Celebrating My Blog Anniversary with a Week of Giveaways!

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Giveaway #3:  Demarle At Home Straight Muffin Flexitray and Perforated Baking Sheet!

This week marks one full year since the beginning of my blogging adventure.  So, to celebrate one year of blogging, I am doing a whole week of giveaways!  That’s right.  Every day this week, I am doing new giveaway every single day!  This is a way for me to say thank you to you for all of your support!  I also get to share some of my favorite products, books and more!  Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Demarle At Home Independent Consultant Stacie Foisy.

A couple of months ago, I purchased some Demarle products from Stacie.  I purchased the Healthy Cooking System Kit, which included the Medium Round Mold (picture a silicone version of a casserole dish, very multifunctional), Silpain (this is a silicone mesh that I’ve been using to perfect a pizza crust recipe, and also to cover pots and pans to prevent hot grease splatters),Medium and Octagonal Silpats (awesome replacement for parchment paper and tinfoil in my house, plus works as a lid on the round mold), Rectangular Roul’Pat (replaces parchment for rolling out dough, and way nicer to work on because it doesn’t slip), Perforated Baking Sheet (allows better heat conduction and is awesome under the Medium Silpat for roasting vegetables), and the Straight Muffin Tray (a silicone muffin pan, way more convenient and easy to clean than silicone muffin cups).  I have used all of these products extensively and love them.

When Stacie offered to sponsor a giveaway, she asked what I enjoyed using the most.  It was a tie between the Straight Muffin Tray and the Medium Silpat, either in conjunction with the Perforated Baking Sheet.  We decided that the Straight Muffin Tray would probably be most appreciated by my readers since grain-free muffins can be so tricky to get out of a regular muffin pan.

For giveaway #3 of my week of giveaways, Stacie Foisy has graciously donated:

1 Straight Muffin Flexitray with 12 4oz shapes measuring 3″ diameter and 1 1/2″ deep. Retails at $56.95


1 Medium Perforated Baking Sheet  measuring 12 1/5″ x 17 1/8″ Retails at $25.95

Stacie can ship anywhere in the USA, so this giveaway is limited to US Residents only
(don’t worry everybody else, half of my giveaways this week are international!).

Here’s more information on these products:  The straight muffin tray is made from Professional Flexible Food Grade Silicone that has glass woven through to provide even cooking and baking and non-stick surfaces, as well as, non-porous. The Food Grade Silicone is Kosher Certified, FDA Approved, and NSF certified.  All flexipans are warranted for a lifetime of use when used as directed. The Straight Muffin Tray can be used in the freezer, fridge, microwave, or oven. It is great for cooking Paleo Muffins, Brownies, Mini Egg Fritatas or Muffins, Eggs in a Ham Cup, etc. It is great for the stickiest granola type bars in individual sizes also. It is also amazingly useful to freeze leftovers in individual sizes, frozen juice pops, freezing leftover chicken stock or sauces or coconut milk, etc. Stacie also likes using it to make candles, soap, and crayons in! Nothing sticks to it and everything pops right out easily! Clean-up is a cinch as well and storage couldn’t be easier! Just a little hot soapy water, wipe out, rinse, and shake dry! And you can roll or stack any of Demarle at Home Flexible Silicone products.

The Perforated Baking Sheet is an aluminum baking sheet that is perforated to ensure better distribution of heat allowing the heat to circulate up through to the woven glass, optimizing the performance of cooking and baking with Silpat, Flexipans, or Fleximolds. The baking sheets are also great for rinsing veggies, berries, and fruit across the sink and letting all the water drip off. It’s also a great to freeze berries so they don’t freeze together, and you can use it as a cooling rack by turning it over! Again, easy cleaning and is can be used in the freezer, fridge, and oven.

To enter this giveaway, please:

 Like Stacie’s Demarle Facebook Page www.facebook.com/CookingwithStacieFoisy


Contact Stacie (via her Facebook page or website)  to subscribe to Stacie’s FREE monthly Demarle at Home Newsletter, or to inquire about doing a cooking workshop, online party or starting a gift registry.

Now, simply comment below and let me know that you would love to have some Demarle At Home products to cook with in your home!  A winner will be chosen at random from the commenters below.  Don’t forget to include your email address so I can contact the winner!

This contest is now closed.


I would love to have some Demarle At Home products to cook with in my home!
I liked on FB and subscribed via her website.
Thanks for those that commented with the page that works. :)

I liked her FB page & messaged her to subscribe me to her newsletter. The muffin pan sounds amazing!! I could definitely use these in my Paleo baking!

I liked her on Facebook. These products sound great!!! Baking = joy. Baking with good quality stuff = woohoo!!!!!!!

I liked Stacie’s FB page. Those products look wonderful! I have used a similar silicone mat before, but my kids cut it and it unraveled. I would love the chance to have a new one!! And I have been needing another muffin pan! Thanks for the awesome giveaways! :)

I liked Stacie’s Facebook page and messaged her to be added to her monthly newsletter. I would LOVE the muffin tin! I made some Paleo egg and veggie cups in a “nonstick” traditional muffin tin and it was a mess! It took forever to clean out the egg mess….no joke, it was on my counter for a couple of weeks soaking with baking soda and vinegar (I had a 4 month old baby at the time: Not a lot of spare time to scrub out a muffin tin).

I am already following your feed, you on Twitter, You on Facebook, and I’ve already shared your link with everyone on my Facebook and Twitter account. :)

I liked Stacie on Facebook, and signed up on her website. The products look great, I love silicone baking molds and am always on the hunt for a fun shape.

This is a super duper give-away! My Silpats are getting old and they never fit my pans well. Silicone would make baked egg items soooo much easier to clean up and increase my likelihood of making them… love ’em but hate cleaning metal muffin pans with baked on eggs. Liked and subscribed. thanks!!

Wow! Great giveaway! I would love to have some of the Demarle stuff to cook with. Thanks for the giveaway! PS I liked her on facebook and signed up for the newsletter!

Silicon baking tools are so amazing! Has to be the best thing since sliced bread…wait we have to change that expression… Best thing since shredded coconut! Hmmm any other ideas? :) Liked and subscribed!

I’m pretty new to Paleo baking so these tools would be awesome and very much appreciated. I liked her on FB and sent her a message asking to be added to the newsletter distribution list.

liked her FB page (via my hubby) and subscribed to her site. would love the baking liner, i’ve been wanting one for quite a while.

I don’t use Facebook, but I looked at her website and would absolutely love to use these items! I make muffins all the time for my paleo kids to take to school, and the clean up alone would make my life so much easier! Thanks for doing all of these giveaways, I really enjoy your blog!

Wow – I’ve never heard of Demarle At Home – very interesting. I WOULD love to have some of those products! I *liked* her FB page to watch for more info.