TPM Tidbit: AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bars are Here! And They are Awesome!

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Have you heard about the new AMRAP Nutrition Refuel BarIt is the first 100% paleo meal replacement/protein bar on the market.  I have two words to describe these bars:  convenient and delicious.

 The loss of convenience foods are one of the biggest challenges of following a paleo diet.  Until now, Larabars and Tankabars were the only options for quick non-perishable snack/meal bars for those on the go.  This makes the launch of the Refuel Bar that much more exciting!

 These are the ingredients:  Raw Almond Butter, Unsweetened Coconut, Egg White Protein Powder*, Raw Sesame Seeds, Raw Almond Chunks, Raw Honey, Ground Cinnamon, Sea Salt. (*Derived from chickens not treated with growth hormone)

 How exciting to see such a clean ingredient list!  No weird chemicals.  No psyllium husk.  Just the kind of ingredients that I might have in my kitchen.  All in a convenient non-perishable package, easy to grab, easy to keep in the bottom of your purse or glove compartment for emergencies, easy to pack in your kid’s lunchbox.  Even better, this is just the first of several flavors that AMRAP Nutrition is working on.

 And these bars are delicious!  Not too sweet, but sweet enough that my kids loved them, a perfect balance of flavors with a wonderful slightly chewy with just a bit of crunch texture.  Not sticky, not crumbly, just awesome. 

 Where can you get these AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bars?  You can order them online (they are priced at $3.00/bar).  And CrossFit Gyms across the country will be selling them.



Sounds great but the way my kids devour bars (usually Lara bars though I’m not crazy about the company or that they aren’t organic)….3.00 each might be too steep for us!

Not really. The dominant flavor is the almond with a strong hint of cinnamon. Mostly it adds some texture. But, I do like sesame, so it might stand out more if I didn’t like it.

Have you seen Steve’s Paleo Kit bars? They are Paleo and have been on the market for quite a while – and they are absolutely delicious.

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