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Do you have questions about transitioning yourself or your family to paleo and want to pick our brains? Would you like to join us on The Paleo View? Well, this is your opportunity!!

This week’s The Paleo View podcast episode is our Paleo 101 Show. In this episode, we go through the basics of the paleo diet and explain the whys behind the various aspects of what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. Next week will be Paleo 102, which covers more of the lifestyle aspects of paleo. What we’re looking for, though, is someone to join us on the 3rd and final part of our Intro to Paleo series, who is new to the whole scene and filled with lots of questions they’d like to ask.

For that 3rd part of the series, we are inviting two lucky listeners to join us on The Paleo View to ask us questions about the paleo diet, implementation, and transition. Yes, two lucky listeners get to pick our brains for a whole hour!

If you would like to join us on The Paleo View, you must:

  1. Be relatively new to paleo (or completely new to paleo!), have lots of questions, and be comfortable sharing your (clean rated) voice with the world;
  2. Listen to our Paleo 101 episode of The Paleo View and have a fairly good grasp of the major concepts behind the paleo diet;
  3. Be available to record via a Skype on Sunday December 16th at 8pm ET for about 1 hour (preferably, we’d like you to be familiar with Skype and, perhaps, own a headset or headphones to prevent echo).

How do you enter?

We’re so glad you asked! To enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post explaining a little bit about who you are, what questions you have, and why you would like to join us on The Paleo View (just a couple of paragraphs, no essays please).
  2. Make sure to include your email address so that we can contact the winner.
  3. Start campaigning your fellow The Paleo View fans for the opportunity to represent them on the podcast!

How do you win?

  1. Get the most “likes” of all the comments on this post.
  2. To vote for someone that you think would do a great job asking questions on our podcast, “vote up” their comment below.

The comment with the most likes by the end of the day Thursday, December 13th will be invited to join us on the podcast. One commenter will be selected from each blog (The Paleo Mom and Paleo Parents). You are welcome to enter on one or both blogs.


What if you have a question but don’t want to be on the show? You can also suggest questions for others to ask on your behalf by replying in the comments below. Or if you have another question for the podcast, you can submit it here.


Please note, any inappropriate commenters or negative campaigning against fellow commenters will make you ineligible for joining us on the podcast – we like friendly, upbeat guests!

Now go, share this post with your friends to try and get the most likes!


Hey Stacy and Sarah! My name is Ashley and I would absolutely love to be a guest on the show. I listen to your podcasts on long walks with my dog, and I sooo look forward to listening as often as I can! I started eating paleo/primal in September 2012 and I’m never looking back. I’m 21 years old, and in the past year I’ve lost 31 pounds (the last 10 during my time primal eating.) My fiancé has also lost about 17 pounds in a little over a month! Here’s some background about my story:

I moved to Louisiana to transfer schools 2 years ago. I was going through a bit of a hard time with depression and was taking steroids to control my adult onset asthma. While the food here is great, eating fried seafood and entire loaves of french bread is not the healthiest choice! My weight crept up very quickly from 155 pounds to 178 pounds. I was absolutely horrified to even look at the scale and I refused to buy any bigger clothes. Coincidentally, I had an annual exam at the “lady doctor” who told me I might have PCOS. I took the 3 hour glucose tolerance test and failed it miserably. I was put in touch with a metabolic specialist who put me on metformin and referred me to the “insulin resistance diet,” which is basically just eating carbs balanced with protein at every meal, but not setting a limit on total carb intake. It took me 9 months and 2000 mg of metformin a day to lose the first 20 pounds, and my A1C was looking good. However, one time I ate a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter on the way to get blood work and my doctor called me back saying my glucose was well over 100 a couple hours later. I didn’t understand how this “healthy” complex carbohydrate source could spike my sugar so high!

I started reading success stories of people on and really wanted to try to get off medication and continue my journey to health. I decided to stop taking metformin in September and give up my beloved morning oatmeal. It seemed like the weight fell off so easily and I have never felt better. I will never understand why doctors persist on prescribing medications to control issues and not rely on diet alone. It was clear that even on the “insulin resistance diet,” without metformin those 27 g of carbs from my oatmeal would be raising my glucose and insulin levels through the roof. My doctor even doubted that I would continue to lose after quitting the drug! She told me that I might have to go back on metformin because it was likely I would not lose weight without it. Boy, was she wrong!

It is absolutely amazing to me that doctors would rather a 21 year old rely on medication than face the truth about diet. I have almost completed my undergrad biology degree and I can tell everyone I know that I wholeheartedly believe in this diet. The science I’ve learned in biochemistry and molecular and cell biology just further concrete how beneficial this diet is. I am going into the health care field, hoping to be a nurse practitioner or midwife someday, and I hope to spread the word about the impact good nutrition can have on your health.

