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These hotcake-style pancakes were a serendipitous accident.  I was working on a crepe recipe (which I will be posting soon!) and my first attempt was not crepe-like at all, but a light fluffy and delicious, if maybe a little too thin, pancake.  Once my crepe recipe was perfected, my next priority became to take a step backward and see if I could thicken up the first batter variation to make an even better pancake.  The results were more marvelous than I could have hoped for.  These pancakes are awesome.

One of the biggest complaints about paleo pancakes is that they are difficult to flip.  Because almond flour batters don’t hold together very well, you have to make small 2-3” diameter pancakes that also take an eternity to cook.  Coconut-flour pancakes hold together marginally better, but many people don’t like either the texture or the flavor (including me) and they still take 15-20 minutes to cook over low heat so they don’t burn on the outside before cooking on the inside.  Paleo pancakes also tend to be very dense.  I have tried 7 or 8 different paleo pancake recipes from other blogs, looking for one that works or was at least close enough to use as a base to experiment with.  I never found one I liked… until now!

These plantain-based pancakes are not dense; instead they are so light and fluffy.  They cook quickly (about 6 minutes total, which is comparable to traditional pancakes).  They are so easy to flip that you can make them as big as your pan (I made mine 5-6” in diameter) or as small and dainty as you like.  They also happen to be nut-free (and you can sub any fat you want for the coconut oil to make them coconut free).  See my recipe for plantain crackers for tips on picking and storing green plantains.

What can you top these with?  My kids love maple syrup and butter (total shocker, right?), but berries, sliced peaches, sliced bananas, pretty much any sliced fruit would be delicious.  Nuts or a dust of cinnamon would be good additions too!  You could throw some coconut cream on top to be extra decadent (you can buy coconut cream in a box or you can take the thick fatty top part of a can of full fat coconut milk that has been sitting in a cool pantry or refrigerator overnight).  However you choose to dress these pancakes, I hope you enjoy them!  This recipe makes 6 large (5-6”) pancakes.



  1. Peel plantains (I find it easier to quarter them before I peel them) and place pieces in your blender (preferred) or food processor (okay) with the eggs.  Blend to form a smooth batter (if your blender has a smoothie function, that works well here).
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender or food processor and process on high for an additional minute (or 2-3 with a food processor to get a really good smooth batter).
  3. Heat 1 Tbsp of coconut oil in a frying pan or on a griddle over medium-high heat.  Pour batter into the frying pan until your pancake is the desired size.
  4. Let cook 4-5 minutes on the first side, until the top looks fairly dry with little bubbles in it (just like regular pancakes!).
  5. Flip!  And cook on the second side for 1½-2minutes.
  6. Repeat with remaining batter, adding a little more coconut oil to your pan as needed.

Watch this video from my YouTube Channel to learn more about green plantains:


Finally made these today! They were awesome!!! I was a little worried because I bought my plantains weeks ago and put them in the fridge til I had a chance to try these. They had started turning black on the outside, but were still tough on the inside, so I went ahead with the recipe. So glad I did! I’ve been trying to cut down my nut consumption and these pancakes are perfect!!!

Thank you!!!!

This sounds amazing but do you know if I could make the batter the night before? Would it turn brown overnight?

Perfect Paleo Pancakes indeed!!! Tried these for the second time tonight. Used 2 tablespoons avocado oil instead of the 3 coconut oil, and added a teaspoon of cinnamon. My family loves them, and am so happy to have pancakes again! :) Thanks for the amazing recipes!

I did these pancakes today and they tasted nicer than regular wheat flour pancakes. The vanilla helps to add some nice tones of sweetness.

Thanks for the recipe! I made individual pancakes the first time I made the recipe (my kids liked them with chocolate chips). However, now I use it to make a big pancake in a glass pan (lined with parchment paper) in the oven (350 for about 20-25 minutes). It’s much less time at the stove flipping :) I mostly use them for almond butter and jelly sandwiches. I cut the big pancake into pieces and then slice a piece to make it thinner. The pieces freeze and reheat well too.

I wonder if you’ve tried using Plaintain flour at all? They sell it at our local store and it’s called fufu flour. I’ve been consider buying some to play around with it but haven’t jumped to do so yet…this gives me some encouragement.

You can usually use plantain flour mixed with water or some other liquid to the consistency of mashed plantain instead of fresh plantain in recipes like this, but Sarah doesn’t currently have any recipes using plantain flour. – Christina, Sarah’s assistant

These are a staple in our home! We are heading out for a long camping trip soon…and definitely not bringing the food processor. :) Do you happen to know whether the batter would keep alright for a few days? Thanks!

Hi! Should the plantains be pureed first to ensure that it’s two cups worth or with the eggs added does it make much of a difference? Thanks!

I’m asking the same question Jana did – has anyone pre-made the batter and either refrigerated it or frozen it? Thank you.

I love these. Only figure out today that I need to make them smaller so I can get them flipped in one piece.

My plantains were too ripe. I made a few pancakes but they were too soft. I have leftover batter, what can I do/make with it?

I am very new to eating Paleo and recently came across your website. I was intrigued with the idea of using plantains instead of a nut flour for the batter. Oh, my! These pancakes are fantastic! The texture is so smooooth and the taste is so, well, NORMAL. My husband said these are some of the best pancakes he has ever had. Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve learned and for helping others who are walking a similar path in life. This is truly a blessing.

yes ma’m..i understand that pseudo grains are not paleo..but what im asking is “what is a pseudograin”? and what are the other pseudograins that are not paleo? thankss o much! i take it pseudo grains should not be eaten unless one has a healthy gut right?
and i suppose pseudograins are not considered paleo either right?
thanks so much for thehelp!

and upon reading the paleo approach not sure…are beans..sugar snap peas all legumes? if so..they wouldnt be paleo right? and if they arent legumes..then are they paleo? is tapioca paleo? is it ok for one w/o a healthy gut?

We are just starting (ie easing into) a more paleo way of eating and I am so happy I found this recipe! I had put it off for awhile, but they were worth the wait! Delicious, easy to make and the perfect texture!!! I watched your plantain video after I made them, so mine weren’t perfectly green, and I can’t wait to try them – and all your other plantain recipes! – with the right ripeness. I am buying your book this very second!

I have probably a dumb question. In your recipes with plantains, you mention you puree them ahead of time and store in freezer. How exactly are you doing that? They are too starchy without a liquid, and I’m not sure what liquid to use so I wont mess up recipes. Thanks!

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