Celebrating My Blog Anniversary with a Week of Giveaways!

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Giveaway #6:  My THREE Favorite Paleo Books AND More The Paleo Mom Swag!

This week marks one full year since the beginning of my blogging adventure.  So, to celebrate one year of blogging, I am doing a whole week of giveaways!  That’s right.  Every day this week, I am doing new giveaway every single day!  This is a way for me to say thank you to you for all of your support!  I also get to share some of my favorite products, books and more!  Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Victory Belt Publishing (and I’m throwing in another T-shirt and a fridge magnet!)!

I’ve posted a number of book reviews.  You’ve probably figured out that Practical Paleo is my favorite paleo resource book (you can read my review of Practical Paleo here).  I also highly recommend The Paleo Answer for those who want to get into the nitty gritty science behind the paleo diet is, and I still love The Paleo Solution for its whole health approach (and for Robb Wolf’s wit).  But, for practical application and information on paleo modifications, it just doesn’t get any better than Practical Paleo.  Absolutely my favorite paleo book.

What about the plethora of paleo cookbooks out there?  Which ones are my favorites? There are three cookbooks that I find myself coming back to again and again when I’m not in a mood for inventing or when I need a recipe that I know is fabulous to use as the base for a new creation.  These are Eat Like a Dinosaur, Make It Paleo and Paleo Comfort Foods.

Eat Like a Dinosaur by Paleo Parents is one of the most underrated paleo cookbooks out there (you can read my review of Eat Like a Dinosaur here).  If you have kids, this book should be in your cookbook collection.  The entire book is full of family-friendly recipes and some pretty awesome kid staples to make getting your kids to eat paleo easy.  Loving this cookbook is one of the things that drew me to Paleo Parents and laid the foundation for our friendship and now podcast collaboration.  There are recipes from this book that I cook every single week for my family.  This book rocks.

Paleo Comfort Foods by Charles and Julie Mayfield is the first paleo cookbook I owned.  My husband bought it for me last Christmas, back at the beginning of my paleo journey.  I do have an emotional attachment to this book because of the role it played in my and my family’s transition to paleo.  This book is full of staples and paleofied southern comfort foods.  I have made over half of the recipes in this cookbook and loved every single one.  It is this emotional attachment that makes Paleo Comfort Foods win over Make It Paleo for this giveaway (but Make It Paleo is a rockin’ awesome cookbook too).

For the last giveaway of my week of giveaways, Victory Belt Publishing has graciously donated one copy each of:

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

Eat Like a Dinosaur by Paleo Parents

Paleo Comfort Foods by Charles and Julie Mayfield

I also talked Victory Belt into shipping internationally, so anyone can enter this giveaway! (and another HUGE thank you to Victory Belt for sponsoring this giveaway).

To make this last giveaway extra special, I am also throwing in a:

It’s Only Effort Until It’s Routine Short or Long-sleeved T-Shirt (you choose style, color and size)

It’s Only Effort Until It’s Routine Fridge Magnet
(enough of you told me you have this slogan on your fridge, I figured I’d make it easier for you!)


To enter this giveaway, please do at least one of the following:

  1. Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or Pinterest, or subscribe to my RSS Feed (to get my posts e-mailed to you).
  2. Share my blog with your friends, however you want to accomplish that (Facebook share, tweet, pin, call them on the phone, send an e-mail, mention it in person… you decide!)
  3. Support me by linking through the links on the sidebar of my page any time you make a purchase from Amazon, Tropical Traditions or US Wellness Meats (you don’t need to buy the item you link from with any of these sellers).
  4. Support me by buying and wearing The Paleo Mom swag.
  5. Support me by making a donation of any amount through Paypal.

Now, simply comment on this post and let me know that you connect with/shared/supported me somehow.  A winner will be chosen at random from the commenters below.  Don’t forget to include your email address so I can contact the winner!


This contest is now closed.


I love your posts and appreciate them so much! My sister, 2 daughters, son, grandson and I all struggle with similar autoimmune disorders as you. I have told everyone that will listen about your great information. I follow you on fb, pintrest and email. I would love to share these books with my loved ones! Thank you again for your great information!

I just found your site a few weeks ago and am in love! My family and I are new to the paleo diet so these books would be such amazing resourcse to make the process a little less overwhelming (Especially the Eat like a Dinosaur book as we have an 18mo old boy and a very picky 3.5 year old girl!) BTW, I am a new follower on Facebook and Pinterest and look forward to your posts!!!

I REALLY, really, really could use these cookbooks, and would LOVE to have a shirt!!! I love all your posts!

I recently started to follow you on FB and just this morning found you on Pinterest. Two of us in family starting AIP on Monday. Years of illness, my daughter very severely ill. Will keep you posted as progress! Thanks for a job well done!

Happy to have met your entry requirements. Not sure how you will make your winner selection but if I were to be chosen these treasures will go to my mother with failing health who is just learning/embracing Paleoism. I hope I can help her with these items you are generously gifting. Thank you!

I only found your website recently, but I immediately added it to my favourites and followed you on twitter. I have been sharing the Paleo message with family and friends – hopefully the change they see in me will convince them of its benefits.

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