TPM Tidbit: Prescott Frost Grass-Fed Beef Really Is As Good As They Say

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Prescott Frost is an online supplier of USDA Certified Organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, dry-aged grass-fed beef.  The cattle are raised in the Nebraska Sandhills, which is reputed to be the Napa Valley for cow grazing.  And whether it’s this superior pasture or the environmental stewardship focus of Prescott Frost’s farming practices, it shows.  I was lucky enough to receive some Prescott Frost grass-fed ground beef to review.  I’m not sure if I can explain how excited this made me.  I decided that the best way to really taste this meat was to make barbecued hamburgers.  I gave the burgers my normal treatment, which is to say no treatment at all.  I opened the packages, formed 6oz patties and threw them onto the hot charcoal barbecue.  No seasoning.  Just meat.  Just the way I like it.  I have bought grass-fed meat from 6 different suppliers, so I have had a fairly good sampling of the range of flavor and texture that grass-fed beef can have.  Some can be gamey, some tough, some delightful.  The flavor varies not only by supplier, but also by time of year (Prescott Frost avoids this seasonal variation in flavor by harvesting their cattle seasonally and then storing the flash-frozen meat until it is shipped to a customer).  This meat was awesome.  The flavor was rich, but not gamey.  The meat was juicy and tender.  These were quite simply the best hamburgers I have every tried.  The online prices are a bit higher than other suppliers of grass-fed beef, but I do think you get what you pay for.  Plus 2% of their sales are donated to charitable organizations dedicated to sustainable farming practices.  And to help make up some of the difference, as a special treat for my readers, Prescott Frost is offering you the special coupon code “PaleoMom” for 20% off your entire order!!! 



Like your blog. My favorite place to buy grass fed beef is from La Cense Beef. Their cattle are 100% grass fed. I order from their website and have it delivered. You should check out their new catalog. They have just about any cut of meat you may want.

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