TPM Tidbit: One of My Recipes Has Been Nominated “Best of 2012″ by Paleo Magazine!

November 16, 2012 in Categories: by

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My Paleo Chicken Pad Thai recipe has been nominated for Best Savory Dish (Online) of 2012 by Paleo Magazine.

This is so exciting for me! It implies that the folks over at Paleo Magazine actually read my blog from time to time!  Woot! And as corny as it is to say, it really is an honor just to be nominated (of course, it would be even more fun to win!) .

If you are inclined, I would truly appreciate your vote.

You can vote (thru Friday November 30th) for your favorite recipes (including mine), books, blogs, and paleo products here.  And thank you!!!


Voted for you! I so enjoy your site. And on a separate note, I’ve got some chicken livers in my fridge and I’m going to be very brave and try to make pate tomorrow, you’ve inspired me……Maybe I’ll work my way up to your Offal Stew. It was cute, in the poll was Favorite Offal. I asked my husband (who lives on stuffed pizza and chip n mint ice cream, so definitely isn’t on the Paleo bandwagon) what I should vote for in the category, kidney, heart, liver, tongue or brain; he said, “What, all of the above isn’t a choice?” But anyway, your Paleo pad thai is not only delicious, it can be easily put together on a weeknight after work. Thanks for all you do!

We had chicken hearts shortly after I saw your stew recipe in a local restaurant (the Bachelor Farmer in Minneapolis) and they were very good. You had me with the stew recipe until I read the part about separating the veins from the heart. However, the more I learn the more I am able to appreciate superfoods; I have celiac, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, brain chemical imbalance, female hormone issues……I am working with a naturopath, and the help I get from your site, Balanced Bites, Sean Croxton, NomNomPaleo, etc is having a tremendous impact; it’s amazing the amount of healing that can be done with food. If you had told me 5 years ago that my fridge would always be full of bone broth and Kombucha and hopefully now some organ meats, I would not have believed it. As I get older (I am 10 years older than you) it’s amazing that vanity is such a smaller part of my nutrition/exercise motivation, it’s almost all about simply wanting to feel good and be healthy now.

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