDMag768PaleoDiet Magazine is a new iPhone/iPad magazine, the collaborative work of expert contributors to deliver the latest news, fabulous recipes, exclusive interviews, and educational facts all about the paleo lifestyle in both the magazine and daily to your inbox.  And, yes!  That is me on the cover!

In its very first issue ever, you will find TWO articles by me, an article by Chris Kresser and an article by Richard Nikoley! That’s some pretty rockin’ awesome article company to be in.  (Not to mention this seminal issue also contains a recipe, a research review, an article on grass-fed beef and an article on brocolli!).  Wait, did I mention the audio interview with me?!  Yep, feelin’ the PaleoDiet Magazine love!

PLUS you can try this iPhone/iPad app for FREE!  As a special treat for my readers, PaleoDiet Magazine has given me the coupon code PaleoMagVIP to share with you to give you one FREE issue!

If you need help figuring out how to activate your subscription with the coupon code, here’s an instructional video!


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