Some questions I have for the future:

– I recently came off of birth control because I saw it as another ploy to control the symptoms of PCOS, but not address the root causes. Is there anything I can do to help my hormones regulate themselves in the best way possible? I’m no longer insulin resistant. I read from Stefani Ruper that thin women should eat higher carb and overweight women should eat low carb. I’m 5’5″ and 147 pounds and I’m just not sure where I fall into this category! Is there any supplements that are particularly good for hormone regulation?

– I take a little bit of Lugol’s 2% iodine everyday (2-3 drops) as I heard this is good for PCOS. I do see some conflicting studies about that. Any ideas? I do feel great when I take it and I seemed to have failed the skin test miserably (I know some evaporates off the skin but my iodine patch literally absorbed within one hour). Is the RDA for iodine really too low?

– I noticed on Thanksgiving (after I indulged in a slice of pie and stuffing), that I began wheezing before bed and had to take my albuterol inhaler. Usually, especially since paleo, my asthma has only been bad during exercise. Is the connection between gluten and asthma real? Even though I know that gluten is not good for ANYONE, is this something that makes me especially gluten intolerant? I try to take my asthma medication only when needed.

– I walk everyday and try to do a crossfit type workout 2x per week. I like doing these workouts but they leave me feeling tired and cranky. I feel like exercise should leave you energized! Any ideas for why this is happening? Could it be adrenal fatigue or am I just not cut out for intense exercise? I know strength training is healthy for PCOS, so that’s why I keep trying!

Thank you so much Stacy and Sarah! You are the best!

Hi Sara,

I’d like to enter the Paleo Listener Contest,

I am 2 days shy of completing my Whole 30. Halfway in I realized something was very wrong. I know I have Sjogren’s Syndrome, Celiac Disease, Hashimoto’s and Endometriosis. I just had a hysterectomy in May of this year and am on estrogen therapy. It’s been hell trying to navigate what to eat, how much to eat and NOT GAIN WEIGHT. When I began the Paleo diet on the advice of my brother in law and a co worker I never expected to be on this roller coaster of AIP, FODSMAP and combating SIBO.

I have a million questions. I want to know if ANYONE with Hashimoto’s has successfully lost weight on this diet (I haven’t found any success stories about this)? Do any women on Estrogen Therapy ever wean off without all the menopausal symptoms? How often should you work out and how intensely if you’re suffering from an autoimmune disease (I ask because sometimes intense workouts set me back)? How come the “safe herbs” are still causing a reaction in me? Is there anything I could take to combat the reactions I have if I do ingest something that causes a reaction?

Thanks, you guys rock!


Hello ladies, my name is Jess. I’m
a 37 year old working mother (of 1) and wife. Since 2006 I’ve lost 125lbs (and a gall bladder) and have
pretty much stayed at my current weight, give or take 5lbs. I chalked it up to the lack of
energy, my doctor said I was terribly anemic. In 2010 I was (mis)diagnosed with
a rare form of anemia that would have left me with months to live, rejecting
that theory I searched for my own answers. I was tired constantly, bloated,
horrible stabbing pains in my stomach, but I certainly had NO intention of
dying. At the same time my
niece (age 3 at the time) had just been diagnosed with celiac, I had NEVER
heard of celiac prior to this. A
few months of searching for answers came and went, when my sister-in-law
mentioned I had the same symptoms as my niece. Long story short (to late) I was told I had a wheat allergy,
simple fix. I’ve been gluten free
since September 2010…ok, there were a few costly cheats L

Here we are, 2 years later and
still feeling sluggish, anemic and haven’t lost a pound since making the switch
off gluten. Continuing my search for answers, I went onto the internet and ran across the paleo movement and decided to start
another transition in my life. While looking for more informative information I
found the Paleo View podcast and have emerced myself in trying to understand
all the paleo “rules”. No wheat (no problem), no dairy, no beans, no sugar
(ugh). Purchased the Everyday Paleo and Practical Paleo cookbooks (Eat Like a
Dinosaur is on my daughters Christmas wish list).

It’s now been 3 months of “honest
paleo” and the weight remains. The only change is that my skin looks fabulous, I
have more energy, I don’t obsess over calorie counting and my daughter has been
diagnosed with a wheat allergy. I
feel I’m missing something, some simple change that can be made, I’m waiting
for that light bulb moment.

Today I received a call from my
doctor with my blood work results, my iron is up, everything is looking
fantastic BUT I don’t have a wheat allergy…I have celiac. Not a huge deal, I’m
on the path to my perfect paleo and gluten has no part in that.


Hi Sarah and Stacy!

