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September 12, 2012 in Categories: by

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I owe a big thank you to Stacy Toth of for getting me hooked on Pinterest (actually, I owe several thank yous to Stacy, but let’s just focus on Pinterest for this tidbit).

 I get ideas for my recipes from a variety of sources.  Sometimes it’s old cookbooks that I own, which I enjoy flipping through from time to time.  Sometimes I happen on neat-looking recipes on the internet when I’m actually searching for something else.  Sometimes I have an idea with no idea how to make it and I scour the internet for different versions of these recipes before I decide on what I am going to try.  Those ideas might come from something I used to make or ate at a restaurant, or they might be inspired by a new vegetable from the Farmer’s Market or a new cut of meat from my local farmer (like today’s recipe for cinnamon-braised beef cheek).  However I happened on inspiring recipes online, I used to be in the habit of bookmarking them for my future use.  However, in the last week, I have found myself pinning these recipes instead. 

 Pinning recipes serves my purpose of keeping all of these links in one place so I can easily find what I’m looking for when I’m ready to experiment in my kitchen.  But, it also gives you an idea of what is inspiring me, what I might be working on, and gives me a forum to share recipes from other blogs that I find exciting, intriguing, and/or inspiring.  I also have a pin-board for great How To websites and I have also set-up a pin board (again Stacy’s idea) just for autoimmune protocol-friendly recipes from other blogs.

 If you are on Pinterest (and like the idea of knowing what recipes I’m thinking about) I would be delighted if you followed me:


I’m a pinterest addict and find most of my paleo recipes there (or at least the inspiration for). I have almost 500 recipes collected there now. I’ve only been able to try a small fraction of them! So many recipes, so little time. :)

Anyone who thinks that paleo is too restrictive or not there’s not enough choices or it’s too boring, etc Needs to go on pinterest!! it is a gold mine of ideas and recipes. And thanks to Stacy, I started my own Autoimmune board. I’m seeing more and more autoimmune paleo protocol references, information, recipes, support- Now just to summon the willpower to do the dang thing myself! (I currently blame a cookie recipe that tastes as good as the real thing, eggs and nuts, grrrrr).

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