TPM Tidbit: Prescott Frost Grass-Fed Hot Dogs Are Awesome

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Prescott Frost is an online supplier of USDA Certified Organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, dry-aged grass-fed beef.  The cattle are raised in the Nebraska Sandhills, which is reputed to be the Napa Valley for cow grazing.  And whether it’s this superior pasture or the environmental stewardship focus of Prescott Frost’s farming practices, it shows.  I was lucky enough to receive some Prescott Frost grass-fed hotdogs to review.  I’m not sure if I can explain how excited this made me.  I have always been a hotdog lover and grass-fed hotdogs are one of my Go To foods to feed my kids for lunch.  I have tried three different applegate farms grass-fed hotdogs (and dozens of conventional hotdog brands), which is my point of reference for evaluating the Prescott Frost hotdogs.  My kids and I have always simply enjoyed hotdogs boiled in some water on the stove top (sad, I know) so that is how I cooked these.  The first thing I noticed was that the grind wasn’t as fine as Applegate Farms hotdogs, but the texture this created was wonderful.  They just felt more meaty than any other hotdog I’ve tried.  They were still easy for my 2.5-year old to chew (cut in half lengthwise first, of course) and were still very tender, but they just felt more substantial.  The flavor was intensely good, the seasonings spot on.  I really loved that these hotdogs were noticeably less salty than other hotdogs (but not lacking in salt either). After eating them, I felt that it was a shame we didn’t grill them.  The casings were obviously substantial enough that this is how these were meant to be enjoyed.  The price for these hotdogs is a little higher than the competitors, but I do think you get what you pay for.  Plus 2% of their sales are donated to charitable organizations dedicated to sustainable farming practices.  And to help make up some of the difference, as a special treat for my readers, Prescott Frost is offering you the special coupon code “PaleoMom” for 20% off your entire order!!!  


How is the organic when everyone knows that hot dogs and sausages are made of left over trimmings n junk… Don’t care if its grass fed or not its still made of junk and the casings… OMG!!!

I was happy to see their beef is not “finished” with cornfeed as pastured meat most often is. HOWEVER, I was shocked to see the hot dogs contain “natural flavor,” i.e. glutamates. Not for me.

Hi Sarah,
Do you know if the Prescott Frost Hot Dogs include paprika (or other nightshades) or garlic in the “spices”? I’ve tried contacting them…no luck…yet. I am trying to find an AIP compliant minus garlic hot dog for my son!
Thank you!

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