I have listened to ALL of your The Paleo View Podcasts as of today! I absolutely love them and would love to be a guest on the show! I went gluten free in August of 2011, after an elimination diet that left me realizing how much gluten messed with my body! And since then have lost 50 lbs. My fiance went paleo before I did after reading Mark’s book, The Primal Blueprint. And honestly at first I thought he was crazy but when I realized how many similarities it had to my own issues. So we went paleo around Christmas 2011. We were both doing great with Paleo for quite a few months until we got our cholesterol test back and we both had very high cholesterol and kind of freaked out. Our doctors were telling us unless we got it under control we would have to go on medication. We are both under 35 too! From that point for about 4 months we went back to eating rice, oats and greek yogurt, also some gluten free breads here and there. 4 months later we felt horrible, aching joints, stomach issues, no good. We decided to find a paleo friendly doctor and start back on a strict Paleo. Since then I have done the 21 day sugar detox and embraced my issues with sugar and now only drink black coffee and mainly just more tea, have tried to lower my fruit intake as well. I have become more knowledgeable on Paleo this time around and have listened to your podcast, Balanced Bites and others as well. I blog about my experience when I can and it helps me to stay on track. I feel like every time I listen to a podcast I have a question I want to ask of you guys so I know I would have more than an episode could handle! I hope I get to be a guest! Vote for me!

Ooh, this sounds like fun! I’m in!

I’m turning 30 in a month and have 13-month-old twins after a 2+ year battle with infertility and suspected PCOS. I’ve had hormone-related skin and health problems since I was a young teenager and have struggled with my weight for the better part of the last seven or eight years. I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and actually enjoyed my controlled-carb diet, but as soon as my girls were born I went back to my old “all carb, all sugar, all the time” habits. Since then, I’ve dropped 10 pounds thanks to nursing and another 15 through Weight Watchers, and I’ve recently dropped grains from my diet after learning about the Paleo diet through your podcast, which I downloaded on a whim while thinking about a blogger I know who incorporates some of the Paleo philosophy into what she and her family eat.

I feel tired and achy much of the time, and I’ve been somewhere on the spectrum of “tired” to “flat-out exhausted” dating back to my teenage years. I’ve had allergy testing and seen an endocrinologist before, with no real results. I’m finding going grain-free has really been helpful so far in generally feeling good digestively because it’s helped me focus on eating more fruits and vegetables, and I’m starting to admit to myself that I really need to drop sugar as well.

My husband is currently losing weight and eating better with the help of a strength training/nutrition program he’s doing, so our household is very much in flux right now and our momentum is towards making more conscious food choices and this is prime time for me to really get my footing in Paleo to see how I can continue to make positive changes in my health. I’d also like to learn more about how to start modifying my children’s diets now while they’re still young before they put up much resistance to change, but I want to be conscious of the nutritional needs of young toddlers, too.

I will add that my mom is the last of the 4 women in her family to have a gall bladder, and my family is chock-full on both sides of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc… I really want to take this as a lesson to me to take better care of myself now while I’m young.

My email address is :)

Hi Stacey and Sarah! What a wonderful opportunity. I am a 39 year old mom of two and full time elementary school teacher. I am passionate about nutrition, and have learned so much about how what we eat affects us over the last six months. I am new to Paleo – I’ve been solidly eating Paleo for about six months now. I still have a LOT of questions, but first, a little about me:
My background goes along like many others – lots of diets, success losing weight by counting points, weight coming slowly back on, ignoring points in favor of pregnancy and babies, and lots of processed foods.
When my youngest was three, I finally got back on the exercise train, and went back to counting points. I lost about ten pounds but this time I was just unhappy with the way I felt. I had several asthma episodes, and my face was breaking out all the time. My sister suggested many times that I try out a Paleo diet, but my responses were along the lines of… “But healthy grains are good for you!” and “I can’t survive without my Greek yogurt!” Finally, I had a fitness assessment during which my body composition was taken. My body fat was 36%. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that as an avid exerciser, I STILL would have such a high number (what I felt was high). I finally realized that it had to be the food. Initially, I cut out processed foods, but over a few month’s time, I finally found my way into the Paleo way of eating, and have never turned back. I saw great improvement with my asthma, and my skin is glowing like it never did before.
Of course, six months is not long, and I still have lots of questions. One of my biggest stumbling blocks is what to eat when I just don’t feel like cooking, or when I really just want a snack. Last night, I got mad – really, MAD! because I was hungry at 8:30, and all I could think of to eat was an apple and some almond butter. I was furious because I really did not want to eat it! Also, I worry that when something in life comes along that takes up even more of my time, how will I ever find the time to cook and prepare the way I do now? I wonder if I should try to reintroduce gluten just to see how it makes me feel? So as you can see, I have a lot still to learn.
I’ve been listening to your podcast from the start, and really enjoy it. Sometimes I wish that I could step in and say what I’m thinking! Once, you answered one of my questions, and I was so excited! It was about feeding my non-meat eating son (who ate an entire grass-fed burger last night, by the way).
I would love to talk with you both on your podcast – it seems like an amazing opportunity. Thanks for reading!

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