Celebrating the BIG 10K with a GIVEAWAY! (Or Three!)

January 9, 2013 in Categories: by

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Wow!  I can not thank you all enough!  You support and enthusiasm is what makes this hobby-turned-career-blog-adventure-thing so fulfilling and motivating and just plain old awesome!

Er, in case you missed it, I just hit 10,000 likes on Facebook last night.  I also recently hit 2000 followers on PinterestTwitter is not that far behind.  I also recently hit over 1,000,000 page views just since I switched the blog over from Blogger to WordPress in September.  Crazy!

I promise not to let it go to my head. :)  Well, maybe a little, just for a little while (because weeeeeeeeeeeee!)–but I’ll come back down to Earth quickly.

So, what am I doing to celebrate this big milestone?  Why, of course, another giveaway!  Actually, THREE giveaways!  Gotta share the love!

What am I giving away?  Three packages:

Package 1

A jar of NaturAlmond Almond Butter
A package of unsweetened noGRAINola from Primal Paleo Concepts
A $30 gift certificate to Itsumo Ahi Jerky

Package 2

A jar of NaturAlmond Almond Butter
A package of unsweetened noGRAINola from Primal Paleo Concepts
A $25 Gift Certificate to Massa Natural Meats

Package 3

3 Paleo Chocolate Bars
3 Packages of Grass-Fed Jerky
from Hunted & Gathered

These giveaways are entirely sponsored (and I thank my sponsors profusely for letting me share their fabulous products in this way!).  Packages 1 and 2 are limited to US Residents only (due to shipping restrictions).  Package 3 is available to anyone anywhere!  Woot!

Want to know more about the products I’m giving away?

NaturAlmond is a family-owned small food business based in Atlanta, GA that makes the best almond butter I’ve ever tasted.  It’s crazy good!  NaturAlmond hand selects the highest quality of almonds from California.  Their almond butter is handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness and flavor.  By slow roasting the almonds, the essential oils are released to maximize the taste and then ground to the ideal consistency. A touch of natural sea salt is then added to each batch. By not outsourcing production, they personally monitor each step in the process and guarantee quality in a peanut free environment.

Primal Paleo Concepts‘s motto is “the best nature has to offer with 0% Yucky Stuff”.  Their granola  is naturally low carb, no sugar added and paleo-friendly.  Yay for crunch and convenience!  My husband’s first words when he tried this granola were “Ohh!  Me likey!”.  My youngest is equally as addicted–straight out of the bag, too.  Ingredients are super simple: Organic Coconut, Almonds, Prunes (unsweetened, unsulfured), Carrots, and Himalayan Sea Salt.

Massa Natural Meats is a family-owned and operated farm raising purely grass-fed beef in the valley and foothills of Northern California.  Massa Natural Meats and the Massa Ranch in rural Glenn County is an active participant in numerous conservation efforts geared towards agricultural sustainability.  For large orders (i.e.: 1/4 or 1/2 beef) that are going to be shipped a long distance, Massa Natural Meats is now able to ship “airport to airport” via airline at VERY reasonable rates.  They do not have a minimum purchase of any sort and are now offering free shipping for “by the cut” orders over $100 with code “FreeShip100″ (good for anyone who wants to stock up on quality grass-fed meat!).  This gift certificate can be used toward your meat order and/or shipping expenses.

Itsumo Ahi Jerky makes a paleo-friendly tuna jerky that just rocks.  High in DHA and EPA omega-3 fats, easy to digest protein, sustainably fished, free of processing and artificial additives, and produced in an environmentally-concious way.  Plus talk about convenience food!  I keep a pouch of this tuna jerky in my purse for emergencies.  The ingredients of the paleo tuna jerky are: yellowfin tuna, pineapple juice, rock salt, ginger, garlic, onion, nutmet, black pepper and liquid smoke.  I happen to know that they are also working on some new paleo-friendly products that will launch soon.  You can also use the coupon code PALEOMOM for 10% off!!! (good for anyone who want to try these products!)

Hunted & Gathered are dedicated to providing high-quality, environmentally-friendly goods for people who care about what goes into and onto their body.  They have a great appreciation for handcrafted, functional goods, which is why their chocolate and jerky are so famous in paleo circles.  The ingredients of their Paleo Chocolate are: organic cacao solids (60% min), organic virgin cacao butter, organic dark agave nectar, organic cacao powder, organic coconut oil, organic carob, organic cinnamon, and Himalayan crystal salt.  The ingredients of their Grass-Fed Jerky are: strictly pasture-fed beef, salt, herbs and spices, vinegar, organic brown sugar (less than 1 gram).

So, how do you enter?

For EACH of the items below that you do, leave A COMMENT on THIS POST saying what you did.  Yes, that means that you can enter up to 9 times.  And yes, that also mean that you could win more than one package!

Make sure to include your e-mail address (the comment form asks for it) so that I can contact the winners.  Please also mention what country you live in for each comment you leave (or you can mention “USA” or “Outside the USA”) because only one of these giveaways can be shipped internationally.

To enter please do any or all of the following:

  1. Check out NaturAlmond’s website and/or like them on Facebook.
  2. Check out Paleo Primal Concept’s website and/or like them on Facebook.
  3. Check out Itsumo Ahi Jerky’s website and/or like them on Facebook.
  4. Check out Massa Natural Meats’ website and/or like them on Facebook.
  5. Check out Hunted & Gathered’s website, like them on Facebook, and/or follow them on Twitter.
  6. Support me by liking me on Facebook, following me on Twitter or Pinterest, and/or subscribe to my RSS Feed (to get my posts e-mailed to you).  If you already do, share your favorite post (like maybe this one?) or recipe of mine with your friends and help spread the word!
  7. Support me by linking through the links on the sidebar of my page any time you make a purchase from Amazon, Tropical Traditions or US Wellness Meats (you don’t need to buy the item you link from with any of these sellers).
  8. Support me by buying and wearing The Paleo Mom swag.
  9. Support me by making a donation of any amount through Paypal.

Three winners will be chosen at random from the commentors below.  This contest will close in 1 week.


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