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These hotcake-style pancakes were a serendipitous accident.  I was working on a crepe recipe (which I will be posting soon!) and my first attempt was not crepe-like at all, but a light fluffy and delicious, if maybe a little too thin, pancake.  Once my crepe recipe was perfected, my next priority became to take a step backward and see if I could thicken up the first batter variation to make an even better pancake.  The results were more marvelous than I could have hoped for.  These pancakes are awesome.

One of the biggest complaints about paleo pancakes is that they are difficult to flip.  Because almond flour batters don’t hold together very well, you have to make small 2-3” diameter pancakes that also take an eternity to cook.  Coconut-flour pancakes hold together marginally better, but many people don’t like either the texture or the flavor (including me) and they still take 15-20 minutes to cook over low heat so they don’t burn on the outside before cooking on the inside.  Paleo pancakes also tend to be very dense.  I have tried 7 or 8 different paleo pancake recipes from other blogs, looking for one that works or was at least close enough to use as a base to experiment with.  I never found one I liked… until now!

These plantain-based pancakes are not dense; instead they are so light and fluffy.  They cook quickly (about 6 minutes total, which is comparable to traditional pancakes).  They are so easy to flip that you can make them as big as your pan (I made mine 5-6” in diameter) or as small and dainty as you like.  They also happen to be nut-free (and you can sub any fat you want for the coconut oil to make them coconut free).  See my recipe for plantain crackers for tips on picking and storing green plantains.

What can you top these with?  My kids love maple syrup and butter (total shocker, right?), but berries, sliced peaches, sliced bananas, pretty much any sliced fruit would be delicious.  Nuts or a dust of cinnamon would be good additions too!  You could throw some coconut cream on top to be extra decadent (you can buy coconut cream in a box or you can take the thick fatty top part of a can of full fat coconut milk that has been sitting in a cool pantry or refrigerator overnight).  However you choose to dress these pancakes, I hope you enjoy them!  This recipe makes 6 large (5-6”) pancakes.



  1. Peel plantains (I find it easier to quarter them before I peel them) and place pieces in your blender (preferred) or food processor (okay) with the eggs.  Blend to form a smooth batter (if your blender has a smoothie function, that works well here).
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender or food processor and process on high for an additional minute (or 2-3 with a food processor to get a really good smooth batter).
  3. Heat 1 Tbsp of coconut oil in a frying pan or on a griddle over medium-high heat.  Pour batter into the frying pan until your pancake is the desired size.
  4. Let cook 4-5 minutes on the first side, until the top looks fairly dry with little bubbles in it (just like regular pancakes!).
  5. Flip!  And cook on the second side for 1½-2minutes.
  6. Repeat with remaining batter, adding a little more coconut oil to your pan as needed.

Watch this video from my YouTube Channel to learn more about green plantains:


These are fantastic. I baked the batter at 350 for 22 minutes at the suggestion of another commenter. We are new to Paleo eating and my kids really miss sandwiches intheir lunch Box. I added 2 Tbsp of raw sugar to the batter. Cut into sandwich sized squares and this is perfect with just almond butter. Thanks Paleo Mom!

Thanks so much, I am excited to give this recipe a try! It has me thinking about potato pancakes though. Can you explain why white potatoes are not considered paleo? That’s one food omission I can’t wrap my head around.Thanks!

When you freeze, do you just cook them all up and put on cookie sheet to freeze and then once frozen put in container in the freezer?

We don’t get plantains over here in Australia (well, Ive never seen them over here!)…..can I substitute bananas instead? I presume I can.

I live in Aus too and i don’t think we get them here either. I wish someone who new would answer this question! I would assume that it would need to be very green bananas and the pancakes would be sweeter and the texture may be different as bananas have less starch, but thats just a guess :P

Delicious, big, fluffy, flip-able pancakes that both kids and parents love!!!!! So happy that you stumbled accross this, and we can enjoy the reward!!!

When you put the coconut oil in the blender is it in solid form or melted form — and if in melted form then I’m assuming you let cool before pouring?

Thanks one more: I’m new to coconut oil… when I make these they are not very thick and so very hard to flip – they also turn out a very dark brown but they are not burned – any thoughts?

Tried these this morning! By far the best Paleo pancake recipe I’ve tried!
I decided to add some cinnamon and clove for fall, but what about pumpkin? Has anyone tried adding pumpkin puree? I’m missing my fall flavors and trying to get them anyway I can!

Just to be sure, you’re saying to blend green plantains in the blender? I wouldn’t have thought it to be possible, they’re really hard until they’re ripe. Thanks for the recipe!

I found this recipe from a link on Chris Kresser’s site about plantains. Not only had I never eaten plantains before but pancakes are something I’ve really wanted to find a decent substitute for. I’ve found some great waffle recipes and even some brownies but pancakes have been elusive. (Coconut and almost flour just haven’t cut it.)

These turned out great. I was shocked with how “battery” (hur hur) the batter was before I even tried cooking it. And sure enough, they cooked up and were eaten up like normal pancakes. Green plantains have a really nice neutral flavor.

I’m looking forward to messing with these in a few other ways. I’d love to make some kind of sandwich rolls with plantains. (This probably sounds awful, but I’m trying to craft a paleo McRib. Haha.)

Just made these this morning, and they turned out AWESOME!! My husband who is not paleo said he couldn’t even tell they were paleo pancakes. Thank you so much for posting this recipe!

Finally I find a pancake recipe that taste like well…pancakes. I was just about to give up on this paleo pancake thing. To me coconuts that have been dehydrated, defatted and ground into flour are not real food nor the basis for a good pancake. These are amazing. Thanks for restoring my faith.

I have (ahem) subjected my boys (ages 6 and 4, the 1 year-old isn’t as yet into pancakes) to many SCD and Paleo versions of “pancakes” over the years, and these were the first I’ve seen that were used as more than just a vehicle for maple syrup. They ate everything I gave them. I’m fact, they called them “perfectly fluffy.” I admit at first I was concerned because of the somewhat odd color, but the boys didn’t seem to mind. In contrast, the Trader Joe’s gluten-free pumpkin pancakes I made the other day were left behind on the plate after the maple syrup been licked clean. I consider this a major victory. So few ingredients, such a simple recipe, and it works.

Hi! LOVE these pancakes, and make them regularly. Sometimes, though, the batter is way too thick. What’s the best way you’ve found to thin it out a bit? I found water or milk make it so the inside of the pancakes are too wet. Should I just add more eggs?

Great recipe! I tried it today and the batter was REALLY thick. My blender wasn’t powerful enough to blend it all and I had mix it by hand towards the end of the blending. How do I keep this from happening? Do I need a more powerful blender or should I add water? Also, what are the macros (nutrition facts) for these? Thanks!

I had the same issue this time around in the blender. I added a bit of water to get it to all blend together but it definitely affected the final texture.. I’m guessing now that an additional egg would have been better. Also, my green plantains had been frozen first (as per the video suggestion) thinking that might have made it a lot thicker. Still a great recipe!

Sarah, these pancakes were PERFECT! My sister’s hungry children gobbled them up as if they were regular, grain-ful sweet pancakes. There was luckily enough batter left over (after doubling the recipe) for the adults to have some too. As a Celiac, I can’t tell you the last time I had pancakes. Home run, truly. I can’t thank you enough!

I know I’m two years late on this, but these are wonderful. Great pancake texture and I hardly miss flour (for the record, I do eat wheat). Nice work!

A little tip if using coconut oil in a clad or stainless pan: keep the heat on low and use a lid for the last couple minutes of cooking side one. It makes them MUCH easier to flip, and the risk of burning is lower with the heat down.

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