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Hi thank you for your blog and advice. I am new in this paléo thing and reading 4+.
I have one comment about flax seed use- It is full of phytoestrogen and people with breast cancer or recovering from it ( like my husband) should avoid it ( as well as tofu – NOT a problem with paléo food). Hope it helps!

Hi! I’ve been following the autoimmune protocol for a few weeks now and am confused as to how to proceed. I have thyroid issues (multi-nodular goiter with high thyroid hormone levels) and within the past week I’ve had a number of tests done due to various health issues. I’ve learned that I have Barrett’s esophagus, Sjogrens and high uric acid levels. I told my physician about my diet and she researched foods high in purines, which contribute to high uric acid levels. She indicated I should cut way back on all meats, fish etc. including broths. I really don’t know which way to turn to reduce my uric acid levels, heal my esophagus which burns all the time and deal with my autoimmune issues. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I’m getting a little discouraged.

I would suggest taking digestive enzymes (both plant enzymes and pancreatin, but look for a brand that does not contain betaine HCl) and oxbile (again, look for a brand without HCl). With the nexium (and yes, with Barrett’s esophagus, you do need to take it for now), you will need extra help digesting food until you can correct the overgrowth in your gut that is causing the reflux. As for the purines, recent research shows that high sugar, especially fructose, is the problem (at least in the case of gout). That’s unlikely if you are following the AIP, but it might be preexisting. Diets rich in high purine content vegetables (mostly from the brassica family like cauliflower and cabbage) are known to decrease the risk of gout as is the inclusion of red meat in the diet. Are you eating a lot of veggies? That’s an important part of the AIP and can have a profound positive affect on gut bacteria. The other diet factor that is really important with overgrowth is getting plenty of omega-3s (lots of fish). You may also look at supporting liver function, meaning focusing on vitamins and minerals (organ meat, *fish*, vegetables, pink salt) and maybe taking milk thistle seed extract as a supplement. Make sure you are drinking enough water too (between meals more so than with them to optimize digestion).

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